NEWS!!!! 8/2 the day we found out.

I’m soooo excited to share our latest news! It has been so hard holding it from you but I’m officially 12W2Ds pregnant, ready to share with you all! 😀


I’m PREGNANT!!!!!!!!

IMG 8406

I can’t express how excited, happy, amazed, shocked, surprised I am now. It’s beyond words. In my head, I keep repeating: “this is happening!!!”

It’s the 11th day after I think I ovulated. I first tested during my first pregnancy at 9 days and got a faint pink line. But this time I decided to wait for several reasons. First, I wasn’t really looking to get pregnant, actually I don’t even know if I want to get pregnant so soon (more later). Second, related to first, I wasn’t even testing for ovulation, I simply keep track my temperatures to keep in track with my period (given by irregular period history). Third, we are leaving for Yellowstone tomorrow, so I thought I’d better check the last day so I don’t have to pack pads in case I’m pregnant (how crazy/pragmatic is my logic!). Fourth, I only have one cheap chinese pregnancy test left at home and didn’t want to buy any if I test too early and don’t see the second line. Fifth, I was extremely tired this week for 4 days… fatigue since morning until I crash at 9pm in bed. I suspected but kind of told myself “don’t be silly! You’re just having a low energy day.” But back in my mind… I thought of this possibility. Maybe I was getting pregnant?

Anyway.. .I waited until this morning after workout before taking the shower with Sofia on my side. I took out my last test, pee on it and right away saw a faint pink second line. I was shocked… totally not prepared… not sure my sight worked well. Instead of wait for 5 mins for the result, i just stared at it and observed it getting redder. My breath was lacking… I walked out to call Tony. Hold his hands and asked him to come. I showed him the stick… he went blank… not knowing what he was looking.. not understanding completely (but I guess pregnancy crossed his mind). Then I told him! He didn’t react. Then we hug each other.

We talked about this before, we wanted to have another kid, but weren’t sure when would be a good time. Getting pregnant right away means the next child will be here before Sofia turns 4, thus they can play together since childhood. Also the idea of having a child together blows out mind, we want it!!!  But if we wait a bit… it would be nice for us to have more couple time, ok not real couple time because Sofia is with us all he time, but it would give us more time to consolidate as couple and as family. So at the end, we couldn’t decide when we want to have, but let God decides. It happened to be during the first month we are together. So efficient!!!! that was his first reaction! 😀

Then we told our parents during breakfast. My mom smiled so happily. They always wanted more grandkids. Now they will have one more.

Then I went to CVS to get another test. In like 2 seconds I saw the second line. I am so pregnant!!! And soon happy!

IMG 8407

During Sofia’s nap time, we lied on the bed and talked more. Tony still can’t believe how quickly it happened. He said it only occurred in his dream, that one day we will have a child together. Tony even had a beer to celebrate it 🙂

IMG 8421

It feels so right this time. To be pregnant with the man I love the most in this life, to have him by my side loving me everyday. 🙂


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