It has been a quiet month

Since our return from Yellowstone, I’ve been extremely tired so we didn’t do much during weekends and I didn’t have energy to post. Thanks to my mom and Tony, Sofia was well taken care of. Sometimes they will just take her for some play and let me rest. I really really appreciate them all, and to Sofia who behaves very well and even takes care of me when I tell her I feel sick.

She is such a big girl now. She loves to pretend to cook, play with her friends, hosting parties at home.

IMG 8799

Tony plays with her quite a lot, reading her chinese books, playing puzzles with her, or just make silly jumps in bed. Love seeing these two together! 🙂 It melts my heart EVERY time.

IMG 8806

the weather has been really hot lately. I’ve been taking Sofia to the pool and when I’m too tired, we do “pool” time at home

IMG 8813

she loves it!!!

IMG 8823

while Tony and I watch a movie. What a setting! 🙂

IMG 8818

Tony has been doing a lot of house work, including cutting a dead tree. He looks scary!

IMG 8841

my friend Ruwei had a birthday brunch and we enjoyed the chat and the french cuisine. So delicious but so full afterwards.

IMG 8859

Sofia started her new class this week. Now she’s in the pre-school class with 15 other kids and 3 teachers. The transition is better than last year but still she needs me to stay with her for quite a while because letting me go. Fortunately when I pick her up in the afternoon, she’s always happy! 🙂  I am not sure if I like the new teachers because her previous teachers are great, so warm and so considerate. I can only hope they love Sofia as much as we do, but can’t expect that.

I can’t believe in 2 years, she’ll be going to school. I have mix feelings about that even now.. because  she’s my baby!!! forever and ever!!! seeing her grow so well makes me happy but at the same time sad and worry. I guess that’s just what parents do.

IMG 8875

she loves being girly…  so does my mom

IMG 8896

on Labor day we went to the zoo. It has been a while we went there. Although it was “hard” to convince Sofia that seeing animals might be more interesting than going to playground, at the end she liked it.

IMG 8906

IMG 8909

IMG 0138

IMG 8916

What we’ve been eating lately.

Chinese corn bun (窝窝头). It’s really simple to make and we all like it.

IMG 8810

I’ve been eating once-twice a week of steamed fresh whole tilapia. Really yummy~~~

IMG 8811

last weekend I hosted a dinner at home inviting Susan with her family.

IMG 8853

we made a chicken and black fungus soup

IMG 8854

and a beef stew.

IMG 8855

I’ve been craving spicy food lately.. so I made a kimchi tofu pot with beef and assorted vegetables. It would be a great winter meal too!

IMG 8880

again, teamed fish and crabs. I didn’t have any because I’m too lazy to peel it

IMG 8898

we ate out couple of times too. At matchbox Tony and I shared a vegetable goat cheese frittata

IMG 8815

a steak and egg casserole

IMG 8816

and seafood stew at El Chalan, a peruvian restaurant close to office.

IMG 8819

Sofia’s 3rd birthday is approaching… I need to start the planning. I thought about hosting the party some playground or climbing center, but decided not to because some of her friends are younger than her and they wouldn’t enjoy them yet. So we will still host at home, just open play and food for the adults.