Pregnancy: 9 weeks (9/7)

For the last two weeks:

  • Sickness continues! I am counting the days to the end of the first trimester. I am experiencing the typical morning sickness symptom. I usually wake up fine, a bit tired, but not nauseas. And then I have breakfast (I keep changing the combo hoping miracle happens, but it never does!), and then I start feeling sick. Some days are better but most days, I feel so sick that I wish I could vomit. This continues until I finish lunch usually. 😦
  • Sleep: I am sleepy by 8:30pm usually and fall asleep before 10pm and wake up at 6:20am. I wake 2-3 times at night to pee which sometimes disturb my sleeping and wake up tired.
  • Cravings: none. I can eat meals without problem, but breakfast is really hard. No matter what I eat, I feel sick.
  • Appetite/hunger. Some days I get hungry often at work, and I crave soup, salty soup, so I’d have multiple soup during the day.
  • Exercise: If I work out, I’d do 30 min of either ET or walking at incline. I have a bit more energy than the previous two weeks, so I’d work out 4-5 times a week.
  • Other: constipation is really serious! Metamucil, flaxseed are not working anymore. My friend gave me Miralax and I’ve been taking that every other day, alternating with colace. I need to find some other natural ways to deal with it. I think part of the reason is my changed diet. I don’t eat as much as fiber rich food in a daily basis anymore (no kabocha, no corn, no high fiber cereal), I even started to eat white rice. I’ll try to switch back to whole grain to see if that helps.
  • Skin: no acne. someone told me my skin looks great, almost glowing.
  • Pain: none.
  • Weight: no change, still 3 lbs down.

IMG 8885

IMG 8886

IMG 8889


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