Travel: first time traveling as family of 4

We went for a first family trip to Boston for 3 days and it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! Everything was perfect! I couldn’t have asked for more.

We were invited to spend Thanksgiving at Carmen’s in October and were excited since then. But since it was going to be our first time traveling with both girls, Lizzy being still young, flying with Lizzy, and most challenging return road trip, I had my doubts on whether we would enjoy it as much. However, I was determined to embrace the challenge and go with the flow.

Our flight was early at 6:30am. So I woke both girls around 4:15am after I finished pumping. We took a cab with all our luggage (2 carseats, 1 stroller, 2 suitcases and 3 bags) at 4:45am and arrived airport at 6:20am. Lizzy was very curious about what was going on but didn’t complain at all that we woke her up early.

IMG 2413

I was worried about naps for Lizzy because she has never napped outside her crib or swing. Even when we go out for a walk with her, she’d never nap, not even in the car seat. But by 7:45am, she was ready. Tony hold her until she was almost asleep, and I put her down on the seat besides me. She napped for a good 40 min, woke up just before landing.

IMG 2417

Sofia was super excited too. We’ve been talking about the Boston trip for weeks. She was even willing to stay all night up to not miss the departure. By the time we got to the cab, she was ready to take a cat nap.

IMG 2414

then we arrived the castle. It’s an old house built on 1876, renovated at 1905 and after Carmen bought it.

IMG 2500

we settled in our rooms (one for Sofia called princess room, one for Lizzy with her pack n play and one for me and Tony). Then we spent the day catching up with Carmen and Vincent. It was really nice to be chatting with one of the smartest couple in the world! 🙂

Vincent was in charge of the turkey (i forgot to take a pic) and Carmen had prepared the sides dishes the day before. By 5pm, we were ready for the feast. We had mash potatoes, sweet potato casserole, glazed carrots, stuffing and the most delicious mushroom cooked in sherry. We also had homemade buns and flan for dessert. Everything was scrumptious!!!

IMG 2419

IMG 2423

IMG 2424

After dinner, we put Lizzy into bed and got ready for a movie at home theater.

IMG 2429

IMG 2430

Then I took a long quiet bath before sleep. We all slept very soundly that night.

Next morning, Lizzy woke up around 7:30am and came to our bed.

IMG 2437

she was soon happy.

IMG 2439

after breakfast (homemade waffles), we went to explore the city. We had plan to go first to Harvard then to downtown. But it was raining and cold, so after the tour at harvard, we decided to cut our tour short.

Lizzy followed her usual schedule of napping 2-3 hours so Tony and I got to play pool when Sofia went to nap too.

IMG 2478

it was fun to beat Tony for 2 matches 😉

IMG 2481

that evening, Vincent prepared another great meal for us. Meat in sour broth, marinated for 4 days. He served it with pasta and turnip. As dessert, we had a messy cake. Once again, everything delicious. I went for seconds.

Saturday morning started with a gorgeous breakfast spread. Vincent made fresh baked scones, served with assorted jams and butter.

IMG 2498

we all loved the food and last chats with Carmen and Vincent.

IMG 2493

then Tony went to get the rental car. We departed at 10:45am. After fueling gas, we were ready for our road trip adventure. We stopped 4-5 times for toilet stops and feed Lizzy. She behaved extremely well. Basically she ate and slept. Except once she refused to be sitting in the carseat and cried for 20 min before I had to jump to the backseat, fed her, hold her and played with her. Sofia behaved even better. She didn’t complain about the long ride. She was happily eating chocolate cookies and donuts (sigh… you do whatever you have to do to keep everybody happy). Excited when we stopped and felt asleep for naps.  Tony was the main driver. I drove few times, the longest one for 1.5 hours. It was actually not too bad when both of us could drive. We both wanted to drive more so the other could rest. That’s love without saying the word.

Although I enjoyed a lot seeing Carmen and Vincent this time, the most enjoyable part of the trip is I feel closer to my family. We took care of each other. Tony was the man of the family, carrying things, setting up everything ready for us, and took care of the girls more than I could ask for. It made me love him even more because his figure as the man of the family consolidated even more with this trip. I know I can rely on him. I know we will be taken care of. I know how much he loves us, all of us. 🙂

After this trip, I’m more confident to travel again with the girls. It’s really not that hard as long as one takes it easy, be prepared and not stress about small things. I remember taking all many more stuffs when I traveled with Sofia first time with my mom going to Hawaii when Sofia was 10 months old. We even took bathtub. But this time, we only packed essentials: clothes, diaper, wipes, bibs, baby spoon, packaged food and oatmeal. Feeding was easy, just mixed packet fruit/veggie puree with oatmeal and food was ready. Tony would hold her while I feed her, quick and easy.

can’t wait for our next trip! 🙂


Life lately October – first anniversary

Someone started solids (just few days before Lizzy turned 6 months)

!!! YEY! Let’s the fun begin. First I prepared her rainbow carrots

IMG 1969

then made cooked lentils

IMG 1973

she was curious to explore

IMG 1971

but milk still tasted better

IMG 1967

Grandma has been taking her for walk once a day and she loves it

IMG 1978

And I love taking the girls to the playground on weekends, even nicer when Tony comes along too

IMG 2004

IMG 2015

Sunday is my long run day and I love it. First because I get to run with Tony for 2-3 miles, then I’ll have solo run for 5-6 more. When I come back home, Tony already gone with Sofia for her swimming class, which means I get to enjoy peaceful breakfast by myself. Still loving the toast + eggs + cheese + avocado combo

IMG 2010

More birthday parties to attend (2 that weekend)

IMG 2011

Sofia still loves her ballet class

IMG 2056

Last Saturday 10/22 Tony and I went on a date to celebrate our first anniversary. The actual date of anniversary is 10/27, but I’ll be in Brazil that day for work, so we celebrate it the day before I left. It was a gorgeous day

IMG 2062

we went to the French restaurant Chez Francois.. one of my favorite place in VA

IMG 2102

IMG 2067

we had the fix menu that started with a fennel soup with a very intense white wine flavor which I really liked

IMG 2072

for appetizer, Tony had mussels










and I had mushroom crepe (I always have this when I come here)

IMG 2075

for main dish, Tony had the lamb

IMG 2076

and I had the seafood stew, love it

IMG 2077

we both enjoyed a lot the food and each others company. Now with two kids is harder to have time alone as couple, but I’m glad that we both think it’s something important for us to keep our intimacy so we make an extra effort for it to happen.

IMG 2081

sometimes I still find myself amazed by this new life. I could never imagined we would be together, so in love, and with two lovely girls.

IMG 2089

cheers for more years in love to come!!!

IMG 2094

IMG 2106

Family: Sofia’s 4th birthday party!

Happy birthday my baby!!! We had an amazing party!

IMG 1716

Now that she’s 4, I had to think about activities for the kids other than just running out with her friends. Since we’ll going to have a big crowd, I still wanted to host at home, so I hired a lady who does face painting and balloon twisting. It HIT the spot among the kids!!!

We started the day with nail painting, a long time promise for the special day

IMG 1652

then party started at 4pm!

IMG 1671

we ended up having more than 50 people in the house, so I was really happy that the deck was an attraction with the balloon lady.

IMG 1673

younger kids were happy playing in the play area while parents hang out

IMG 1678

kids had face paint one after the other… without parent intervention, they formed a line

IMG 1681

MG 3980

the second round was balloon twisting with their favorite colors!

IMG 1686

my baby was the princess! 🙂

IMG 1718

IMG 1719

IMG 1722

we hosted the party on Saturday 9/24 (her birthday is 9/26) so I took Friday off to prepare the food

IMG 1663

green tea magic cake

IMG 1654

Argentinian empanadas

IMG 1655

bite size cheesecake

IMG 1656

aduki bean rice cake

IMG 1657

cheese, hams, nuts and crackers

IMG 1658

apple pie

IMG 1660


IMG 1661

we also had fruits, chips with guaca and hummus and puffs. Once again I baked the cake, a lemon cake filled with strawberries and lemon cream cheese frosting. I wanted to make the cake pink (Sofia’s favorite color) and didn’t want to use artificial food coloring, so I used beet juice and it really turned out pink. I was quite pleased with the end result. Cake had the perfect moisture, not too sweet and tint of lemon flavor. I use 1/2 of powder sugar for the frosting so it didn’t turn out too sweet. Almost all the guests finished their piece. That’s a good indication of how it turned out, right? 😉

IMG 1644

Kids had a lot of fun and I truly enjoyed every minute of it from watching kids jumping around excited with their painted-face, chatting with my friends, and simply soaking up another milestone of my baby girl. Although it takes a lot of thoughts, preparation for this moment, it so worth it because Sofia loves parties and more if she’s the center of attention. As long as it makes her a bit happier than she started her day, I’ll keep making it happen!

At 6pm, guests started to leave, and it was gift un-wrapping. Look how excited Sofia was.
IMG 1708


My first running trophy!!!

We had an amazing day on Sunday because someone won a trophy!!!

IMG 0755

I had signed up for the Birthday Bash 5K few weeks ago as part of my half marathon training plan.  I haven’t participated in a race for over 6 years so I was a bit nervous and excited. Tony and Sofia woke up early with me and we went out together.

IMG 0759

To my surprise, there were over 500 people in this family run (1k and 100 m were available too)

IMG 0749

I lined up at 9-10 min/mile pace and went off. I have warned up few minutes before the race because I find myself always struggling in the first mile or so.

Mile 1 started with a downhill so I picked up the pace and went fairy fast (8:45 min/mi). I felt good, I felt extremely good for such a fast pace but I told myself not to go faster because I could run off the stamina too early.

Mile 2: I still felt fine and confident, passing through runners all the way. I knew I was still going faster than my normal pace but I felt confident that I still have a lot of energy. My last 5k race time was over 28 minutes so I mentally calculated that if I kept up with that pace, I would PR. Woo!!! that sounds exciting! So I should keep up.

Mile 3: downhill and uphill. The course is really nice. Although it was sunny and hot, my hat protected me and I didn’t feel too heated. To distract myself, I counted how many runners I pass. 7 on mile 3! 😉 I got a bit tired with the fast pace so I slow down a bit to around 9 min/mi until 2.9 miles. Then I press the accelerator and gave all I had left until the finish line. I was looking for Sofia and Tony, and there there were, waiting for me! What a great feeling to have my loved ones waiting for me at the finish line!!!!

While I run, Sofia and Tony had fun at the photo booth.

IMG 0763

Surprisingly, for such a small race there were many vendors. We got cupcake, ice creams, banana, sample juices, ice crush, popcorns and free cartoon.

IMG 0762

we got a family portrait

IMG 0761

we loved it!!!

IMG 0752

My chip time was 26 min. I didn’t think too much of it but my friend told me that I placed 29th among female runners. Woo!!! That sounds great! But then when I went to take a picture of the final results, I saw that I placed 3rd on my age group! Woo! Even better! We were going to get a trophy!!! That’s INCREDIBLE!

Sofia went with me to take it

IMG 0756

IMG 0754

She was beyond excited too! She told me that she wanted to run! Oh… baby… run with mama next year!

IMG 0753

when we came home, someone was up and waiting for us

IMG 0765

to celebrate even more, we had a great BBQ (korean baby ribs, spicy sausage, chicken leg, asparagus, corn and salad).

IMG 0766

What a wonderful Sunday! It was Sofia and Tony’s first time to see me running a race. Their presence made it so special. Just for the feeling of crossing the finish line knowing that they’re cheering and waiting for me, I’ll keep running and racing because that feeling is priceless!!! 😀

Christmas dinner & Birthday cake

We hosted a Christmas Eve dinner and it turned out a great success.

IMG 7868

IMG 7867

I was in charge of the cooking as usual

IMG 7864

first time making roasted beef, a 3 hrs adventure.

IMG 7860

Tony was in charge of the cutting and testing 😉

IMG 7861

all ready for the guests to arrive

IMG 7869

green salad with beets, corn, spicy nuts and balsamic dressing

IMG 7855

roasted turnip and carrots as side dish for the main course

IMG 7856

corn empanadas as appetizer

IMG 7858

and pearl couscous as side

IMG 7859

We all loved how the roasted beef turn out, so tasty and tender. I’d definitely make it again next year.

IMG 7862

dessert was an upside down pear cake

IMG 7857

my first course

IMG 7823

second course

IMG 7863

and dessert

IMG 7866

my guests were also excited for the food

IMG 7825

IMG 7836

IMG 7837

IMG 7845

IMG 7840

After everyone left, it was time for pics and gifts

IMG 7870

IMG 7872

IMG 7873

IMG 7871

IMG 7854

we were all surprised by what secret santa brought us! 🙂

IMG 7853

it was a great Christmas Eve. Great company, great food and great spirit! 🙂 Shall be repeated.

The next day we celebrated my 35th birthday, a low key one, we ate leftovers during the day and noodles at night. But there was a cake and candle

IMG 7892

IMG 7910

IMG 7911

having Sofia, Tony and great friend to celebrate it with me was the best part

IMG 7903

IMG 7904

The house was filled with LOVE and HAPPINESS!!!


On Tuesday, 10/27/2015, we are officially married!!!

IMG 9575

IMG 9584

It was a heck of a run. I found a celebrant who could go back to the court after the ceremony so we got the marriage certificate the same day! 🙂 He is a really nice old man, who really enjoys knowing the story of the couples, and share the happiness of new couples. He asked us to tell each other why we are marrying each other, in our own language. I think it’s important to keep that in mind for the years/decades to come. Life will get busier, we will argue, we will get mad at each other, we might even want to give up, but we should always revisit this day, the day we promised to each other to love with all our heart, and remind us the reason we decided to live ever after.

After the ceremony, we went to have lunch at Old Angler’s Inn, one of my favorite restaurant in the area.

IMG 9592

I had asparagus with prosciutto as appetizer

IMG 9598

Tony had lobster cocktail

IMG 9599

Tony had beef as entree

IMG 9600

and I had sea scallop… so yummy~

IMG 9601

this will be a special place for us.. we will revisit at least once a year.

IMG 9602

The rest of the week was spent between playing with little Sofia

IMG 9613

celebrate halloween at school with her

IMG 9670

on the day of Halloween, we carved pumpkins

IMG 9674

not an easy job.. but Tony did great for his first time

IMG 9679

how cute!

IMG 9686

in the afternoon, we went to the mall

IMG 9687

there was trick and treat in most of the stores

IMG 9715

Sofia was so happy collecting candies/chocolates

IMG 9693

IMG 9696

I made pumpkin pie for the occasion

IMG 9690

and then the night came, we lighted up the pumpkins

IMG 9699

IMG 9700

IMG 9702

after dinner, Tony took Sofia to go for trick or treat.. and came back with a full bag of treats

IMG 9705

on Sunday we had Japanese steak meal.. .with show and everything

IMG 9726

Sofia was so focused ….

IMG 9728

and the food was quite nice too.

IMG 9730

lastly, Sofia started to play soccer with Tony overnight…

IMG 9771

that’s my girl! 😉

IMG 9774

later…. need to finish packing for our trip to China… leaving tomorrow!!! So exciting!!!

Sofia’s 3 yrs birthday party!

Happy birthday to my lovely baby!!! I can’t believe she turned 3 yesterday. She amazed me that at 3, she’s a fully articulated, thoughtful, smart girl! Even her teachers say that although she’s the youngest in class, she knows everything, so meticulous with her things, so precise when she speaks. 🙂

We had two celebrations this year. One at school on Friday. I made cupcakes for them, my first time making them. They didn’t turn out as pretty as store-bought, but good enough to show my dedication and love.

IMG 9028

we arrived after they got up from nap, the class was already decorated for the occasion.

IMG 9032

we wanted to take pics with the birthday girl, but she was so focused on the icing

IMG 9039

we song birthday song in english, french and chinese

IMG 9036

although Sofia was quiet all the time, I know she’s enjoying the moment

IMG 9038

grandparents planned their trip to China to be able to celebrate with her

IMG 9045

then on Saturday, 9/26, we host a big party at home, over 40 friends accompanied us

IMG 9456

IMG 9458

I’ve been preparing the food for days… and left the hardest project for last. For the past two years, I’ve ordered the cake, but this year and all coming years, I want to make the cake for Sofia, a tradition that hopefully one day she’ll appreciate. This time, I made a four-layers coconut cake, with 4 shades of purple, one of her favorite color. 🙂

IMG 9029

The party starts at 3:30pm so I prepared some finger food for the guests.

IMG 9447

a flourless chocolate cake, so chocolaty, so rich, so addicting! 🙂

IMG 9448

blinis with smoked salmon

IMG 9449

cheese plate

IMG 9450

chips with salsa

IMG 9451


IMG 9452

two kinds of moon cakes because the next day was Chinese moon festival. I made one with lotus seed filling

IMG 9453

and one with aduki beans. They were all gone because I had the chance to try one.

IMG 9454


IMG 9455

drinks were juices and fruit punch

IMG 9457

Sofia was obsessed with the 3.5 months old Luna… she wanted to hug and hold her. She’s be a great sister.

IMG 9461

more friends came with gifts

IMG 9464

and her best friend at school, Sofia.

IMG 9467

in the middle of the party, we did Piñata! Such a great idea for a crowd of kids desperate for some lollipop 🙂

IMG 9087

after that, every single kid had lollipop none stop!!! The parents must be hating me…

IMG 9072

IMG 9081

The adults chat and ate… everyone seemed to be enjoying the party 😀

IMG 9471

some photo posing happened too

IMG 9459

IMG 9468

IMG 9469

IMG 9488

then we did the cake. I decorated the cake with a light purple color… it turned out great! Everyone assumed that I ordered it! 🙂

IMG 9476

IMG 9478

once again, while we song birthday, Sofia was too focused on the lollipop

IMG 9480

IMG 9484

IMG 9485

and her old bestie Smaranda.

IMG 9498

It was the most popular birthday party we’ve had so far. We had a lot of fun!!! Sofia liked it so much that when she woke up the next day, she told me: hacemos fiesta otra vez! (let’s have another party!).

Each year is a milestone, and I truly enjoy preparing every one of these. I am thankful to be the most important person in her life and wish I could bring more happiness into her life. I know as she gets older, this task will get harder and harder, but it also prepares me to be a better mom. 🙂

I love you, my most precious girl in the world! Having you makes me feel I have the world.

Mother’s day and first BBQ of 2015

Mother’s day gift from my beloved Sofia. She’s getting better with gift making!


I love you so much Sofia, I feel so lucky to be your mom because you bring the biggest joy in life!


To celebrate that day we invited some friends over for the first BBQ of the year.


the weather was perfect to eat outdoor


Look how chubby has became Sofia, exactly how I was when I was at her age


more and more she’s playing with other kids, even it involves fighting over toys every 5 min


I made a salad, grilled corns, sweet potato and marinated chicken. My friend brought shrimp bruchetta and beef


after nap time, we went to visit a new friend, Teri, second daughter of my friend Sarah. Just 8 days old. so tiny and so fragile. I miss those early days of Sofia.


while they had the naming ceremony, Sofia focused on eating the fried dough


she’s really into pricess outfit these days.. even going to the mall she wanted to put her dress and make this silly face


A friend from chicago just moved to the area and we had dinner at True Kitchen, a restaurant following Dr. Weil’s anti-inflammatory diet principles. We shared 2 appetizers: kale-guacamole




as entree I had salad with salmon, nothing too special. IMG_6660

for the first time (ever?) I had a glass of white wine.. which was quite tasty


for dessert I had frozen yogurt and bloody orange sorbet.. very refreshing

I also did some baking: a spongy cake which both Sofia and my mom loved. It’s like the base of the fruit cake that whole food sells. Once it was finished in 3 days, my mom asked me to bake a new one.


I also made a granola bar with almond butter, oatmeal and dry fruits. Sofia loves it!


I usually go to Chopt’ Salad if I go out for lunch, but last week I went to Sweet Salad and was happilly surprised with their new selection. I had the Pad Thai made with shrimp which was delicious. And my colleague had the green guacamole and also enjoyed it a lot, even thanking me to take him to try it. He’s a senior colleague who’s much older than me, but for some reason we have this special chemistry and we get along very well. It’s amazing how much more fun is to work with someone that you like. Not only it’s more fun but it makes working together easier because you trust each other, and when there’s disagreement you are sure that both of you are trying to make the work better, and not some work politics.


As I publish this belated recap.. I’m in Lima for a mission until tomorrow and then heading to Cancun for a mini vacation! 🙂

2015 Valentines and Chinese new year

Tony’s first visit was in February and we got to spend together the Valentine’s for the first time.

I prepared a special gift for him. 14 gifts to be open one each hour. They were love letters, memorable gifts and pictures of us. It was a lovely experience for both of us.


Tony got to bake his first cornbread as contribution to dinner.


table setting for the ocassion


we picked the flower together… really like it



cornbread was good for a first time baker, but plenty of room for improvement 😉


side dish was a salad made with greens, cucumber, tomato and beets with fig balsamic and olive oil.

main dish was lamb stew with veggies and cauliflower/potato mash. Tony loved it! 🙂


Few days later it was chinese new year so we invited some friends over for dinner. We prepared 8 dishes and 1 dessert. This is the first of new year celebrations we will have together… a new beginning! 🙂



lovely ladies who are so supportive during this period of my life.. truly appreciate it.


and my love… so grateful to re-find you.


other random food we had. Breakfast setting


dinner: lobster, kabocha and broccoli


lunch: baked salmon, salad and potato salad


the most touching moments were when Sofia played with Tony so closely… both of us couldn’t contain our tears


they are the love of my life… and living with them everyday is the best gift I can ask for.