Lizzy: 6 months

Lizzy turned 6 months this week! Look how much she’s growing.

IMG 1595

IMG 2116

We love this new person in our lives so much that we probably takes too many pics and videos everyday. But well… they grow too fast to catch. Need to preserve as long as we can.

MG 4484

Eating: now that I’m back to work, she takes bottles during the day. Usually I nurse her between 6-6:30am. Then she’d sleep until 8am. She takes 3-4 bottles while I’m away. At 8:30am, 12:30pm, 3:30pm, 5pm sometimes. She’s taking 5-6 oz. each. Right after I come back from work, if her last milk was before 4pm, I’d nurse her few minutes before we have dinner. If not, I’d nurse her before bed around 7pm.

IMG 1325

We started solid with her just few days ago and she’s doing great, she turned from eating anything to just wanting sweet fruit pouches.

IMG 1900

she started to take them in from the start. The first day she had two meals, now she’s taking 2-3 solid a day about 30 min after milk. So far she had kabocha, carrot, sweet potato, peas, potato, lentil, zucchini, pear and avocado. She seems to like thicker consistency such as lentils, kabocha. Somedays she’d open her mouth wide open to take the food, other days she doesn’t want to open. We insist few times, if she doesn’t seem to be interested, we stop. At this stage, it’s more practice than relying food for nutrition.

So after the initial success, she’s now refusing to eat solids unless they’re fruit. She loves peaches and would open mouth wide asking for more. But vegetables? not interested. We started to give her baby oatmeal. The first time she took it well when I mixed it with breast milk, but not sure if she really like it. Need to try more.

IMG 1907

she liked kabocha at first, but not anymore. 😦

IMG 1971

Sleeping: she was a good sleeper since the beginning, sleeping through the night from 2 months and half. But then we regressed a bit and she’d wake up few times a night that I rushed to nurse her. At 5 months mark, I decided to let her cry a bit before running into her room because I know she doesn’t really need to eat and she was probably ready to go back to sleep by herself. And I was right. The first few nights she’d wake up few times but she’d go back to sleep within 15 min. Now at 6 months, she consistently sleep from 7-7:30pm to 6-6:30am, nurse and go back to sleep until 8am again. 

She took naps in the swing until she was 6 months old. We tried 1-2 times to put her in crib for nap, but she had problem falling asleep. We tried again at 6 months and the transition went very smooth. She still naps 2-3 hrs in the morning, then another 2 hours in the afternoon, and maybe a catnap of 45 min in late afternoon.
One curious thing is that Lizzy doesn’t know to sleep when we’re on the road. Even in the stroller, she’d always be awake looking around. Sofia used to nap in the stroller when we go out for a walk, but Lizzy doesn’t.

IMG 1391

IMG 1185


  • to observe the world in her tummy supported by her hands

IMG 1529

  • she likes us to hold her and make faces to her. She’d laugh so badly.

IMG 1731

IMG 1773

  • she likes putting everything in her mouth.

IMG 1779

  • she smiles a lot. Unless she’s in bad mood one day, otherwise she’d be happy all day long.

IMG 1847

IMG 1855

  • she loves jamperoo. She can easily stay there jumping for half an hour.

IMG 1886

  • She loves going out too. Starting at 5 months, we’ve been taking her out more often and she has always been so cooperative and quiet. Really easy going.

IMG 1913

IMG 1920

  • now that the weather is cooler. Grandma tries to take her out once a day. And over weekend, I try to take her for a walk too. She loves it. She’d sing and move her leg on the ride.

IMG 1978

IMG 2015

Dislikes: really not much. She doesn’t fuzz much. If she does it’s usually because she wants to eat or sleep. Otherwise she’s really peaceful. Sometimes she’ll get bored, and if we change the scenario or walk around with her, she’d calm down right away.

MG 4489

MG 4547

I’m still her favorite person I think. She always try to smile to me when I talk to her, even when it’s not her best day.

MG 4469

It’s heart warming to see how Tony transitioned to be a father. His love toward Lizzy is devotional. He takes good care of her and is learning to be a father to Sofia. I think that’s because now he really understands what’s to be a father and it’s beautiful to see his transformation.

MG 4354

Stats at 6 months appointment:

Height: 26 in (52nd)

Weight: 15 lbs 10 oz. (40th)

HC: 16.75 in (59th)


Family: Sofia 4 years old

Sofia turned 4 and I’m still beyond shock how time flies. I still browse her baby pics and those moments are like just yesterday, so vivid.

IMG 0207

But at the same time, I know she’s a big girl already. She knows so well what she wants. She can communicate almost perfectly (with all 3 languages she manages) what she wants, how she feels. Sometimes she talks a bit too much. She can literally talk nonstop since she wakes up, specially when grandma is around. The bound she and grandma has is so unique. Grandma does her morning and evening routines, and takes her to the mall almost every weekend. Those are their things. I’m sure Sofia will remember them for a long time.

IMG 1150

Sleep: Sofia still naps at home (1.5-2 hrs) but she almost never nap at school. She just plays with toys or read books while everyone else naps or do the same. At night, she starts bathing/teeth brushing at 8pm. We read 1-2 books around 8:20pm, and by 8:30pm light is out. In the morning, grandma wakes her up at 7am. On weekends, sometimes she sleeps in until 8am.

IMG 1072

Eating: she eats like a kid. By that I mean she doesn’t eat as good as I wish but not worse than kids at her age. Unfortunately meal time battle is a constant in our house mostly because she eats very slowly, likes talking and playing while eating and always ended up last on the table. She’s not picky in what she eats although she does prefer certain food. She likes fish, noodles, dumplings, mango, watermelon, beets, milk, pan fried eggs with soy sauce, green beans. She started to like meat recently so that’s good. Her breakfast recently has been either yogurt with cereal, milk with cereal or toasts with PB and blue berries goat cheese. For few weeks, she liked oatmeal with PB and honey but hasn’t asked for it for a while. For meals, she eats what we eat. Usually rice with fish/chicken/meat and 1-2 types of veggies (small portion though). Half hour after meal, she’d have fruit as dessert. She snacks at school but not so much when we’re at home on weekends. If I have a snack (nuts/fruit/crackers), then she’ll have some, otherwise she wouldn’t.

She likes:

go to school. They do so many activities (crafts, gym, music, writing, singing, dancing, museum, soccer) Sofia is always excited when we go in the morning, and still wants to play a bit more when we pick her up. She has her favorite friend in the class, another Sofia. They’ve been classmates for 3 years. They are always together in school pics. I hope they continue to be friends for coming years. Friendship is so important for girls.

IMG 1467

ballet. we started during the summer and she loves it so we continued.

IMG 1055

swimming. She’s in Pee Wee Paddler III. She absolutely loves it and looking forward to it every weekend. Tony takes her, so that’s their activity.

go to playground. I take her to playground whenever we have time in weekends. That’s our girl time.

reading. She always asks me to read her. Reading before bed is her treat for the day, she’s so looking forward to it. I need to do more!!!

IMG 1077

play with her friends. whenever we don’t have anything planned for the weekend, I’d arrange play dates with her friends.

dresses. oh mine!!! She wants to put on dress EVERY DAY!!!

do whatever mom does. Now that I’m running, she wants to run too! She goes with Tony to see me racing and says wants to run too. We plan to take her to a race where she can run too.

IMG 0759

IMG 0923

watch cartoons. I only allow her to watch on Sundays so she enjoys it so much when she does.

cook with mama. when i was on maternity leave, we did one baking project every weekend. Now that I’m back to work, weekends are hectic, but we need to do more baking together, it’s bounding for us.

IMG 0372

IMG 0331

she will like climbing as soon as she tries it. I’m sure. She was so focused seeing me climbing. 🙂

IMG 0935

going to festivals. We went a couple this summer and she had a blast.

IMG 9704

going to watch shows. We went to a concert and twos shows. She love them all.
IMG 0209

Her favorite people:

her mama

IMG 9863

little sister

IMG 1034

she absolutely love Lizzy. She loves playing with her, read her, hold her, give her kisses and hugs. When we go home in the evening, the first thing she does is to wash her hands so she can play with Lizzy. And whenever Lizzy is crying for something, she wants us to give that to her ASAP because she hates seeing Lizzy crying. She’s so protective.

IMG 1378

IMG 1618

IMG 5586

MG 4113

grandma. I’m not even sure if she loves grandma more or  less than her mama.

IMG 1157

her friend Sofia at school

2016 05 08 11 08 21


IMG 1489

She dislikes

  • rushing her into eating
  • not having activities on weekends
  • take naps


I’m constantly feeling I’m not a good-enough mom. I should spend more time with her, be more patient with her, and have our special time more often. But life gets busy and if we want to accomplish everything on schedule, I often ended up rushing her. I guess I still need a lot of work to do.

MG 4207

MG 4462

Next year she’ll start kindergarten, so it’s gonna be a big change for everyone. I hope she enjoys fully her last year at daycare and the innocent childhood without school pressures. These moments are so precious.

MG 4401

I love you Sofia, so much! I know I don’t show it to you all the time and that I’m very strict with you. But trust me, I love you deeper than you can ever imagine. All I want and do is to give you the best, prepare you for the life journey for happiness and sense of purpose.

Lizzy: 4 months old

Lizzy turned 4 months old last week. Look how much she grew the last two months. From a tiny little cute girl… to a chubby girl with the cutest thigh and coolest hair style baby!!!

IMG 0705

IMG 1173

IMG 1189

I’m amazed by how happy she is everyday. Whenever she wakes up from a nap and sees up going to pick her up, she’d smile at us nonstop. She also smiles at me when I talk to her… babble to her… play with her. She’s just a happy baby. She brings so much happiness to our family.

IMG 0881

we started to take her out more often and she always behaves really really well.

IMG 0537

IMG 0573

she’s been obsessed with eating her hands

IMG 0598

stare at us with her big eyes and cute face

IMG 3259

yeah~~~~ she’s chubby

IMG 0765

Schedule: We don’t follow any schedule but she’s naturally developed a schedule. Wakes up between 6:30-7:30am, goes down for her nap 8:30-9am, wakes up between 11-12, goes down 12-1pm. Wakes up again around 3-4pm, goes down at 5pm, and wakes up to have dinner with us around 6pm. Then night routine starts with bath by Tony, then eats, then sleeps in the swing until 9pm (when I’m ready to go to bed), I’d transfer her to the crib after I nurse her while she’s mostly asleep.

She eats whenever she wakes up from the nap and plays a bit before going to nap. So, we loosely follow EASY.

IMG 3198

Sleep: she naps in the swing during the day, usually 1.5-2.5 hrs. She doesn’t fuss when she goes to sleep. We don’t help her but let her to fall asleep by herself. She started to sleep through the night around 3months, waking up around 4-5am. But then she started to roll to her tummy but can’t roll back, so she’d wake up crying asking for help. If that happens, I have to nurse her, otherwise she’d keep rolling and doesn’t sleep. When she started to roll, sometimes she wakes up 2-3 times, but it has been better lately because she now can fall asleep in her tummy. When that happens, she still sleep through the night.

I know… I’m so lucky to have such a good sleeper. Even in those nights that she wakes up, I don’t mind just going to nurse her because I know this period is so short and soon she won’t need my comfort.

We still need to transition her to nap in the crib… yeah…. will start soon.

IMG 0860

Eating: she eats well, has became more efficient nursing. Usually she nurses both side in less than 15 min. If she gets a bottle, she has 3.5-4oz.  Since she’s growing well, I don’t worry if one day she eats less.

IMG 0945

Doctor visit: she woke up extra warm one day but acted normal. But after her morning nap, she woke up very fussy and crying. She didn’t want to nurse either. So I knew something was wrong. I took temperature and she definitely had fever (close to 39C). We went to the doctor 2 hours later. She didn’t have any infection so doctor ordered to take tylenol until fever comes down. One tylenol later, she was happy as herself. But then two days later, fever came back. It was not as high as the first time but fever nonetheless. Just to be extra safe, we took her to the doctor again. This time we did strep test, urine test and blood test. All came back good, just indicating presence of virus. So nothing to worry about, just wait until it goes away (usually 5 days). She acted normal, ate well and slept well, so we didn’t worry and fever didn’t come back.

She behaved so well during doctor visit and went through all the test without much fuss. Such a lovely girl.

IMG 0984


  • hands munching
  • roll into tummy
  • grab things and our fingers
  • smiles at us on “demand”
  • babbling funny sounds

IMG 0990

IMG 0994

her head control is getting better although still can’t hold herself

IMG 1109

and lastly she LAUGHS all the time!!! 😀

IMG 1126

IMG 1148

IMG 5188

Stats on 8/19/2016

weight: 13 lb. 15 oz. (45th)

height: 25 in (73rd)

HC: 16.44 in (82nd)

End of a transition year

Life is good.

Life is hopeful.

Life is joy.

This is now, it was not for the most part of the last year.

Tony moved to the US June 2015. Although our love was strong, we were both committed, it was not an easy sail as the fairytale. We haven’t been in contact with each other for almost 10 years, we lived our lives apart, we grew to a semi-different person than when we fell in love 15 years ago. So we had to learn about each other, the good, the bad and the ugly. During this process, I also learned a lot about myself. I got a new understanding of love, relationship, respect, and communication. Going to therapy really helped me to learn these. Yesterday I emailed my therapist that I’m ready to take a break from weekly sessions because I feel I’m in a good spot and I can be on my own.

The transition year was not only about love and relationship with this new person. Tony also needed to adapt not only me, but also our family and a new city. He with only two suitcases and left behind his family, his friends, his job and his comfort zone.

I had no doubt that he’s capable of settling down here well because he lived in Canada for 8 years, so this life is familiar to him. BUT finding a job was not easy. He got frustrated, defeated; I got upset, angry. He gave up looking, I kept pushing and we both ended up feeling like a failure. It was hard, really hard. The feeling of not knowing where the future lies for him, the anger of not knowing where to put the effort to see hope, and the constant feeling of self-pressure. I know it was hard on him. I knew it. But I found it useless to cry and to be upset together. So I kept trying. I kept encouraging.

Finally, something came up. We were all cheerful. We shared the news with family and friends. But the joy only lasted for a week. We were back to zero. We didn’t understand why this happened.

But I told him and myself, everything happens for a reason, we just don’t know at the moment.

And I was right.

A month later… he started working. Not at an ideal place, not an ideal job. But at that point, anything was better than nothing.

He started working everyday. I didn’t allow myself to be cheerful, not yet. What if this is temporary again? I can’t stand another disappointment.

But then he continued to work, I got used to our new routine. He working during the day while I stay at home taking care of household tasks and Lizzy.

One month after he started, something unexpected happened. The company offered him a permanent position just few weeks before his temporary contract expires. It was exhilarating!!!! I was sooooooo proud of my beloved husband. How much effort he must have put in this job, a job that is beyond his capabilities, for them to want to offer him a position so soon. This is the man I fell in love. I knew he is capable.

Now that he has a full time permanent job. We also laid out a medium plan for his career path. I did the research, he was excited, and one week later, he has started this new project!

This marks the end of our transition year.

We are in a sweet spot now. Content with present and hopeful about our future. 🙂

IMG 5142

IMG 5147

IMG 5188

20160731 IMG 5208

IMG 5225

IMG 5232

IMG 5291

IMG 5340

IMG 5357

IMG 5394

IMG 5461

IMG 5573

IMG 5592

IMG 5599

IMG 5628

IMG 5680

IMG 5699

IMG 5728

IMG 5753

IMG 5759

IMG 58001

20160731 IMG 5828

IMG 5854

Family: Lizzy 2 months old

Lizzy turned two months old last week and she became such a happy baby. Smiling at us and making funny noises as if she wants to talk to us. Such a joy to our life!!! 😀

IMG 2877

Eating: she’s been eating well, 5-6 times a day, between 3-5 oz. of pumped milk or 15 min of nursing. This month she started to refuse bottle for the night feeding, for no apparent reason. We tried few nights and she just wouldn’t take it even if she hasn’t eaten for +6 hrs. She was definitely hungry, crying but still not wanting the bottle. I’ve read that babies tend to need mommy the most in the evening. It has nothing to do with being hungry or not, but needing the bounding and security from mom. So I nurse her now. Since it’s only once, I don’t mind at all. However, it got me worried that if she doesn’t take bottle, then what are we gonna do when I go back to work. Fortunately she takes bottles during the day.

IMG 9557

IMG 2562

Sleeping: she sleeps really well. She wakes up between 6:30-7am, naps around 8am, 12pm, 4pm for 2.5-3 hrs usually, many times we have to wake her up, otherwise she could continue. Her last nap is a bit shorter, 1.5 to 2 hrs because we want to make her bed time before 7:30pm. She still naps in the swing but sleeps in the crib at night. She goes down before 7:30pm, she’d wake up for a feeding anytime between 2-4am. One time she went all the way through 4:30am. I don’t even change her during evening feeding, I simply feed her, wrap her up and put her back to the crib. She doesn’t always fall asleep right away but she doesn’t demand company either.

IMG 9604

She likes taking bath, looking at us talking to her, or simply checking out her surroundings.

IMG 2642

We are so lucky to have such an angel baby.

IMG 2643

She loves to stretch after eating and we love seeing this face!

IMG 9755

IMG 9763

She’s developing a bound with grandma. For unknown reason, grandma always finds the most comfortable position to hold Lizzy.

IMG 9893

Daddy’s job is to change her diapers and to takes thousands of pics and videos of her. Since we know this age goes so fast! we want to record every bit of her development, or simply face of the day. 🙂

IMG 2761

She makes us company during dinner time. She doesn’t participate yet, she simply quietly observes us and listen to us. So sweet.

IMG 2770

IMG 9907

She started to respond to our attempt to make her laugh.

IMG 9909

IMG 9912

IMG 2864

IMG 2870

She’s even a good company to us at restaurants.

IMG 9968

The only times when she cries is when she is hungry or ready to sleep. Once we feed her or put her to sleep, she’s happy again.

IMG 2589

IMG 9956

Although she’s not as interactive as Sofia, but she’s soooo cute! She’s like the doll of the family. I remember when Sofia was little, I’d want her to grow so she could amaze us with each of the milestones. But with Lizzy, I’m not in a hurry. I am enjoying this stage because I know she is probably my last baby and I want to enjoy the little baby feeling for as long as I can. With Tony we often say if we could, we want to keep her at the current stage forever!!!

Stats. She is a bit heavier and taller than Sofia at this age.

Weight: 10 lbs 15 oz (38th)

Height: 22.5 in (48th)

HC: 15.5 in (80th)


Family: Lizzy is one month old

Time flies. Lizzy turned one month old two weeks ago and I am amazed how much she has already changed. She’s chubby now and so peaceful. She is truly an angel baby. She doesn’t fuss much when she’s been fed. We are enjoying her presence more and more.

IMG 9577

Eating: she’s a good eater. She eats  every 3-4 hours about 15 min each time. We started bottle two weeks ago and she’s doing great! It allows me to be away from her sometimes and sleep 5-6 hours in one stretch at night. She takes 3-4 oz. when bottle fed. Usually I nurse her first thing after she wakes up from nap, then change diaper in between breasts in case she’s sleepy. I try not to give her snack so she can have full meal each time.

IMG 9557

Night sleep: we’ve reduced night feeding from 3 to 2. She goes to bed around 7:30pm, then wakes up betwen 10:30-11pm. Tony gives him a bottle and she goes back to sleep until 3:30-4:30am. I nurse her and she goes back to sleep until 5:30-6:30. Then I usually transfer her to the swing and she’d sleep until 8:30-9am or even later. We didn’t purposely impose that schedule, but she naturally fall into it. Sometimes she fuss a bit in the middle of the sleep and we don’t run into her because she might just be in between sleep cycles. If she fuss for more than 10-15 min then I pick her up and she’s usually content.

IMG 9436

Naps: she has been a great napper too. Some days she’d take two 3 hours long nap, one in the morning one in the afternoon. Then a catnap of 45-60 min at dinner time. Other days she’d nap 1.30-2 hrs usually. 45 min naps are rare but it happens too. She now naps exclusively in the swing. We resisted a bit but then I read enough research of it that I was comfortable to let her nap in the swing.

2016 05 11 11 48 30

Tony is truly in love with her. He showed me a side that I didn’t know before nor I expected to see. But I love him more for being such an incredible father. No matter what he’s doing or how he’s doing, the moment he sees Lizzy, he’s happy.

2016 05 10 17 28 42

Since her awake time is an hour, there’s not much play time involved. We also don’t do anything special to entertain her. Just let her look around. She is happy to be just like way.. while she moves her hands and feet nonstop. So cute! 🙂

IMG 9580

Family: Sofia at 3 years 7 months

This morning I saw this video and it brought me nostalgia about Sofia’s babyhood. Although I always reminded myself that time flies with babies, and that I want to catch every moment of life of Sofia before she becomes a real person… well… once again.. I feel I failed. Too many days I rushed over little moments with her… hurry up to dress up, to leave the house, to finish dinner, to brush the teeth… hurry up… while my heart wants to slow it down. I am truly blessed to have her in my life and can’t imagine it without her… she brights my day and brings me hope and happiness, she frustrates me, irritates me, true, but most importantly, she makes me feel loved, needed. Her unconditionally love makes me feel guilty of not giving her more… more attention, more patience, more time.

So… here I am… pausing for a moment, remind myself in time to “see” her grow once more, and remind myself to LIVE every moment with her as the last one, because she will grow TOO fast TOO soon.

At 3 years and 7 months… she’s developed a personality. She’s hilarious, fun, caring, has strong will, knows what she wants, understands everything (according to her teacher) despite being the youngest in class, friendly with strangers, likes to show off her outfit and toys, fearless, loving, loves her mommy and grandpa.

Sometimes I wonder whether the divorce have affected her.. whether I’ve made the wrong decision, but every time I see her smily and silly face, I was assured she’s fine. She’s happy. She knows she has two daddies and she says it as it is something she’s proud of.

IMG 9156

somedays I see her as a grown up person, others I feel she’s still just a baby. For example, when I tell her that when she wakes up in the morning, she can’t leave her bed except to go to the bathroom because when it’s dark outside, there’s a big bear looking for kids who leave their beds, and she totally believes me.

IMG 9195

Although I’m very strict with her, when I say no to something, it means no, she stills loves me and wants to be with me before anyone else. Although when grandma is here, I wonder if she says she prefers me over grandma because she cares about me feelings.

IMG 9198

We try to go out every weekend with her to explore new things, and she loves getting on a boat

IMG 9213

to the capital wheel

IMG 9248

even groceries trips are fun for her. Her favorite thing to do in groceries stores are to taste free samples. when there’s none, she would complain about it. Going to the groceries store is part of our weekend routine. There’s only one weekend that we weren’t going (right after Lizzy was born) and she asked grandma why we didn’t go.

Kids imitates parents… i enjoy doing groceries, explore new food and plan for new meals… Sofia seems to do so too. I plan to let her get more involve, such as letting her pick 1 fruit, 1 vegetable every week so she feels part of the process, and hopefully encourage her to eat them too.

IMG 9434

Her school has every friday show and share, in which each kid brings a toy to show and explain it to the class. Sofia loves that and wants to bring something to show off every day.

IMG 7660

As every kid, she loves cake and ice cream. I think she loves the idea of them more than the food itself. Cakes are usually eaten with celebrations, birthday parties in class, and birthdays at home. Ice cream is a Saturday tradition. Each Saturday she can have ice creams. Although she needs very little of it, such as a scoop or half of it, she really enjoys it.

IMG 7682

IMG 8003

Tony is her male figure now. Alt. For 2.5 years, she lived with two women, although we love her and give everything she needs, there was still something missing. With Tony living with us, she got to see what is a happy couple (most of the days), how we show affection to each other, how it is okay to fight and be kissing the next minute. She also got to know that when there’s something broken at home, either her toy or the washing machine, it was the man in the house who would repair it. She also knows that Tony doesn’t cook, drives her to class, takes her to swimming class, plays with her soccer, and reads her chinese books. When we both show up to pick her up at the daycare, she’d proudly present me as her mom and Tony as her dad to her friends.

IMG 7695

I thank her to be my friend too. In days that I am sad, I have her by my side. She would give me hug and kiss when I most needed. She makes me know that no matter what, she’d be there for me.

20151221233600 01

as any kid, she can turn from crying badly to silly laugh as nothing has happened in seconds. I wish I had this ability to switch gears so quickly.

20151222070800 01

Eating is still a struggle for us. I say for us because we both suffer. She suffer because I am chasing after her to eat her food quickly, and I suffer because she already bargain with me or ignore me when I say so. So many times dinner time turned to a fight, quiet time and more crying. I know I should let it go and let her decide how much to eat. But it’s hard when all she would eat is two bites if I let her. But if I don’t do that, I end up being frustrated with us and myself everyday. Things that I plan to implement includes few or none snacks during the day, more physical activities, more food available for her that I know she’d like, and more patience with her. Kids are wired to want to play all the time… meal time is much less fun that playing with her dolls.

IMG 7921

when is something she loves like the korean mochis, she can eat 1/2 of the package in one sitting.

IMG 8088

She loves when we do activities together  such as building a gingerbread house. I should do more with her.

IMG 7888

She sleeps very well nowadays. We start bedtime routine at 8pm, brush her teeth, shower, PJs, 2 story books, one song three times, tons of kiss and hugs. I leave the room at 8:30pm. Sometimes she’d be asleep by 8:45pm, other days she’d be awake until past 9pm, but she stays in her bed all this time. She still naps when she’s at home, between 1.5-2.5 hrs. It’s glorious time for the adults.

IMG 7996

She’s good at entertaining herself. She’s play pretend with her friends, she’d draw in the studio while I’m at the computer, plays with her kitchen, cooks us “meals”, pretend she’s the doctor and checks on us.

IMG 8111

obviously she loves snow too. she was quite a companion to Tony for all this year’s snow cleaning.

IMG 8198

IMG 8210

more silly face

IMG 8217

She’s a caring big sister. Laura is one year younger than her, and she takes care of her when we visit.

IMG 3873

the funniest thing is that they communicate with shanghainese! It’s hilarious to hear them talk.

IMG 8333

She loves loves her swimming class. She’s all by herself now and so proud to show me her new tricks. We will continue that as long as she’s into it.

IMG 8620

IMG 8638

She’s very independent too. She brushes her teeth, take shower, go to the bathroom, picks her outfit for the day, all by herself. She also often helps out with house work. For example, she’s in charge to put the fruit in the fruit basket after groceries, and she hands me over things to put in the fridge. And when I ask her to pick things for me around the house, she happily does it for me. A little helper we have.

IMG 8891

She is just a cuttie!!!! 😀

IMG 8798

She loves playgrounds. Now that the weather is nice, we try to go there every weekend. Usually it’s quite crowded. She likes going to the toys that other kids are playing. We’d wait and wait until it’s her turn, and then she abandon it few minutes after.

IMG 8945

She loves reading me books. She knows two books by memory, “I’m a big sister” & “buenas noches luna” both in spanish.

IMG 9075

And lately she’s became a real big sister, and she’s so proud of it. She loves watching Lizzy, gives her tons of kisses and hugs, and so eager to help. I can’t wait to see them interact!

IMG 9100

IMG 9243

This little person will soon to be a grown up.  Although she upsets me when she has strong opinion on how she likes things… I am happy that she’s that way. I hope she’s strong opinionated as her mom, or even a better version of me.

IMG 9264

I know I’m very strict with her and sometimes she hates me for that… I still think it’s important to set the limits and keep them, it’s parents’ responsability. Teach her to be disciplined, have good manners, respect others’, and most importantly that actions lead to consequences so she can learn to be responsible.

IMG 9276

Other times I just want to give in, play with her as her peer, be silly, more kisses. Lately we’ve developed a mini tradition. I go to pick her up in the morning and we lie there to talk about the day that is starting, what we are looking forward, our plans for the upcoming weekend. When she’s still sleepy, we’d just lie there, hug and be quiet together. Love those moments!

Family: Lizzy at 2 weeks

Lizzy had a great week. She’s such a calm baby. She doesn’t fuss much and can be by herself for quite a long time before falling asleep or ask for milk. I feel so blessed to have another angel baby. 🙂

IMG 9245

Eating:  she has been eating really well. She eats 8-12 times a day, for 15-20 min each, usually one side. I think she’s became more efficient, therefore less time required for each feeding. She eats every 1.5-3 hrs, and if she goes longer than that, I feel engorged. I had to pump once to get some release. I plan to introduce bottle to her this week to see how she takes it. And when she turns one months old, maybe Tony can do one feeding in the evening.

IMG 9257

love the after-milk face… full of milk.

IMG 9266

Awake time: this week she’s been having 15-30 min of awake time, usually after she wakes up. We bring her downstairs so Sofia can play with her, or we can have dinner. She’s very quiet, doesn’t complain much when there’s no one by her side, she simply looks around with her curious eyes. I continue to look for her cue to be ready to sleep, and try to keep stimulation to 15 min maximum. So far it has been working well.

IMG 9271

IMG 9288

Sleep: she’s been sleeping well for newborn standards, even better than Sofia did. She takes 45 min – 2 hrs naps during the day, and takes 1.5-3 hrs stretches at night. Usually the first 1 to 2 stretches at night are the longest, and the last one is usually 1.5-2 hrs. Usually I go to sleep after feeding her around 9:30sh, and she’d wake up between 12-1am, and again between 3:30-4:30am. After that, I go to her room and let Tony have 3 hrs of uninterrupted sleep. This way, I get to sleep 6 hrs with 2 wake ups but fairly good sleeps. She continues to fall asleep by herself most of the time. I put her down usually after 45 min of waking up, and she takes between 15-30 min to fall asleep. Sometimes she’d make some noise even few cries, but she’s good at settling down shortly afterwards. When she fails to settle down, I’d pick her up, hold her for 5 min, maybe feed her few minutes and put her down again. If she still have problem falling asleep, I’d put her in the swing, and stop it after she falls asleep. There’s nothing wrong napping in the swing, Sofia napped in it for almost 6 months exclusively and she turned alright, but if she can nap in the crib, we’d encourage that.

Check up: she had her two weeks check up. She weighted 7lb 10 oz (5 oz. more than Sofia did at this age), so she’s growing really well due to good eating and sleeping. When she was discharged in the hospital, she failed at the hearing test. Although we were assured that it was common because of some water retention, we were still worried. Fortunately she passed the test with flying colors yesterday! 🙂

IMG 9281

I spend between 3-4 hrs a day nursing her and I’m enjoying it so much. I think because I know this stage is too short. Before I know it, she won’t be nursing like a baby anymore.  When I weaned Sofia, I cried, it was so sad to stop that “special relationship”. In addition, newborns smell soooooo good! You can take pictures and videos to record this stage, but you can’t store the smell, the unique sweet milky smell. I think if I am not careful, I might want another baby when Lizzy becomes toddler just to have the chance to get the smell again. 🙂


Family: Lizzy’s first week

Happy one week “birthday” my dear little Lizzy. It seems surreal that she’s in my arms while one week ago I was so immersed in pregnancy discomfort. It seems so irrelevant now that I have her here with us. I think the extra 8 days in my belly made her stronger and ready for the world.

IMG 9165

IMG 9177

We came home on Wednesday 4/20, she looks so tiny in the carseat

IMG 9011

She settled well immediately to her bed

IMG 9014

Sofia brought her a doll and was so excited that her little sister was at home finally

IMG 9018

the bond formed right away

IMG 9020

I’m so proud of having these two sweet girls, specially Sofia who is not jealous at all but all about loving and wanting to take care of the little sister.

IMG 9021

IMG 9023

So far she’s been an angel baby too. Eating and sleeping well, and doesn’t cry too much. The two days in the hospital she slept all the time and waking up only to eat, which gave me plenty of time to rest. Only the second night she didn’t seem to be able to settle, so I put the white noise and she fell asleep quickly.

IMG 9182

Awake time: I’ve kept her awake time within an hour. That includes eating, changing and time for her to fall asleep by her own. So basically the real awake time when her eyes are opened might be less than 10 min if any. I usually put her down to the crib 30-40 min after she wakes up. At this age, that’s all the awake time they need. Obviously, this doesn’t happen everyday all the time, there were days (1 or 2) that she didn’t want to go back to sleep or had difficulty falling asleep alone. I knew she was overtired and urgently needed to sleep… so the swing was the rescue.

IMG 9183


IMG 9026

Sleeping: I’ve read over 7 books about baby sleep when Sofia was born, so I know how important it is for babies to learn how to fall into sleep alone. With Sofia it was a learning process, but with Lizzy it was much easier. Overall she’s sleeping well… between 13-16 hrs a day. She takes naps between 45-1.5 hrs, wakes up, eats for 20-30 min, and then go back to sleep without too much fuss. Because I put her down before one hour since she wakes up, she usually spends 10-15 min to fall into sleep by her own. This skill is so valuable and I’m so happy that she’s learning it early own. At night, she sleeps between 1.5-3 hrs. Between 4-5pm and 9pm it’s the usual fussy time, which means she has problem falling into sleep by herself. Sometimes she’d be awake for 2-3 hrs which ends up being overtired and even harder to fall into sleep. If that is the case, we put her in the swing, let her fall into sleep and then stay asleep for 10-15 min before turning the swing off.

Eating: nursing is going really well. She is a natural nurser. We didn’t need to practice the latch. She did it all alone. The second day at the hospital she wanted to nurse every 1-2 hrs, so that we did. That day helped the milk coming in, which was Wednesday, the third day. Once the milk came nursing is a charm. I don’t have any nipple problems and both breasts produce milk. She eats every 2-3 hrs, sometimes every hour when it’s the fussy time. As all newborns, she tend to fall asleep while eating, so we change her diaper in between breasts. Overall she is a fast eater, we spend 20-30 min in average each session. Because I nurse her at night too and she sleeps in her room, in order for me to sleep well, Tony sleeps in her room at night and brings her to me when she wakes up. This is because I’m super light sleeper and babies make noise when they sleep. Tony doesn’t mind too much so he sleeps in her room. I know it’s not comfortable for him to sleep in the lounge, but he doesn’t complain because he loves me so much. 😉

IMG 9027

I am starting to burp her after feeding and it’s going well. But sometimes when I observe her eating slowly, then I don’t do it.

We love seeing her face after eating… so satisfied and happy.

IMG 9034

IMG 9035

she looks so fragile and so tiny.. all I want to do is to hug her and look at her and never get bored.

IMG 9043

IMG 9049

we use a monitor to check on her too

IMG 9057

Every morning when Sofia wakes up and if I’m nursing Lizzy, she’d come and make me company, and touches baby parts.

IMG 9087

Look how funny she looks with the head in her eyes…

IMG 9115

Weight: in her first pediatrician check up she weighted 6 lb 5 oz. By Monday, 3 days later, she was almost 7 lbs. No doubt she’s eating well.

IMG 9117

Crying: she doesn’t cry too much. Only when she wakes up, and because it’s so distinctive that she’s crying to be picked up, we go to her within 5 min, and she stops immediately. She also cries when she’s overtired. One evening, she had trouble falling into sleep, and I really needed to sleep, so I asked Tony to hold her for at least an hour, and she cried 30 min of it. But overall, she rarely cries for more than 5 min because her needs are met quickly.

IMG 9134

During that time that she is meditating to fall into sleep, we catch up laughing and those smiles melt my heart.

IMG 9141

Tony is truly in love with his girl and so proud of her. It’s so touching to see him as the father of my child.. how patient he is with her and how he takes care of us. For instance, because he doesn’t sleep well in the couch, when he brings Lizzy to me at night to feed her, he’d crush in the bed within 1 min. But if I tell him I need water, or Lizzy needs to be changed, he jumps up right away. I love him so much before we were parents, and I love him even more as the father of my children.

Family: Lizzy birth story 4/18/2016

Lizzy arrived on April 18, 2016, 3:30pm. Our family of 4 is now complete! 🙂

IMG 8992

In my 40 weeks OB appointment, I was still 4 cm dilated, the same as a week earlier when the OB did the membrane sweep. The OB told us that it’s perfectly normal to go beyond due date, even 42 weeks. So we decided to wait another week and have scheduled for induction on 4/18 when I’d be 41W1D. I continued walking 4-5 miles a day but Lizzy didn’t want to come earlier. I’ve been having contractions for three nights in a row, every night we thought that was it, but then it didn’t progress. So on 4/18 5:30am, we packed everything and went to the hospital for induction.

Last pic of Lizzy inside me

IMG 8981

After the initial blood draw and antibiotic, I was hooked up with pitocin about 9:30am.

IMG 9088

They asked me if I wanted epidural, I said yes, and asked if it was possible to get it before they break the water since from experience I knew contractions would get very bad once water was broken. The doctor happily agreed.

10:30am I got the epidural. It was administrated by a resident doctor. I was hesitant at first but then he seemed experienced and confident enough, and the doctor was by him side all the time. The procedure was not too bad, although it took 30 min or so and afterwards I saw I bleed quite a bit.

12:30pm I was still 4-5 cm. Not much progress. And my contractions were fine but not close enough. So they increased pitocin from 2 to 6. At that time,

1:15pm: the OB broke my water. Tony was excited thinking that we’d meet the baby soon. I told him to be patient because usually it takes 1 hour per cm. If we were lucky, we’d meet her before dinner time. Then contractions got really painful. I was in so much pain that I had to squeeze Tony’s hand or feet when they come, and they were coming like every minute. I couldn’t believe how much pain I was in while I was on epidural. My left lower back was very sore too and it was not related to the contractions. The nurse called the anesthesist to check the epidural. He did some check and said he’d give me more medicine so the drug can reach my belly area, at that time I was getting it up to my legs.

2pm: I was still in a lot of pain, nothing got relieved by the additional epidural. A new nurse called Lisa came (who was not my nurse but someone to take care of me while my nurse went for lunch), she asked me if my last delivery was natural too. I said no, I’m with pitocin and she looked surprised. She touched my belly and said the baby was all on the left side, no wonder I was having so much soreness, so she suggested me to turn left. She also helped me to go through few contractions by pushing my back. She told me that I could get another epidural if I wanted. But she suggested to first check me how far away I’m from 10 before deciding to get another epidural.

2:30 pm: When she checked me, she was surprised that I was a lip away from fully dilated, only a lip on my left was left to be dilated. Obviously there was no point to get another epidural. Lisa called the doctor and they decided to turn off pitocin. Now it made sense that I was in so much pain because I basically I progressed from 4-5 to almost 10 in about an hour. The contractions were so strong that the epidural couldn’t them away completely.

Once they turn off the pitocin, the pain decreased to manageable level. We waited half hour until I was fully dilated and they asked me to tell them when I feel the urge to push.

3pm: A group of OB doctors came in and got prepared for the delivery. I barely felt the urge to push, I guess because the epidural was actually working. The main OB asked me to do a practice push and she was very happy about it.

3:15pm: Push started. The nurse hold one of my feet and Tony hold the other. I pushed 3 times and Tony told me he saw baby’s head already. Another few push, Lizza was out.

IMG 8986

I was aware this time when Lizzy actually came out from my belly unlike with Sofia. It felt that someone pulled something out of me. They rub her while she lied on my chest. Meanwhile the OB massaged my belly while discussing with other doctors like studying my “area”. 10-15 min later my placenta came out. I didn’t tear, only half stick was needed because Lizzy came out slowly and I guess the oil they pull also helped.

IMG 9007

Lizzy was 2.98kg, 19.5 inches. Just 30g more than Sofia.

IMG 9008

She is so tiny and fragile. Although she has been inside me for 9 months, she was a stranger to me too. But I felt the urge to protect her right away. Holding her in my arms and looking at her melt my heart.

IMG 9010

I could see Tony on her. I still can’t believe I have a daughter with the boy that I met at 4th grade 25 years ago. Love is so powerful. 🙂