Pregnancy #2: first 2 weeks (8/16)

It has been almost two weeks since we found out. Still processing the information and working out all the logistics.

Let’s talk symptoms:

  • Fatigue. During our trip to Yellowstone, I was most of the time tired since waking up. It makes me feel better if we hike a big, although starting it was not easy. But I know from past experience that I always feel better after some exercise.
  • Lack of breath. Every morning I feel like I don’t have enough air, which contributes to fatigue. But since 2 days ago, I feel better.
  • I just started to experience is heartburn. I didn’t have much of this problem last time, only for a couple of times at later on. But today since breakfast I’ve been having heartburn. Will try to do smaller meals and avoid acid food.
  • Not much appetite. I don’t feel hungry unless I don’t eat for more than 7 hours. And nothing seems appetizing for the moment. As last time, no cravings so far.
  • Other minor symptoms include nipple sensitivity, frequent minor period cramps, two nights of waking up at 2am and starting to experience aversion to usually-favorite food (chocolate!)

Random thoughts

  • We started to make plan for home projects in preparation for the new baby. Sofia will 3.5 years old when the baby arrives so she can transition to big girl bed. We plan to move the crib, nursing chair and changing table to the room next to Sofia’s, and redecorate Sofia’s room. Some ideas I have includes setting up a reading area in her room; paint half of her room in pink (one of her favorite color); re-do her closets so it can fit all her cloth since the changing table has been used as cloth storage.
  • We started to discuss about baby names, both for girl and boy. I’ve selected a couple of each. Boy: Ethan, Matthew, Lucas, Eli, Ian. Girl: Emma, Ella, Amelia, Chloe. Tony doesn’t have any favorites yet. Hopefully we can agree on one.
  • I suggested us to write 30 short notes to the new baby and each other.  We’ll start 45 days before the due date.
  • I just ordered this book. For last pregnancy, I read 10 books before Sofia was born. I think I know a lot about pregnancy and taking care of a newborn, but I still want to know what is like to have a second child, mostly the emotional part. In addition, I order this book for Sofia. It is important for us that Sofia welcomes and accepts the new baby. Although nowadays she carries her “baby” all day long, I think it’s still important to “prepare” her.
  • Do we want a boy or a girl? Although nowadays when we talk about the baby, we almost always refer him because that’s what my parents want and they’ve been putting that idea in Sofia and all of us. Personally, Tony and I just want a baby of us, a healthy and happy baby, so we are happy to receive a boy or a girl. As an analytical person, I always think about pro and cons of each option. If it’s a girl, Sofia will have a baby sister, and they’ll bond for the rest of their lives. For me, I like girls more too because they are more attaching to parents. And finally logistically it’s easier, she’ll have everything. The pro of having a boy is that I’ll have a different experience as mom, to raise a boy to become a man. Tony will have a soccer buddy. And my parents will be happy to have a grand son and a grand daughter, it’s perfect for many chinese family to have a boy and a girl. So, at the end, I can’t decide what’s best rationally while emotionally I am happy to have either gender.
  • I told Tony that I probably won’t tell him the gender during the ultrasound. I’ll make a gender-revealing cake for him. 🙂
  • We talked about baby shower. I had a fabulous one last time and don’t think will do a full one because I don’t need anything for the newborn. But I do want to have a party… to celebrate the pregnancy, for Tony to experience the joy of father-to-be. So we’ve decided to throw a baby party with no gifts! 🙂
  • I’ve started to talk about how we will manage the first few weeks of sleep deprived surviving mode. And we agreed that Tony will sleep in baby’s room and bring him/her to me just for milk so I can sleep more. He agreed!!! hahahah….. I think he doesn’t have the full set of information… but anyhow, he’ll know eventually.
  • Funnily I went to take a estrogen test on day 9 post ovulation to check if I’m ovulating well…. a long due test that my OB/GY ordered. Just one day after we found out about the pregnancy, he called and told me my estrogen level this month was great, really high, so high that I could be pregnant. Of course!!! I told him and scheduled our first appointment for 8/24 I’ll be 7 weeks by then, hopefully we could hear the heartbeat! Sooooo exciting!!!!

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