Couple bucket list

Since it was decided that Tony will move to the US to live with us, I’ve been planning activities that we could do together as a couple. It seems that everything that I do with him, it is a fun thing to do. I enjoy so much being with him that although the idea of spending 24/7 with someone could be scary or even boring, it doesn’t feel that way when it comes to him. I guess that’s love.

Bucket List of 30 Things To Do as Couple

  1. couple massage
  2. cook dinner together
  3. have a picnic
  4. dress up for halloween as couple
  5. watch sunset and sunrise
  6. climb to the top of a mountain
  7. create a music CD of our relationship
  8. make love in an inappropriate location
  9. take a bubble bath
  10. learn tango
  11. recreate our first date
  12. kiss in the rain
  13. have breakfast in bed
  14. take an art class
  15. stargazing at night
  16. take a camping trip
  17. make a scrapbook of your favorite trip together
  18. run a half or full marathon together
  19. organize a get-together for both sides of the family in a random
  20. go to a festival abroad
  21. complete a gigantic puzzle
  22. build a gigantic lego
  23. dive
  24. carve pumpkin
  25. make pizza
  26. go to a concert
  27. go on a road trip
  28. take an overnight train
  29. build a snowman
  30. visit Buenos Aires

We will see how we long it takes us to complete them 🙂