Artisan bread
Banana bread with chips
brown sugar sandwich bread
Chipas- brasilian cheese bread
brown sugar sandwich bread 焦糖吐司
chinese style bread with dry pork floss 肉松面包
condensed milk bread 炼乳面包
corn bread, basic recipe
Dill cornbread
dinner roll
figazita de manteca (Argentinean)
french bread
german dark rye bread
multi-grain bread
multi-grain bread
Oat bread flavored with coconut
olive loaf
pineapple-less pineapple bread 菠萝包
rustic bread
sandwich bread
whole grain pumpkin bread


Applesauce flax muffins
Banana loaf
kasha breakfast pudding
basic waffle
bread pudding
banana bread pudding
chocolate protein pancake
coconut applesauce muffin
Coconut Apple oatbran muffin
easy pumpkin muffin
Goji-chocolate muffin
gluten free pumpkin pancake
high protein blueberries muffins
Kabocha spiced waffle
Mini blueberries bundt cake
Mini zucchinini bread
Mun-dies (peanut butter muffin)
Orange zest mini muffin
protein pumpkin cookie dough
Protein cake
Pumpkin rice cake
wrap with tofu and veggies
zucchini muffin

Chinese breakfast food

chinese style pancake 简易葱油饼
radish cake 萝卜糕
steamed rice cake with aduki 豆沙松糕
steamed sponge cake 发糕
yam & black sesame cake 黑芝麻山芋糕
荠菜包(homemade veggie buns)
Mini corn bun  (窝窝头)

Entree (Vegetarian)

chickpea millet cake (macrobiotic)
corn frittata
massaged kale salad with tahini-avocado
meatless burger
Milanesa de soja (soy bean cake)
okra salad
rice pasta with soy meat (macrobiotic)
spinach cake
Spinach Cannelloni
sweet potato gnocchi
Tarta de pascualina
tortilla pizza with hummus sauce
vegan curry with tofu
Vegetarian lasagna
Veggie ricotta pudding
Veggie tofu pudding

Entree (No-Vegetarian)

Argentinian Milanesa
Beef Short Ribs Braised in Red Wine 
Blinis with Smoked Salmon and Sour Cream
chicken picadillo
Favorite baked salmon
Fusion of noodles
Smoked salmon frittata
tagine beef stew
Turkey-beef meatball

Chinese entree

bok choy stir-fry 炒青菜
cabbage sauteed with dry shrimp 白菜虾米
Chinese one pot meal 上海菜饭
Chinese eggplant stew 茄子煲
Chinese smoke chicken 茶香熏鸡
Fish soup 鱼头豆腐汤
spicy pork feet 香辣猪脚
spicy and sour soup 酸辣汤
steamed egg 蒸蛋
veggie & tofu soup 海鲜荠菜豆腐汤
red sauce pork 红烧肉
sauteed lotus root with black fungus and tofu
fermented rice 酒酿
荠菜包(homemade veggie buns)


Aduki coconut mousse
black bean brownie
blueberries cheesecake
Chocolate pudding with chia seeds
Dairy free chocolate pudding
Lowfat lowcal ricotta cheesecake
Molten Chocolate Lava Cake
Pumpkin pudding
Single-serving chocolate cake

Other Baking goodie

Biscottis with chocolate chips
Cashew biscotti
choco-nuts petit fours
high protein macaroons
japanese spongy cake 日本蛋糕
Nuts blondie
nut butter cookies with raisin
protein maple oaties
Pound cake
Pound cake with dry fruit
Low sugar fruity pound cake
tea cookies 曲奇饼干
WW brownie with pecan

Salad dressing

Carrot ginger miso
Cheesy hummus
Spicy tahini
Erin’s Fu salad dressing
vegan thousands island dressing


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