Family: Lizzy is one month old

Time flies. Lizzy turned one month old two weeks ago and I am amazed how much she has already changed. She’s chubby now and so peaceful. She is truly an angel baby. She doesn’t fuss much when she’s been fed. We are enjoying her presence more and more.

IMG 9577

Eating: she’s a good eater. She eats  every 3-4 hours about 15 min each time. We started bottle two weeks ago and she’s doing great! It allows me to be away from her sometimes and sleep 5-6 hours in one stretch at night. She takes 3-4 oz. when bottle fed. Usually I nurse her first thing after she wakes up from nap, then change diaper in between breasts in case she’s sleepy. I try not to give her snack so she can have full meal each time.

IMG 9557

Night sleep: we’ve reduced night feeding from 3 to 2. She goes to bed around 7:30pm, then wakes up betwen 10:30-11pm. Tony gives him a bottle and she goes back to sleep until 3:30-4:30am. I nurse her and she goes back to sleep until 5:30-6:30. Then I usually transfer her to the swing and she’d sleep until 8:30-9am or even later. We didn’t purposely impose that schedule, but she naturally fall into it. Sometimes she fuss a bit in the middle of the sleep and we don’t run into her because she might just be in between sleep cycles. If she fuss for more than 10-15 min then I pick her up and she’s usually content.

IMG 9436

Naps: she has been a great napper too. Some days she’d take two 3 hours long nap, one in the morning one in the afternoon. Then a catnap of 45-60 min at dinner time. Other days she’d nap 1.30-2 hrs usually. 45 min naps are rare but it happens too. She now naps exclusively in the swing. We resisted a bit but then I read enough research of it that I was comfortable to let her nap in the swing.

2016 05 11 11 48 30

Tony is truly in love with her. He showed me a side that I didn’t know before nor I expected to see. But I love him more for being such an incredible father. No matter what he’s doing or how he’s doing, the moment he sees Lizzy, he’s happy.

2016 05 10 17 28 42

Since her awake time is an hour, there’s not much play time involved. We also don’t do anything special to entertain her. Just let her look around. She is happy to be just like way.. while she moves her hands and feet nonstop. So cute! 🙂

IMG 9580


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