Life lately

Since Lizzy is still so little, we can’t do much activities outside the house. We did take her out a couple of times, but I notice that she doesn’t get good rest while on the road. So we try to minimize that. When we go out, either my mom stays with Lizzy, or Tony stays with her.

Sofia has been an incredible sister. Although we’ve given a lot of attention to Lizzy, she never showed jealousy. She’s always been very understandable. Every time that I tell her that mommy can’t play with her at that moment because I had to feed Lizzy, she never complained. She’s also very eager to help. She’d bring the nursing pillow whenever I nurse Lizzy. If we’re downstairs and Lizzy cries while sleeping, Sofia wants to check on her for all of us. She also loves giving a lot of kisses and hugs to Lizzy, and insists every night that Lizzy watches her eat dinner.

IMG 0691

I am aware that I might be diverted some attention away from Sofia, so I’m making extra effort to make quality time with her whenever I can.

I took her to a ballet class with her best friend one day and she enjoyed so much.

2016 05 08 11 11 23

She’s so cute in the tutu. I signed up classes for her already starting in July, I’m sure she will enjoy it. This girl loves dancing. Whenever we put music, she wants to dance.

2016 05 08 11 58 40

We also went to Teri’s birthday party.

2016 05 14 10 17 58

it was in a playground so Sofia had fun climbing up

2016 05 14 10 58 24

and face painting

2016 05 14 11 34 20

the first thing she did when arriving home was to show her face to Lizzy

IMG 2469

We had her friend Laura over for dinner one day. These two girls know how to entertain themselves alone.

IMG 0716

Almost every weekend, my mom will take Sofia to the mall for some window shopping

IMG 0740

I’m so grateful to have my mom here who can devote 100% of her attention to Sofia.

IMG 0748

Sofia started to really like dolls. She’d grab my nursing pillow and her doll and pretend that she’s feeding her baby.

IMG 0754

She loves to imitate everything that mommy does. 🙂

IMG 0774

She started to really like posing for pictures. She has almost a daily photo session with grandma at the backyard.

IMG 0788

IMG 0790

IMG 9586

IMG 0842

We had a dentist appointment. It was the third time and she almost didn’t cry! YAY!!! I love that the place is set up for kids, all kind of distractions for them to cooperate.

IMG 9595

she loves going to playgrounds. She’s tiny but fearless. She’d try any equipment, even not age appropriate.

IMG 0847

Summer is her and we’ve been having weekly BBQs, the quickest and easiest meal ever.

IMG 9610

Sofia love it too.

IMG 9614

To celebrate Lizzy’s one month, we went to Yayla bistro, a mediterranean turkish restaurant.

IMG 9673

I feel blessed to have such beautiful family. Two lovely girls, one loving husband and the best mom in the world, all with me everyday!!!

IMG 9685

The food was delicious! It started with a turkish bread with olive spread.

IMG 9687

we ordered an assorted appetizers. My favorite was dolma.

IMG 9688

as main dish, we also ordered an assorted meat (beef, chicken, lamb and grounded beef). It came with rice and grilled vegetables. The best was the beef but the chicken was really tender and juicy too.

IMG 9692

and the flatbread as side.

We got a free dessert to share: a turkish rice pudding. Really sweet but tasty. Sofia had almost half of it.

IMG 9693

So… that’s what we’ve been doing other than admiring this face

IMG 9753

IMG 9765

IMG 9768

later …


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