Life: weekend routines

I used to think those stay at home moms are so lucky because they have plenty of time for themselves. Well…. not so true because now that I’m temporary taking that role, I find myself busy during the week for no reason. I keep running errands in the mornings. I have a long to-do list everyday to tackle. Groceries shopping takes a lot of time now that we have 5.5 people in the house.

IMG 0588

Fortunately coming home and see this face makes me smile

IMG 0589

oh… she smiles a lot too, specially when I play with her.

IMG 0608

We got our first batch of potatoes!!! Look how cute they are and really tasty too.

IMG 0617

Last weekend: Saturday mornings are dedicated to soccer game.

IMG 0622

Sofia and Tony warming up

IMG 0620

Sofia plays and eats her fruits while I got to relax. Then at noon is Sofia’s ballet class.

IMG 0631

She’s going to Tiny Dancers and the place is really cute. A small studio where parents get to see them the whole time.

IMG 0633

Each week there’s a theme, they read a book and dress afterwards, and a parade with their costume for the parents.

IMG 0636

first week’s theme was bubble bee

IMG 0638

IMG 0642

Sofia had a lot of fun!

IMG 0648

Saturday evening we went to a friend’s new house for BBQ

IMG 0650

what a great feast!

IMG 0655

Sunday I started with 7 miles run. Unfortunately I didn’t feel strong in that run. Maybe because I didn’t carb load the night before? maybe because I didn’t sleep enough? Need to try another meal and sleep more this week.

IMG 0656

when I came home, my lovies were watching soccer game and having breakfast

IMG 0658

Sofia is getting into soccer games with Tony

IMG 0659

then it was her swimming class

IMG 0666

followed by lunch at Iron Chef with friends

IMG 0678

IMG 0672

IMG 0682


On July 18th Lizzy turned 3 months!!!

IMG 0686

she’s such a fun girl to play with

IMG 0713

this weekend we did pretty much the same… soccer saturday morning

IMG 0741

then ballet

IMG 0744

Sunday was my 5k race! 🙂


My first running trophy!!!

We had an amazing day on Sunday because someone won a trophy!!!

IMG 0755

I had signed up for the Birthday Bash 5K few weeks ago as part of my half marathon training plan.  I haven’t participated in a race for over 6 years so I was a bit nervous and excited. Tony and Sofia woke up early with me and we went out together.

IMG 0759

To my surprise, there were over 500 people in this family run (1k and 100 m were available too)

IMG 0749

I lined up at 9-10 min/mile pace and went off. I have warned up few minutes before the race because I find myself always struggling in the first mile or so.

Mile 1 started with a downhill so I picked up the pace and went fairy fast (8:45 min/mi). I felt good, I felt extremely good for such a fast pace but I told myself not to go faster because I could run off the stamina too early.

Mile 2: I still felt fine and confident, passing through runners all the way. I knew I was still going faster than my normal pace but I felt confident that I still have a lot of energy. My last 5k race time was over 28 minutes so I mentally calculated that if I kept up with that pace, I would PR. Woo!!! that sounds exciting! So I should keep up.

Mile 3: downhill and uphill. The course is really nice. Although it was sunny and hot, my hat protected me and I didn’t feel too heated. To distract myself, I counted how many runners I pass. 7 on mile 3! 😉 I got a bit tired with the fast pace so I slow down a bit to around 9 min/mi until 2.9 miles. Then I press the accelerator and gave all I had left until the finish line. I was looking for Sofia and Tony, and there there were, waiting for me! What a great feeling to have my loved ones waiting for me at the finish line!!!!

While I run, Sofia and Tony had fun at the photo booth.

IMG 0763

Surprisingly, for such a small race there were many vendors. We got cupcake, ice creams, banana, sample juices, ice crush, popcorns and free cartoon.

IMG 0762

we got a family portrait

IMG 0761

we loved it!!!

IMG 0752

My chip time was 26 min. I didn’t think too much of it but my friend told me that I placed 29th among female runners. Woo!!! That sounds great! But then when I went to take a picture of the final results, I saw that I placed 3rd on my age group! Woo! Even better! We were going to get a trophy!!! That’s INCREDIBLE!

Sofia went with me to take it

IMG 0756

IMG 0754

She was beyond excited too! She told me that she wanted to run! Oh… baby… run with mama next year!

IMG 0753

when we came home, someone was up and waiting for us

IMG 0765

to celebrate even more, we had a great BBQ (korean baby ribs, spicy sausage, chicken leg, asparagus, corn and salad).

IMG 0766

What a wonderful Sunday! It was Sofia and Tony’s first time to see me running a race. Their presence made it so special. Just for the feeling of crossing the finish line knowing that they’re cheering and waiting for me, I’ll keep running and racing because that feeling is priceless!!! 😀

Life: race is on & weekend happening

After 24 hrs of deep thought! I signed up for the September 12, 2016 Park half marathon, the same one that I did 6 years ago!!! 😀 What pushed me to make the decision was great memory I have from that training, the sense of accomplishment I had after each of the long runs, support from Tony and knowing that 4 of my friends are running it too, 2 of them run with me last time. I’m super excited about it.

On Sunday I did 6 miles. My plan was to run it slow so I could increase mileage. When I finished.. I felt great, so great that I could run probably 1-2 miles more. And it turned out, I wasn’t too slow.

IMG 0526

There’s 9 weeks to go until the race day and I’ve written down my plan. Both for the half marathon and continuing with MUTU. Glad that I’m on maternity leave so I can spend 2 hrs per day training.

IMG 0563

Lizzy started to play in the playmat and she seems to like it. She could lie down there by herself for half an hour. Sofia loves to join her.

IMG 0484

Saturday morning we stayed at home and had BBQ for lunch

IMG 0497

because Sofia and I had a girls night planned. We went to see Cirque Italia

IMG 0501

it was our first time going to cirques and it was quite fun

IMG 0504

Sofia was definitely excited to watch the show

IMG 0505

IMG 0507

IMG 0514

IMG 0523

Sunday morning was swimming class for Sofia. Then we went to have lunch at Iron Chef

IMG 0527

We ordered 3 appetizers: a spicy seafood soup (I had it almost all of it!)

IMG 0529

shrimp dumpling (mostly consumed by Sofia)

IMG 0530

grilled squid

IMG 0531

Sushi deluxe

IMG 0532

Sashimi deluxe

IMG 0533

It was a great meal, so refreshing for a warm day. Lizzy behaved real well. The trick is to time it well with her sleeping schedule. She woke up, I nursed her and left the house. When returned home 2 hrs later and she was ready to go for a nap.

IMG 0539

Sofia enjoys eating out and trying new food nowadays. Although she’s not very adventurous but she’s willing to try at least one, like squid, and asked for more.

IMG 0543

Sunday evening we went to a soccer play. Tony loves soccer but haven’t found anywhere to play. So did the magic. We signed up on a Saturday morning and he was playing the next day. Definitely going back for more!

IMG 0548

while he played, Sofia played in the playground, I fed her dinner and I did some reading. Perfect way to end the weekend.

IMG 0550

IMG 0562

Now that Tony started working, weekends are even more precious. Loving it!

Journal: busy day running around

5:10am woke up and once more surprised that Lizzy didn’t wake up last night. This girl really likes her sleep. It has been 4 days in a row that she doesn’t wake up to eat at night. Are we really into sleep-through-the-night mode? Finger crossed.

I pumped 8 oz., had coffee and some cereal and hit the road for my morning run. I look forward to it everyday. Although the training plan calls for rest today, I still felt like running. So, I did 3 miles at very slow pace.

IMG 0418

7:30 am: when I came back all the family was up. Sofia dressed but haven’t started breakfast, Tony was up feeding Lizzy, mom getting ready for Sofia’s breakfast and me all sweaty mess.

IMG 0425

I took a shower, prepared breakfast for Tony and myself. I had another egg-cheese wrap.

IMG 0405

8:30am Tony, Sofia and I left the house. It was Tony’s second day at work. I was the designated driver for ms. Sofia and mr. Tony.

10am: I arrived home and had a white peach.

IMG 0473

I pumped again and went to Target. They’re running a huge promotion so we’re stalking up some diapers for Lizzy. It was our 3rd trip this week. Maybe we’ll go back again 1-2 times to get more.

IMG 0420


11:45am: Lizzy was just waking up from her morning nap. It is 3.5 hrs nap!!! Grandma fed her while I unpacked things.

IMG 0423

I also went to Teeters to get italian ice for Tony, and ArticZero for me. I’m trying to cut back on my kabocha consumption at night. Let’s see if the ice cream does the trick.

IMG 0421

Then I played with Lizzy for a while

IMG 0436

she’s such a happy baby. She smiles at me when I talk to her. Sometimes she even “speaks ” back.

IMG 0439

12:45pm Lizzy back to her swing for another nap. I pumped while I was preparing for my lunch. So efficient, right?

1:25pm lunch time.

IMG 0443

farmer’s lettuce from Teeters (really tastes like those from farmer’s market but half of the price), tomato, red onion (so sweet after soaking at water for 10 min), cucumber, roasted beet and pan fried tempeh. Dressed with olive oil, fig balsamic, lemon, mustard and salt.

IMG 0444

few squares of chocolate for dessert.

IMG 0446

2pm I was catching up with important pics and writing yesterday’s long catching up post.

IMG 0445

2:45pm Lizzy was up. I think it was because her room was too hot. It was 88F. Otherwise she’d take longer naps. I fed her first.

IMG 0447

then played

IMG 0453

took a lot pics to show Tony later

IMG 0454

put her back to nap at 3:45pm. Then I did the MUTU system intensive workout #1, core workout #2, and Tracy’s arm workout. I like listening youtube videos while I workout because I’ve done those many times and no need to focus on watching them.

IMG 0457

I also did few exercises my physical therapist gave me.

IMG 0460

4:40pm I had some pistachios before heading out the door.

IMG 0461

5:15pm arrived at Sofia’s daycare and she was cooking. This girl loves cooking, as her teacher says, kitchen is her favorite play area. I guess that’s because she just wants to be her mama. 🙂

IMG 0463

5:30pm Tony texted me that he arrived the station which is one block away from the daycare. So we went out to meet with them and drove back home together.

6pm: Dinner was almost ready when we arrived. Mom told me that Lizzy woke up right after I left, so just 45 min nap, again due to the heat. Fortunately she didn’t complain and was happily playing at the playmat when we arrived.

For dinner we had salmon head soup with tofu, scrambled eggs with tomato, sautéed kibosha and sautéed romaine lettuce.

IMG 0467

6:45pm Bath time. Although it was almost 2 hrs since Lizzy woke up from her last nap. She  was still content by then, even laughed at me when I undressed her.

IMG 0468

I fed her and put her to sleep (in the swing).

7:30pm Dessert time! For couple of months, I’ve been having big bowl of kabocha as dessert, but last night I had articzero. It was really good. Perfect for the summer. But to be honest, I missed my bowl of kabocha.

IMG 0469

then I laid on the coach reading my old blog. I read about my experience running my first half marathon. I still vividly remember how much I enjoyed the 2 months training and the final race.

IMG 0470

I had an idea. What about running another one? like… in 8 weeks? is it possible? should I do it? why not? what prevent me from not doing it? I’m already running 4-5 times a week. If I train like I did last time, I can definitely run another in September or October this year.

This idea kept my mind busy the whole evening…. and I’m still not decided, more yes than no. Maybe if I find someone to run with me, then I’ll do it? Let’s see.

9pm: pumped for the last time.

IMG 0471

had a cup of chamomile tea.

IMG 0472

in bed by 9:30pm.

Should I run or shouldn’t I run? that’s the question.

Life: happening, eating and more

Playing catch up again. I really hope I can blog more from now on… maybe 3 times a week just as I did when I was on maternity leave last time. I really enjoy reading those. Good memories. Now.. we are living another special time.. and I want to record it too.


First let’s see how we celebrated grandma’s birthday this year. It was a surprise celebration. I didn’t tell her when was her birthday this year but secretly planned it with Sofia and Tony. Sofia came back with a cake and my mom was happily surprised! 🙂

IMG 0146

following tradition, we had noodle for dinner.

IMG 0131

Sofia helped blowing the candle while Lizzy continued staring at her sister

IMG 0151

Everyone enjoyed the cake and the ocassion

IMG 0154

IMG 0161

including Lizzy… she had a “taste” of the cake

IMG 0165

I love my mom so much. She’s the wisest woman I know. She is also caring, generous and always there when I need her. I notice that she’s getting older, not as energetic as few years ago. Her time with us here in the US will be limited. She will probably go back to  China next year. We will all miss her so much.

IMG 0168


As present for grandma, I took her and Sofia to see Riverdance. I saw the show 7 or 8 years ago and at that time I knew she would love it. So when I was thinking about what to give for her birthday, Riverdance happened to be in town that weekend.

IMG 0190

Three generations of women went on a date… it was a lovely day

IMG 0194

it was Sofia’s first show experience and she behaved really well

IMG 0204

IMG 0216

It was the perfect present for grandma. She really liked it. Now that she’s getting older, I think she enjoys experience over material goods. I will definitely share more memorable experiences with her. These are invaluable.

We’ve been exploring farmer’s market on Saturdays. The last time I went with Miss Sofia alone and treated her with a popsicle. She was so happy.

IMG 0185

Sofia started her swimming lessons. Now she’s in Peddle II.

IMG 0222

We went to a pool party at Brian’s, one of Sofia’s classmate

IMG 0234

she had such a blast! I wish we had a pool at home too. She could spend the whole afternoon in the water.

IMG 0237

Lizzy started to smile and “talk” to us. She’s such a happy baby, so easy to be content! 🙂

IMG 0239

On July 4th weekend, Sofia and I prepared a icebox cake to take to a friend’s BBQ party

IMG 0323

she had so much fun putting those fillings.

IMG 0327

We will definitely make it again next year.

IMG 0331

We took Lizzy to the mall one day… one of few outings with her other than to restaurants. As long as I keep moving around with the stroller, she’s content.

IMG 0334

I love seeing Tony interacting with Sofia. I know I say it repeatedly, but I still feel moved when I see them together.

IMG 0353

Four days weekend at home drives me crazy… Sofia has so much energy to release. I was out of ideas… so I took her to ride bike for a while, teaching her how to turn without falling

IMG 0363

I encourage Tony to exercise, Sofia likes to join.

IMG 0366


We invited friends over to play with Sofia, so we make egg tarts

IMG 0372

Sofia loves cooking with me and I love having her as company. I wish she enjoys cooking as much as I do in the future.

IMG 0376

They played for few hours and they got tired too. Some downtime with the iPhone.

IMG 0388

by the end of the long weekend, I was so exhausted. I didn’t want to move out of the couch.

IMG 0365

This Monday the teacher called me. I was in panic. Fortunately it was nothing major but we  still took Sofia to get checked. Apparently little girls can have yeast infection too. Who knew? But it’s nothing to worry about. Just keep her private area clean and dry, apply the cream twice a day for two weeks.

IMG 0412


I’ve been eating really clean lately because I can prepare meals myself. I love it! I enjoy cooking and I feel the greatest when I eat clean with tons of veggies, lean meat, limited fat and fruit, and almost no grains.

For breakfasts I’m addicted to is this protein cake. Made with 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree, 3 egg whites, 2 TB corn flour, 1 TB cocoa powder, 1 tsp baking powder, pinch of salt and stevia. Mix, microwave for 3’50”, top with PB2 sauce. It’s like eating dessert for breakfast. So so good. I think I had it for 3 weeks straight and each day still looking forward to it.

IMG 0125

for savory option, I’d have a grilled wrap filled with 1 egg, 1/2 C egg white, 1 oz. mozzarella cheese and 1 slice of smoked ham.

IMG 0405

or this savory pancake made with 1/4 C of chickpea flour and the same feelings as the wrap.

IMG 0287

For my mom and Tony, I prepared egg muffins

IMG 0357

bread with ham, bacon and hash browns

IMG 0298


waffles with PB2 sauce and homemade berries jam

IMG 0071

I don’t often have morning snacks, if I do, it has been mainly pistachios, my fav nuts!

I usually eat lunch pretty late… around 1:30pm. Some random combos:

a soupy mixture of shrimp head, tofu, napa cabbage and shiitake noodles.

IMG 0129

taco bowl made with grounded turkey, sautéed kale, chipotle salsa and cauliflower rice. Such a filling and tasty meal.

IMG 0408

when it’s hot, I’d have a salad. This one has lettuce, tomato, cucumber, asian blend veggies and grilled shrimp. I made an asian dressing with sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar and honey.

IMG 0253

similar salad with grilled tofu

IMG 0188

Quick stir fry with whatever I had: kale, palm heart, red onion and tempeh.

IMG 0077

Asian blend sautéed with onion, kale and homemade turkey meatballs, with tons of spicy korean sauce.

IMG 0293

asian blend sautéed with shrimp, paired with cauliflower rice

IMG 0259

asian blend sauteed with onion and turkey meatball, paired with cauliflower rice

IMG 0267

sauteed purple cabbage with kale, grounded turkey and shiitake noodles.

IMG 0348

Tony’s (he gained 10 lbs recently, so I’m trying to get him to eat cleaner too).

seaweed tofu soup, homemade chickpea and bean burger, and sweet potato fries

IMG 0100

pasta with carrot and turkey meatball. I added carrots so he doesn’t feel it was too small a portion of pasta.

IMG 0252

milanese with tomato and roasted sweet potato

IMG 0120

We eat a veggie loaded chinese dinner. We typically have 1 or 2 veggie dishes, 1 protein (mainly fish or chicken, occasionally beef or pork or tofu)

IMG 0121

IMG 0256

IMG 0260

We’ve been doing a lot of BBQ too. As simple as salad with sausage

IMG 0301

and grilled vegetables

IMG 0302


I finished Grit. I was very excited when I first hear about it. However, the message is simple and I don’t think it needs such a long book to deliver it.

IMG 0254

I’m running again! I started at 6 weeks postpartum. Now I’m addicted to it. I’m following Nike’s 5k coaching program so I don’t have to decide how long I should run everyday. I just follow the plan and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

IMG 0178

Well… that’s a long recap. Hopefully I’ll start posting more from now on. Good news coming up.