Life lately

As we are approaching the end of one-child family… life gets busier. Between me trying to move to another job, preparing the house for the newborn, and me being comfortable most of the days… I don’t get accomplish much. But we’ve been having fun nonetheless

Sofia is getting more and more excited about the baby sister. She’s so ready to “take care” of her.

IMG 8591

my friend Natalia from Buenos Aires came to visit us for few days.

IMG 8601

she bounded immediately with Sofia.

IMG 8602

although the weather was quite chilly, we managed to do some tourist outing

IMG 8607

IMG 8610

IMG 8619

Sofia started to go to swimming class again, this time alone. I was afraid that she wouldn’t go to the pool alone with the instructor as the previous time she went with Tony. But nope, the girl surprised us by being totally fine going alone

IMG 8620

and had a total blast

IMG 8627

she truly enjoys herself in the water.. and going to swimming class every sunday morning excites her

IMG 8637

IMG 8640

we also went to her classmate’s birthday party, where she had fun with her favorite girlfriends Gaby and Sofia S. These girls fight and play everyday together.

IMG 8659

she used to be a shy and serious girl when she was a baby, but now, she’s outgoing and easy to make new friends. So proud of her.

IMG 8665

this pic melts my heart. Tony cleans her ears once a week, and she loves it!!!

IMG 8690

I’ve been cooking but forgot to take pics. Here’s a carrot cake I made

IMG 8629

and our new sunday tradition: homemade pizza. For this one I used Trader Joe’s pizza dough, topped with roasted chicken, pepper and mozzarella cheese. So easy and so yummy~~~

IMG 8687

Grandma is coming next Tuesday. So excited to have her back! She went away for 6 months… although it was great to be a family of 3, now that a new baby is coming, my mom’s help and presence will be so important to hold us all together and sane. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Life lately

  1. kristaskravings

    Glad to hear Sofia loves the water! That’s so important. Especially as they get older and want to swim with friends….


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