Pregnancy: 36 weeks

I’m one week away from full term! Can’t believe how close we’re getting there. Although my body is getting more comfortable lately, I’m not decided if I want her out right now or few more weeks…. because sleepless nights are looming.. and I so enjoy my night sleeps.

  • Hip and back soreness and sporadic cramping. Hip and back soreness is a constant discomfort these days. I’d wake up with the soreness and only getting myself busy can take my mind away from it. It’s uncomfortable but nothing helps except a massage. I get one once a week but that’s not close to enough. Since few days ago, I started to get cramping at the inner thighs which makes me uncomfortable to walk. And since yesterday, I’ve been having vagina soreness/pressure/cramping too. Not fun.
  • Sleep: still sleeping well and a lot. 8-10 hrs is what I need. Naps not so much lately because it seems to disturb my night sleep. I’m trying not to drink too much liquid before bed otherwise I’d get up every half hour.
  • Cravings: no particular craving, just eating more overall.
  • Appetite/hunger. normal I’d say.
  • Exercise: the usual but slowing down. I can only do 3.5 miles/hr now.
  • Other symptom: a lot of discharge!!! It’s insane how much I get these days, I need to change panties twice a day to stay clean. Sometimes I get really thick discharge and I think it’s probably my mucus plug getting out slowly.
  • Skin: good.
  • Weight: 18 lbs. I’ve been gaining 1 lb every week consistently until 35 weeks. At 36 weeks appt it has stopped. We will see what happens in the next 3 weeks.
  • Misc: the ultrasound that I had to do due to measuring small was totally fine. The baby was doing fine, meaning over 5 lbs at 34 weeks. At this week’s appt I was still measuring small but I’m not surprised. I’m a small person and the baby’s head is really down already. As long as she’s healthy, it’s fine that she’s not 8 lb baby.

The baby continued to grow

IMG 8670

IMG 8673

although I feel bigger this time around, comparing with my last pregnancy, actually the belly is about the same

IMG 8683

IMG 8686

she’s been moving  A LOT, which makes my belly looking really funny sometimes.

IMG 8693

I got the feeling that she’ll arrive before 40 weeks… maybe because I’m feeling more uncomfortable… but I just got that feeling. We’ve prepared the house for her already, I’ll pack the hospital this weekend and we’re all set!!! 🙂 So excited!!!


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