Pregnancy 25 weeks

It was been a while since I did an update. Not much happened other than my growing belly. 🙂

IMG 7922

IMG 7925

IMG 7928

I feel that I’m bigger than last time, but maybe it’s because it’s holiday season 😉

  • Everything is back to normal except that I need more sleep every night! 🙂 I’m usually ready to go to sleep at 9pm and if I’m at home, I’d happily take a nap.
  • Sleep: overall it’s good, from 9:30pm-5:30am most of the days. Sometimes I do wake up in the middle of the night and have problem falling back to sleep, but not a norm.
  • Cravings: carbs in general, bread, rice, crackers. But I try not to get into carb loading, otherwise I’d wake up very bloated the next day.
  • Appetite/hunger. Normal. Some days I get more hungrier than others, and it’s not related to physical activities, maybe growth spurt?
  • Exercise: working out everyday for 45 min (incline walking, light jogging or elliptical). few times a week I do Tracy Anderson’s pregnancy DVD, I like it.
  • Other symptom: Hip soreness got worse the last month. few times a week it bothers me quite a lot and I’d ask Tony to give me a deep massage to relieve it.
  • Skin: good.
  • Pain: none.
  • Weight: 7-8 lbs up.
  • Misc: we have redecorated Sofia’s room. She got a new bed (twin bed) and a new drawer. Will start decorate the new baby’s room soon. 🙂

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