Christmas dinner & Birthday cake

We hosted a Christmas Eve dinner and it turned out a great success.

IMG 7868

IMG 7867

I was in charge of the cooking as usual

IMG 7864

first time making roasted beef, a 3 hrs adventure.

IMG 7860

Tony was in charge of the cutting and testing 😉

IMG 7861

all ready for the guests to arrive

IMG 7869

green salad with beets, corn, spicy nuts and balsamic dressing

IMG 7855

roasted turnip and carrots as side dish for the main course

IMG 7856

corn empanadas as appetizer

IMG 7858

and pearl couscous as side

IMG 7859

We all loved how the roasted beef turn out, so tasty and tender. I’d definitely make it again next year.

IMG 7862

dessert was an upside down pear cake

IMG 7857

my first course

IMG 7823

second course

IMG 7863

and dessert

IMG 7866

my guests were also excited for the food

IMG 7825

IMG 7836

IMG 7837

IMG 7845

IMG 7840

After everyone left, it was time for pics and gifts

IMG 7870

IMG 7872

IMG 7873

IMG 7871

IMG 7854

we were all surprised by what secret santa brought us! 🙂

IMG 7853

it was a great Christmas Eve. Great company, great food and great spirit! 🙂 Shall be repeated.

The next day we celebrated my 35th birthday, a low key one, we ate leftovers during the day and noodles at night. But there was a cake and candle

IMG 7892

IMG 7910

IMG 7911

having Sofia, Tony and great friend to celebrate it with me was the best part

IMG 7903

IMG 7904

The house was filled with LOVE and HAPPINESS!!!

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