Time tracking Day 1

I got the idea of doing time tracking for 168 hours from Sarah. I know how my days go but I’m interested to learn how I spend my days in term of time spent at work, with my girls, with my husband, ME time and just life duties.

Day 1. Monday 9/19


5:45 woke up (another night of poor sleep, Lizzy woke up 4 times and I went to her twice).

5:50 go downstairs, drink water, eat high fiber cereal, coffee while pumping and check blogs

6:30 nurse Lizzy and change diaper

6:40 prepare breakfast for Sofia and Tony, pack breakfast for me and lunch for Tony

6:50 drive Tony to metro because he had an early dentist appt

7:00 back home, change/make up while having Lizzy on my bed

IMG 1612

I’ve became super fast doing my makeup, 5 min and I’m done

IMG 1613

7:30 nurse Lizzy one more time and ready to leave with Sofia

IMG 1614

Sofia gave her tons of kisses

IMG 1619

7:45-9:00 commute/drop Sofia to the daycare/walk to office

9:00 eat breakfast while checking emails/blogs

9:30 work

10:30 snack some almond milk with rice cereal

11:00 pump while working


12:30 eat lunch (soup + salad)

1:00 coffee with a friend

2:00 feeling really sleepy so just wonder around the internet

3:00 pump while trying hard to focus on work

5:00 went to buy something for my dad

5:20 leave office to pick up the car and Sofia. Tony was running late so we went without him

6:10 we arrived early so went to Tj’s to pick cereal, bread, cheese

6:20 pick up Tony at the metro station and went home

6:30 dinner

7:00 bath, nurse and put Lizzy to sleep in the swing

7:30 prepare next day breakfast for me (banana oatmeal), lunch for Tony (burrito bowl), lunch for me (beet and egg salad toppings and roasted delicata squash).

7:45 eat a corn checking blog

8:00 chat with Tony about our day while grandma started night routine with Sofia

8:30 sing a song to Sofia, kiss and hug and good night

8:50 made myself a cup of chocolate milk, check everything was ready for next day, kiss Tony and went upstairs

8:55 transfer Lizzy to the crib, put sleep sack and nurse her one more time

9:00 log in weekend running, read two articles from the book

IMG 1622

9:35 turn off the light and zzzz

pretty typical day for me. 🙂


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