Life: back to work, weekend happening

After 4 months and half of being on maternity leave, going back to work was not too hard. As I mentioned before, this maternity leave was less relaxing than the previous one before I had to be out of the house at least twice a day, and there were more errands to take care of. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it fully, had plenty of time to read, to run and to nap.

But it is also nice to be back at work, to have a routine, to be connected to friends and colleagues more closely, and have a purpose in life other than motherhood. And on top of all, Tony commutes with us, so in the morning we leave together. Both Tony and I work while Sofia has wonderful time with her friends at school. And then all three of us goes home together at the end of a fun day.

First day going back to work, I lied down with my girls and felt so lucky to be where I am now. 🙂

IMG 1369

Lizzy stays at home with grandma. She’s such an easy, calm and happy baby, behaves extremely well, doesn’t fuss much and always laughing.

IMG 1392

Grandma would send us pics of her during the day which make us miss her more and appreciate more time spent with her once we are home.

IMG 1394

IMG 1379

Sofia is transitioning to preschool class, a new building, new teachers and new classmates. She adapted it right away and loves the new environment.

IMG 1373

There were 3 days that school was closed and Sofia had to stay at home. She behaved really well playing with Lizzy and by herself. She’s just a big girl already!

IMG 1378

Tony started to run!!! YEY!!! I love that we share an activity together, actually my latest passion. So it’s great that he’s running too so he gets to appreciate and understand when I talk about all the running jargon.

IMG 1387

He started to run 5 times a week, 2 to 3 miles, and then last Saturday he run 6 miles :shock:. I even went to the trail to look for him. He felt great after the run, experiencing runner’s high. But then next day, his foot hurt. opss…… too much too soon. Hopefully he recovers soon while doing some cross training, so he can resume running. We have a 5k in less than 2 weeks.

IMG 1422

Our second “date” night was spent eating Korean food and at REI. Nothing fancy and we both enjoyed our couple time.

IMG 1418

Last Saturday Sofia didn’t have her usual ballet class, so I took her to her favorite playground. It was nice spending time alone with my girl.

IMG 1389

IMG 1400

Sunday I had my longest run during this training cycle, 12 miles. I went slow and felt great.

IMG 1426

Shower and had a big breakfast which I think worked because I didn’t experience runger the next day.

IMG 1427

Then I wore my new compression socks for 1 hour and rest most of the day. I got to learn that eating and resting well after the long run, even if I don’t feel hungry or tired, is important, it’s part of the recovery and training.

IMG 1405

what do I do while I rest? Read more about running!!! 😀

IMG 1408

Tony took the family to an antique market, so I got to spend time alone with Lizzy, who is so cute and adorable!

IMG 1410

We tested out carrying her… I don’t think she’s ready for it yet.

IMG 1423

Then we went for brunch with friends at a new restaurant Requin. We shared two appetizers: eggplant-tomato ratatouille

IMG 1434

mussel & clam escabeche, both served with crostini. Sofia loved the eggplant one and had 6-7 crostinis.

IMG 1435

For main, I ordered grilled swordfish  with, beluga lentil salad, watercress, grapefruit. Unfortunately I didn’t like the swordfish so I gave them to Tony and finished the salad.

IMG 1436

Sofia had French toast

IMG 1442

which she surprisingly finished the plate! WOOO!!!

IMG 1444

Tony had smoked salmon soft scramble  puff pastry, tomato, leek, potatoes, and market salad, which he liked.

IMG 1443

It was a relaxing weekend with enough down time which I really appreciate, especially now that I’m away from home during the week. 🙂



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