Time tracking day 5

5:20 got up, water, pump

5:50 Lizzy was making noise so I went to nurse her 

6:05 continued to pump, coffee, cereal 

6:30 out the door for easy run

7:20 back home / prepared breakfast for Sofia 

7:25 shower 

7:30 prepared breakfast for Tony and me. I had two slices of Ezekiel with two fried eggs and laughing cow 

7:45 nursed Lizzy 

7:55 out the door 

8:30 dropped Sofia and Tony 

9:00 arrived shoppers, got things for tomorro’s birthday party 

9:40 arrived trade joes for more 

10:10 whole food for kids juices 

10:25 home and started the preparation. Made biscottis, Aduki cake, mini cheesecake, apple pie, magic cake 

11:45 nursed Lizzy and continued the baking 

1:30 lunch (greens, cherry tomato, quinoa, chickpea, guacamole, roasted pepper, heart of palm, dressed in Balsamic) soo good and filling 

2:45 nurses Lizzy 

3:00 head to Hmart for buy fruits and eggs

3:45 back home and started baking the cake 

5:30 Tony texted me that metro is in delay, he might not arrive the daycare on time. So I was on my way to daycare

6:15 Tony arrived on time so I waited close to office and they walked to me

6:30 heading home 

6:55 arrived home and dinner. I was starving so I asked Tony to bath Lizzy alone while I ate. I had chicken soup with black fungus, vermicelli, and sautéed cabbages 

7:30 nursed Lizzy 

7:45 cake assembly 

8:00 ate a corn and some fiber cereal 

8:40 sing song to Sofia.

8:50 transferred Lizzy to bed. 

9:00 on bed with chocolate milk and exhausted!!!!   But glad that I did everything planned 

10:00 zzzz


Time tracking Day 3


3:00 checked Lizzy, she was up and crying a bit but fell asked by 3:20

3:45 back to sleep 

5:30 up and prepared to pump

5:45 Lizzy was up so I went to nurse her

5:55 continued to pump while had coffee 

6:25 8 oz milk done, freeze. Pack lunch for Tony and change  running outfit 

6:35 put squash into the oven. Out for a run – hill work 

7:20 back home. Took squash out of oven. Prepared breakfast for Tony. Packed breakfast for me (oatmeal with PB) and snack (baked delicata squash)

7:25 shower/change cloth

7:35 nursed Lizzy 

7:45 left the house. Did make up on the road.

8:30 dropped Tony at metro, arrived daycare, say goodbye to Sofia, walked to office. No phone on the way but focused on smiling and observed other morning commuter. So much variety of expressions.

9:00 arrived office. Heat oatmeal. Chatted with a colleague while my stomach was grueling for food 

9:30 breakfast finally 

10:00 work

11:00 pump while working (6oz)


12:30 lunch with a friend 

1:30 back to office. Coffee. 

2:00 dentist 

4:00 back to office and pumped 5 oz

5:00 heading to pick up Sofia.

5:35 pick up Tony on the way

5:55 arrived home 

6:00 dinner (porridge, sautéed romaine lettuce and green bean)

6:20 bath/nurse Lizzy 

6:50 pack lunch for Tony tomorrow 

7:00 ate two corns. Dinner left me hungry.

7:30 lie on the coach with tooth pain and headache. Took 2 ibuprofen. Had some cereal and chocolate milk.

7:55 personal care

8:10 read two books with Sofia and good night kiss and hug

8:30 transferred Lizzy to bed, nursed her a bit

8:35 zzzzzzzzzz

Time tracking day 2


3:00 woke up, realized that slept from 9:30pm until now without waking up! YAY! checked Lizzy on the monitor. She was awake looking at camera. So cute. She turned and fell asleep.

3:30 back to zzzz

5:45 got up, went downstairs, started pumping. Checked Lizzy, she started to stir.

5:50 went to nurse Lizzy

6:00 back to pumping while having cereal and coffee

6:30 changed and got ready for the run

6:35 run. Today was 4 miles easy.

7:20 back home. Prepared breakfast for Sofia and Tony. Finished packing lunches for me and Tony.

7:30 shower/change

7:35 nursed Lizzy

7:45 left the house. While Tony was driving, I did makeup.

8:30 dropped Sofia at the daycare and walk to the office.

9:00 breakfast time finally. Banana oatmeal with PB.

9:30 “work”

11:00 pumped 6 oz while looking at video and pics of Lizzy my mom sent me. Snacked brown rice cereal.

11:30 finished expense tracking, wrote yesterday’s post

12:30 went to the cafeteria to get a salad. I brought two eggs, beets and 1 delicate squash to complement. Browsed through pinterest to find the cake I’m gonna make for Sofia’s birthday


2:00 “work”

3:00 pumped 5.5 oz while reading about running

4:00 snack was an apple + 1/2 granola bar

5:00 checked with Tony about his leaving time

5:25 left office to meet with Tony at the metro station

5:35 walked to the daycare while catching up on our day

5:45 picked up Sofia. Way to home.

6:30 Lizzy was waiting us at the door step. So cute as usual. Since she was up since 5, we went to do bath/feeding with her first while Sofia started dinner with grand parents

7:00 dinner. I had bok choy with tofu, green beans and black fungus

7:30 had a steamed corn while checking blogs

7:40 strength workout

8:00 writing this post

8:15 night routine with Sofia. We read two books, sing a song and night night.

8:30 personal care (take off make up, brush teeth, change to Pj)

9:00 transferred Lizzy to bed and nursed her

9:15 chocolate milk, log workout. Tony came to bed and we chat.

9:50 zzzzzz



Time tracking Day 1

I got the idea of doing time tracking for 168 hours from Sarah. I know how my days go but I’m interested to learn how I spend my days in term of time spent at work, with my girls, with my husband, ME time and just life duties.

Day 1. Monday 9/19


5:45 woke up (another night of poor sleep, Lizzy woke up 4 times and I went to her twice).

5:50 go downstairs, drink water, eat high fiber cereal, coffee while pumping and check blogs

6:30 nurse Lizzy and change diaper

6:40 prepare breakfast for Sofia and Tony, pack breakfast for me and lunch for Tony

6:50 drive Tony to metro because he had an early dentist appt

7:00 back home, change/make up while having Lizzy on my bed

IMG 1612

I’ve became super fast doing my makeup, 5 min and I’m done

IMG 1613

7:30 nurse Lizzy one more time and ready to leave with Sofia

IMG 1614

Sofia gave her tons of kisses

IMG 1619

7:45-9:00 commute/drop Sofia to the daycare/walk to office

9:00 eat breakfast while checking emails/blogs

9:30 work

10:30 snack some almond milk with rice cereal

11:00 pump while working


12:30 eat lunch (soup + salad)

1:00 coffee with a friend

2:00 feeling really sleepy so just wonder around the internet

3:00 pump while trying hard to focus on work

5:00 went to buy something for my dad

5:20 leave office to pick up the car and Sofia. Tony was running late so we went without him

6:10 we arrived early so went to Tj’s to pick cereal, bread, cheese

6:20 pick up Tony at the metro station and went home

6:30 dinner

7:00 bath, nurse and put Lizzy to sleep in the swing

7:30 prepare next day breakfast for me (banana oatmeal), lunch for Tony (burrito bowl), lunch for me (beet and egg salad toppings and roasted delicata squash).

7:45 eat a corn checking blog

8:00 chat with Tony about our day while grandma started night routine with Sofia

8:30 sing a song to Sofia, kiss and hug and good night

8:50 made myself a cup of chocolate milk, check everything was ready for next day, kiss Tony and went upstairs

8:55 transfer Lizzy to the crib, put sleep sack and nurse her one more time

9:00 log in weekend running, read two articles from the book

IMG 1622

9:35 turn off the light and zzzz

pretty typical day for me. 🙂

Park half marathon 5 years later

Before I dive into the race recap… let’s see what happened last week.

Last Sunday we went to Alyssa’s first birthday party. Now that Lizzy has showed us how well she behaves, we take her out more often.

IMG 1449

she had fun playing in the crib… staring us with her amazing hair!!!

IMG 1452

Sofia’s loving her new class. Every day I go to pick her up, they are doing something different. This time was a dough playing? Sofia loves everything cooking related and it’s pink, so I let her play.

IMG 1465

IMG 1466

on Saturday we went to Susan’s house and celebrated early the chinese spring festival.

IMG 1488

these two girls are bounding so much!!!

IMG 1489

Susan’s mom prepared a nice spread of dishes for us.

IMG 1480

It was lunch time and Lizzy didn’t have her nap yet and was a bit annoyed. So I ate quickly and went home with her early and let the rest of the family have some more fun.

IMG 1482

then I rest for the rest of the day because Park Half Marathon started at 7am on Sunday 9/11. I had the outfit prepared

IMG 1491

I run it in 2011 with two friends. It was my first half marathon and I ENJOYED so much the training and the race that I can’t find any reason not to do it again. This time.. 5 years later with two beautiful girls, I went back. Originally with 5 friends but one got injured and couldn’t run.

I woke up before 4am (Lizzy’s schedule). After feeding her, I couldn’t go back to sleep and I had planned to wake up at 4:35 anyway so I got up early. Had a big glass of water while I pumped, a bowl of oatmeal and 1 decaf coffee. I prepared breakfast to go for Tony and Sofia, and a mug with coffee for me just 1 hour before the starting time.

At 5:35am, I went to wake Sofia and Tony up. She was super excited to go to watch me race again and didn’t even fuss when I woke her up 1.5 hr before her usual wake up time. I dressed her and help her with teeth brushing and we were ready.

We left the house at 5:50am, on the dot to the plan. My friends already pick up my bib the day before so we had plenty of time before race. We arrived the area around 6:15am and saw runners walking around. We parked quickly and joined the crowd to the starting line. It was quite a walk. When we arrived we spot Belen and her bf Ale. All excited. Then Belen and I went to the potties line (long line) and managed to finish the business just 15 min before 7. I still didn’t have my bib. Fortunately Tony and Ale met with Agustin and Ghana and got my bib. ALL READY! I had to say bye to my loves… but knowing they’ll be waiting me at the finish line was the best part of the race.

IMG 1496

I lined up behind 2:00:00 finish time. My A goal was to beat my PR which I thought it was 2:00:00 (turned out it was 1:57:21). My B goal was to finish well and injury free.

The race was packed… so much larger than in 2011. As last time, I run without music and glad I did that because it was impossible to run without knowing what was going on around me, there was always someone passing by or I needed to find a way to pass by.

Mile 1-6 went fast, mainly trying to run and pass people in the narrow path. I felt good, I felt strong. I tried to maintain between 8:30-9:00. The course was a rolling hill so it kept me entertained. I was thirsty and felt empty stomach because it was been almost 2 hours since I last ate. I waited until the first water station to have the 1/2 pack of GU that I carried. On the way, I passed Ghada and then Ale.

When I passed mile 7, I checked my total time, it was exactly 1 hour. I told myself… okay, you have a chance to PR, just maintain the pace and maybe push a bit.

Mile 7-10 was the hardest. I knew I passed the midway but still have a long way to go. I struggled to maintain the pace. Fortunately there was a woman that had similar pace than mine, and we were passing each other for entertainment. For each mile, I made sure I was on the way to reach the target of finish under 2 hrs.

Along the way there were live music (a guy and a piano in the middle of the trail side), superman, high five guys and tons of neighbors cheering us. My mental game was to look for the next entertainment spot or water station.

Mile 10-finish was uphill. I knew that was coming and was ready to tackle it. I slowed down on the hill and return to the normal 8:45 pace quickly. My upper body was getting tired, my legs started to be felt but I knew I’d do it. I just needed to keep up until the end. In moments when I struggled, I thought about the happiest things in my life: the moment Sofia was born and handed to me; the first time Tony asked me to marry him; and Lizzy’s smile when she sees me everyday. They gave me the strength to keep pushing until the very end.

Once I saw the tunnel, I knew I was going to PR and still managed to finish strong even picking up a bit of pace until I crossed the finish line.

Sofia and Tony were waiting for me there among the crowd. They were excited, I was exhilarated.

Belen and Agustin arrived few minutes before. We waited for Ale and Ghada. I toured with Sofia to the food area. They offered water melon (the best!), oranges, banana, bagel, scrambled eggs, sandwich, pasta, cookies, pizzas, even sausages. I had no appetite at that moment but still managed to have watermelon and a banana.

Still no sign of Ghada. We got worried. 30 min later she texted Belen letting us know that she had to quit. She was devastated and I felt for her. Weeks and weeks of training, expectations about getting to the finish line strong, especially this is part of her NY marathon preparation, they all raised expectations about this race. But sometimes we have to make the hard call and do what our body calls us for. My friend Sarah said: the beauty of running is that if at first you don’t succeed then you dust yourself up and try again for a different race. I can’t agree more. Running will always be there for when she’s ready. I told her the next day that I’d run with her next year if she wants to. We run for life, not for a particular race.

IMG 1492

very beautiful finisher medal.

IMG 1495

then I checked my previous finish time and realized I was already running below 2 hrs.

IMG 1497

but still managed to cut 2’4” this time 😀

IMG 1499

once home, showered, put the compression socks and had first full meal at 11am. Two Ezekiel breads with hummus and eggs.

IMG 1498

just 2.5 hrs later I had lunch: baked cod, roasted broccoli and steamed rainbow corn

IMG 1501

despite the race, I wasn’t sleepy so I took care of Lizzy while everyone else took nap

IMG 1504

she’s just so adorable

IMG 1508

then Sofia woke up and we went to a friend’s baby girl birthday party

IMG 1512

Sofia had fun playing and eating sweets.

IMG 1515

a beautiful and delicious Peruvian cake

IMG 1519

when I got home it was time to bath Lizzy. Love how chubby she is.

IMG 1524

a wonderful way to end my long day.

Next goal: marathon next year!!!

Life: back to work, weekend happening

After 4 months and half of being on maternity leave, going back to work was not too hard. As I mentioned before, this maternity leave was less relaxing than the previous one before I had to be out of the house at least twice a day, and there were more errands to take care of. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it fully, had plenty of time to read, to run and to nap.

But it is also nice to be back at work, to have a routine, to be connected to friends and colleagues more closely, and have a purpose in life other than motherhood. And on top of all, Tony commutes with us, so in the morning we leave together. Both Tony and I work while Sofia has wonderful time with her friends at school. And then all three of us goes home together at the end of a fun day.

First day going back to work, I lied down with my girls and felt so lucky to be where I am now. 🙂

IMG 1369

Lizzy stays at home with grandma. She’s such an easy, calm and happy baby, behaves extremely well, doesn’t fuss much and always laughing.

IMG 1392

Grandma would send us pics of her during the day which make us miss her more and appreciate more time spent with her once we are home.

IMG 1394

IMG 1379

Sofia is transitioning to preschool class, a new building, new teachers and new classmates. She adapted it right away and loves the new environment.

IMG 1373

There were 3 days that school was closed and Sofia had to stay at home. She behaved really well playing with Lizzy and by herself. She’s just a big girl already!

IMG 1378

Tony started to run!!! YEY!!! I love that we share an activity together, actually my latest passion. So it’s great that he’s running too so he gets to appreciate and understand when I talk about all the running jargon.

IMG 1387

He started to run 5 times a week, 2 to 3 miles, and then last Saturday he run 6 miles :shock:. I even went to the trail to look for him. He felt great after the run, experiencing runner’s high. But then next day, his foot hurt. opss…… too much too soon. Hopefully he recovers soon while doing some cross training, so he can resume running. We have a 5k in less than 2 weeks.

IMG 1422

Our second “date” night was spent eating Korean food and at REI. Nothing fancy and we both enjoyed our couple time.

IMG 1418

Last Saturday Sofia didn’t have her usual ballet class, so I took her to her favorite playground. It was nice spending time alone with my girl.

IMG 1389

IMG 1400

Sunday I had my longest run during this training cycle, 12 miles. I went slow and felt great.

IMG 1426

Shower and had a big breakfast which I think worked because I didn’t experience runger the next day.

IMG 1427

Then I wore my new compression socks for 1 hour and rest most of the day. I got to learn that eating and resting well after the long run, even if I don’t feel hungry or tired, is important, it’s part of the recovery and training.

IMG 1405

what do I do while I rest? Read more about running!!! 😀

IMG 1408

Tony took the family to an antique market, so I got to spend time alone with Lizzy, who is so cute and adorable!

IMG 1410

We tested out carrying her… I don’t think she’s ready for it yet.

IMG 1423

Then we went for brunch with friends at a new restaurant Requin. We shared two appetizers: eggplant-tomato ratatouille

IMG 1434

mussel & clam escabeche, both served with crostini. Sofia loved the eggplant one and had 6-7 crostinis.

IMG 1435

For main, I ordered grilled swordfish  with, beluga lentil salad, watercress, grapefruit. Unfortunately I didn’t like the swordfish so I gave them to Tony and finished the salad.

IMG 1436

Sofia had French toast

IMG 1442

which she surprisingly finished the plate! WOOO!!!

IMG 1444

Tony had smoked salmon soft scramble  puff pastry, tomato, leek, potatoes, and market salad, which he liked.

IMG 1443

It was a relaxing weekend with enough down time which I really appreciate, especially now that I’m away from home during the week. 🙂


Running: weekly recap 8/22-8/28

Last week training recap:

Monday- Rest. I still woke up early so I did 20 min runner’s yoga and 30 min of strength work (MUTU intensive workout 3 and core 3)

Tuesday- speed work. I find speed work challenging but fun because it switches between 1-2 min of burst and 2 min of recovery. Time flies because I’m constantly getting ready for the burst.

Wednesday- foundation workout. I do my usual loop of 4.25 miles. It feels easy and relax, so I focus listening my podcast. I did strength workout in the afternoon, sweaty 30 min.

Thursday- cross training which was 10.5 miles cycling. It was nice to see my dear husband on my way back.

Friday- tempo run. 10 min + 18 min + 10 min. It was humid so it felt extra challenging. I always find myself running faster recovery time (the last 10 min) just 10-15 secs slower than my tempo run, but my warm up pace could be a min slower. I was running errands that day and didn’t want to do the strength workout, but I  knew how important is strength workout to my running, so I did it after feeding Lizzy in the afternoon.

Saturday- rest. The whole family went for a morning “workout”. It was Tony’s mini long run (3.6 miles). I took Sofia and Lizzy with me to make him company. It was nice to be outside in the morning walking with my girls and waiting to my husband on his way back. I bet he feels specially motivated when he knows we’d be waiting for him. I’m so proud of him to be running 5 days a week already, and so happy to be able to share this passion of mine with the love of my life.

Sunday- simulator run. I first thought 8.1 miles wouldn’t be as hard as 10 miles run I did last weekend. But I was wrong. 8.1 miles plus 1 mile of warming and 5 min cool down equals almost 10 miles. Furthermore, 8.1 miles has to be run at race pace. I started slow, warming at 10:30 min/mile. Then I quickly got into 9 min/mi. Few miles in, I was running at 8:45 min/mi. I knew if I could keep up 8:50 min/mi, I’d finish under 2 hrs on the 1/2 marathon. So I kept pushing but it wasn’t too hard. Then when I turned at half way point, my pace slowed down a bit, to 8:52 min/mi. It was a combination of getting tired and the fact that it was up hill all the way back. I had the 1/2 GU and water with electrolytes. I felt strong and kept pushing to maintain at least 8:50 min/mi. Then by mile 6-8, I could feel that my legs were getting tired but I knew I could push them to finish strong. I finished 8.1 miles averaging 8:49 min/mi. I cool down a bit more than 5 min and ended up doing 10.15 miles in total. It was definitely more challenging than last week’s 10 miles because for quite a long time I kept a relatively fast pace for me. I’m not sure I could maintain the pace for 3 more miles. Hopefully the high of being in the race would push me.

The rest of the Sunday I felt extra tired and sore legs, but life went on so I didn’t have too much time to rest specially because I needed to mentally and physically getting ready to start going to work the next day (making sure I pack everything I need for work and pumping). In the afternoon I took Tony to a running store to buy him a knee support and do a treadmill test to know which running shoe is good for me. I saw the compression socks, I’ve been wanting to try them for a while wondering what’s the hype about. I tried a pair, didn’t feel anything special, then I took it for after just wearing for 5 min. Instantly I noticed my calve felt much much better. I was hooked. I ordered a pair when i got home. 😀

I tried to eat more during the day hoping to tame the hunger beast the next day.

Breakfast: toasts + 2 eggs + LC + PB

AM snack: goat yogurt

Lunch: black bean pasta + roasted eggplant and broccoli + tofu/tahini/nutritional yeast sauce

PM snack: gigantic corn + high fiber cereal + munches of snacks at home

Dinner: pan fried cod with butter + green beans with spinach

Dessert: one pound of kabocha roasted

Before bed: chocolate almond milk.

Let’s see how my hunger level is tomorrow. But just to be safe, I’ll take enough snacks with me to work.