Travel: Shanghai June 2015- food feast

After three days of busy work in Beijing, we went to Shanghai for 5 days and my agenda was much less crowded. I met with friends and had good food! 🙂

this place is called 晶采轩. It was my first time eating there and definitely not the last. All the food is tasty, delicate and carefully decorated. I can’t ask for more.

egg filled with fois gras, baked duck and pork, tofu wrap filled with chinese spinach


assorted entree marinated in white wine, shrimp shanghai style


fried tail fish


hot stone ball of white fish and onion, beef stew with red sauce


my favorite dish: tofu soup with salted fish, dessert was baked fruit filled mini pies


after dinner, we went to karaoke, song for 4 hrs and had two bottles of whisky 🙂 What a fun night!


another cool restaurant we went is called 宴遇 (“affairs”). Look its wet cloth package… what comes to your mind?


he food was good but not spectacular. I specially like this silk tofu entree… very smooth and slightly sweet. green salad


seafood salad, a chicken next with spicy chicken and the eggs are actually made with mango


steamed egg with scallop and piggy buns

IMG_7091.JPG IMG_7092.JPG

sour and spicy fish stew and beef stew

IMG_7093.JPG IMG_7095.JPG

dessert: fruit


after two days of heavy food, we craved something light the next day. A vegetarian restaurant that I went few days ago. We sit in the root top garden… perfect spot for an evening meal

IMG 7100

chinese yam with honey, kabocha with steamed egg

IMG_7102.JPG IMG_7104.JPG

vegetarian dumpling, tofu stew

IMG_7107.JPG IMG_7109.JPG

sweet pepper filled with a mix of carrot, kabocha and sweet potato seasoned with seaweed and spices. Tofu skin dumpling with veggies

IMG_7110.JPG IMG_7112.JPG

dessert: lotus jelly with coconut milk


even meat lover Tony enjoyed the meal. And for me, I could eat there everyday!

Last meal during our stay in shanghai: the typical breakfast food. ried pork dumpling, steam buns and soup with tofu pocket, veggies and yam noodles

IMG_7126.jpg IMG_7129.jpg IMG_7130.jpg

It was definitely a great trip, I had a productive mission, we had good food and most importantly Tony came back with me!!! 😀 Now, we’re officially starting a new life together.

Travel: Beijing June 2015

I just came back from 11 days in China. It was officially a work trip, but to me, seeing Tony and bringing him home was the real mission.

It was my first time going to China for work, an official visit. I was excited. Although I’ve lived in China over 10 years and felt half chinese for over 30 years, I can’t say I know the country. It was probably that reason that my boss picked me, that I could see China from a different perspective than a 100% chinese.

IMG 7024

the flight was entertaining, with some delicious food.

IMG 7031
salad, sesame salmon with grains
IMG 7041
fruit salad, chicken wrap and noodle salad
IMG 7042
salad, fried rice with shrimp and lemon cake
IMG 7028
fruit, cheese omelette, sausage and potatoes






IMG 7046

IMG 7049IMG 7053IMG 7055IMG 7056IMG 7057IMG 7059IMG 7061IMG 7064IMG 7065

Travel: Isla Mujeres day 3

For the last day, we again woke up just before breakfast was closed. I was so tired physically and mentally relaxed. Rower decided to rent a golf cart to drive around the island. The wedding group had planned a catamaran for 5 hours. IMG_6837

We were a group of 70+ people in a large boat just for us. Right after we departed, we put on snorkeling equipment and jumped to the water. This was my second time snookering and it was much easier because water was warm and so many colorful fishes to look. I love how peaceful is to be in the water and I felt so small, blended with the nature.

After that… we basically spent 3.5 hrs on the sea… enjoying the sun and beautiful day.


IMG_6848 IMG_6856

dancing and alcohol occurred too, although not as energetic as the night before because most of us had hangover.


after we got off the boat we were starving so I decided to eat in one of the local restaurant by the shore.


guacamole with chips to startIMG_6869

cheese quesadillas were shared as well


as main dish I ordered garlic grilled octopus, which was soo fresh and delicious. I want MORE!!!

one of our friend ordered seafood soup and i was intrigued. Normally you wouldn’t think to have soup with over 35C but I love seafood so I really wanted to try. It did not disappoint. It had shrimp, octopus and snails. so so good, even better than my main dish. 

after dinner… we had some quiet time at the hotel before we head out for drinkIMG_6894

last drink in Isla Mujeres

the biggest surprise of this trip is that I’ve started to enjoy a drink or two 🙂 For years I disliked any alcohol beverages for its taste… but this time I liked it and obviously like the effects on me too!IMG_6906

as result…. instead of browsing section.. Ruwei and I spent time at drink section of the dutyfree and max out our quote for alcohol purchase. 😀IMG_6932

It was a FANTASTIC trip! The place is amazing, turquoise sea, white sand beach, fresh and delicious food, vacation mood of everybody. But what made it truly amazing was to spend time with my closest friends that unfortunately don’t live in the same city as I do. So seeing them made me so happy. Although we’ve graduated over 4 years ago… our friendship is still solid, and we have great time together! Hope we could repeat this experience sometime soon.

Travel: Isla Mujeres day 2

After a long but fun night the day before, we slept past 10am and got to the breakfast just before they closed it. The restaurant gives view to the beach…. instant relaxationIMG_8028

fruit is always so much tastier outside the US for some reason.. closer to the origin?IMG_8027

The wedding starts at 4pm so we spent the day relaxing at the hotelIMG_6779

then the wedding started. The church was located in the other side of the island and gives the view to the sea. It reminded me of Greece
IMG_6786the only downside of the church is lack of AC. We were all sweating but so excited for the newlywed.

the pastor gave a very nice speech. He gave the metaphor of Jesus turning water into wine. That something so ordinary could turn into something so amazing. He said that the number one obstacle of a happy marriage is the routine, the familiarity of things and people. To overcome this, we need to remember AGUA (water in spanish): agradecer (appreciate) what we have, what are given to us (the person who spends the life with us), generosidad (generosity), be generous to this person; union (unity), be united no matter under what circumstances; and alegria (joy), celebrate life with joy with the person we love.

I was touched by this speech and hope to remind myself through the new beginning with Tony.

After the church, we headed to the reception place. It is located on the beach. There we had the civil ceremony with sunset as background. IMG_6800

to kill the heat and start the mood for the night to come, we started with a cocktail made with vodka and fresh fruits… delicious!IMG_6801

as we didn’t have food after late breakfast, we were starving by the time appetizers arrived. They were scrumptious!!! squash quesadillas and chicken tortillasIMG_6802 IMG_6826

before dinner started… we walked around the area while appreciate this amazing sunset view… so romantic, so peaceful. I so want to come back with Tony by my side. IMG_6808 IMG_6807


dinner started with assorted wine/cocktailsIMG_6811

followed by a fish dish as main entree. Then the dance floor started with live band and a very cool DJ. We danced… rested…. drank more alcohol… danced more… more alcohol…. more dance… until 1:30am. I could barely walk straight when we left. What a FANTASTIC wedding!!!

Travel: Isla Mujeres day 1

4 days in Cancun was a real BLAST! I had sooooo much fun. One of the best trip ever!

I was on a work trip in Lima for 3 days before flying to Cancun on Thursday early morning (left hotel at 3am!). After a quick stop in Panama, I arrived Cancun. The view from the plane was already incredible. The turquoise sea color gave me the instant relaxation!


I met with my trip companion Ruwei at the airport. After a 30 min ride on the boat we arrived at our hotel and was welcomed by a drink, first of many to come.  IMG_6764

after a quick change of cloth and mind set, we went to the pool and just lied down…. OMG!!!! TOTAL RELAX!IMG_6765 IMG_6768

The reason for this trip was to attend a friend’s wedding. He’s from grad school so I was expecting to see other friends there. But for my surprise, I saw almost all of them! Close friends from Canada and UK, and other friends that live in the US but I haven’t seen them in years. So it turned out to be a friends-reunion in the beach! the best of all kinds!!! 😀

So I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening catching up with them. We chat, ate, drank, got a bit crazy including getting into the water close to midnight, moved to the public jacuzzi that was closed, and ended up 6 of us in the jacuzzi drinking fernet. It was hilarious but so much fun!


music by the beach while we had wine and catch up



my favorite group of friends! 🙂 I wish we all live in the same city


after dinner it was almost midnight and someone had the great idea of getting into the water. And water we went! 🙂



and then someone suggested to get into the public Jacuzzi by the pool. So with beer in had we all got to the Jacuzzi. Few minutes later someone from the hotel told us it was closed few hours ago and it was releasing some “chemicals” that could be harmful. So we left and moved to Belen’s room Jacuzzi, which is the size of a regular Jacuzzi. But we were semi-drunk by then and wanted all get into it… so six of us got into it and had fernet with coke, a typical argentinian drink. By that time, I lost control of my eyes as they deliberately closed. Well.. I don’t blame them because I was up since 2:45am that day.

Ruwei and I said good night to the group and went to our room past 1am. It was soooo fun but I was soooo exhausted too! I fell into deep sleep that night… first night in 2.5 weeks. 🙂

12 days in Shanghai

It was a last minute trip to Shanghai and it was perfect. Originally I wasn’t planning to go until end of April to meet Tony’s family before his move to the US in June. But my uncles, who were planning to visit me in April had a car accident and didn’t come. So I decided to travel earlier.

We were glued during my entire stay and enjoyed so much each other and the city.


we met with my childhood friends Kaffee and Flora


Kaffee took me to her favorite hair salon again and we spent sometime at the bookstore. What a great pleasure to just spend an afternoon with a good friend without a plan, just wondering around and enjoy each’s company.


we also spent a day with Kaffee’s family. The original plan was to watch cherry blossom and have a picnic at the park, but it was a rainy day so we changed to indoor activities.


it was my first time shooting and it was not too bad


we then spend the afternoon at a tea house… eating and playing cards. Tony and I lost but we had a lot of fun!


we went to karaoke. I love love love listening Tony singing. He has such a attractive voice that I always feel touched by his songs.


we were deskmate 24 years ago and this expo brought us back to that time.



we wrote down our promise


we took many selfies


we visited the school where we met in 1991


I had some good food in shanghai too and here’s some.

Tony’s mom prepared a homemade dinner for me with some of my favorite dishes


we had vietnamese cuisine


the best wonton soup EVER @布村


and an indoor picnic prepared kindly by Kaffee


I’ve visited Shanghai many times over the years but this was probably one of the best ones because I got to spend time with my love, which makes everything more enjoyable. Our favorite activity was a walk around the french concession neighborhood. We both like old fashion houses and quiet streets, and chat along the walk.

My next visit to China would be in June. Next stop? Beijing. Can’t wait to see T again.