Pregnancy 25 weeks

It was been a while since I did an update. Not much happened other than my growing belly. 🙂

IMG 7922

IMG 7925

IMG 7928

I feel that I’m bigger than last time, but maybe it’s because it’s holiday season 😉

  • Everything is back to normal except that I need more sleep every night! 🙂 I’m usually ready to go to sleep at 9pm and if I’m at home, I’d happily take a nap.
  • Sleep: overall it’s good, from 9:30pm-5:30am most of the days. Sometimes I do wake up in the middle of the night and have problem falling back to sleep, but not a norm.
  • Cravings: carbs in general, bread, rice, crackers. But I try not to get into carb loading, otherwise I’d wake up very bloated the next day.
  • Appetite/hunger. Normal. Some days I get more hungrier than others, and it’s not related to physical activities, maybe growth spurt?
  • Exercise: working out everyday for 45 min (incline walking, light jogging or elliptical). few times a week I do Tracy Anderson’s pregnancy DVD, I like it.
  • Other symptom: Hip soreness got worse the last month. few times a week it bothers me quite a lot and I’d ask Tony to give me a deep massage to relieve it.
  • Skin: good.
  • Pain: none.
  • Weight: 7-8 lbs up.
  • Misc: we have redecorated Sofia’s room. She got a new bed (twin bed) and a new drawer. Will start decorate the new baby’s room soon. 🙂

Pregnancy: 21 weeks

It has been a long while since I’ve done an update. Definitely the most obvious change was the growth of my belly. Some days I feel huge because I often get bloated, and when traveling, constipated too, so I can either hide my belly under lose cloth, or I look like 7 months pregnant.

  • Pretty normal except that I get tired easily. With the traveling and jet lag, aka. waking up at 2-3 am and crush down again at 2pm until 6pm, I am tired most of the time. But when I am not sleep deprived, I feel energetic and normal.
  • Sleep: sleeping is a hit or miss. I feel like dealing with jet lag for the past month… only slept well for few times. But since I was on vacation, it didn’t bother me too much.
  • Cravings: none.
  • Appetite/hunger. Normal. Usually when I am on vacation, because of lack of physical and mental activity, I don’t hungry often. So I ate when the food was available, not because I was hungry. The food at restaurants in china is usually greasy and involved a lot of fries, so after eating out for two weeks straight, I really appreciated coming back to home and eat normal food again. My belly thanks me for that.
  • Exercise: none for two weeks when I was in Shanghai, and 30-40 min swimming when i was in Beijing for work.
  • Other symptom: I finally started to feel movements every day. I love it and Tony loves it! 🙂
  • Skin: good. no breakouts.
  • Pain: none.
  • Weight: 47.5kg (2 kg up from pre-preg)
  • Gender: It’s a girl!!!! I’m so thrill to have another girl. I love having Sofia as my daughter, and can’t think of anything better than giving her a sister. My scheduled 20 weeks ultrasound is actually tomorrow, but when we were in Shanghai, my chinese doctor told me I was having another girl (by sensing my pulse only :shock:), and the next day we did an ultrasound and the doctor was 90% sure it was a girl. Although all my family and Tony’s family would like to have a boy, I was determined that a girl is better for the situation in every sense. So I was soon happy to hear to news!!!

Pictures taken today. Quite noticeable bump there. According to Bump, this week the baby is the size of a spaghetti squash. Well… she must be a small one because I don’t see how it fits there

IMG 7545

front and back look normal

IMG 7548

IMG 7549

IMG 7551

Enjoying this pregnancy!!! 🙂

Pregnancy: 13 & 14 weeks

The bump is making a debut these days!!!

At 13 weeks the bump is noticeable already

IMG 9281

coming out straight from my absent abs

IMG 9286

round shaped in front

IMG 9291

at 15 weeks, it’s even more noticeable. And this pic doesn’t do justice because at time I feel like I’m already 7 months pregnant! 😉

IMG 9338

  • No more sickness but still crushing to bed around 9pm. Still getting tired very easily and all I want to do is lie down after dinner.
  • Sleep: sleeping better. For the last two nights, if I soak my feet before bed, I sleep 8-9 hrs like a baby. Gonna continue with it! 🙂
  • Cravings: none.
  • Appetite/hunger. Overall I am eating more. I eat a substantial breakfast, a small snack in the morning, a big lunch, a small apple in the afternoon and big dinner. I find bigger meals work better for me, otherwise I am hungry every 2 hrs and that’s not very convenient at work. The downside of bigger meals is that I feel full/bloated/slow after meal and need a coffee to pick me up. Oh, yes, coffee is back to life. Although I still don’t enjoy it as much as before, I like it. I’d have 1 regular coffee and 1 decaf per day. Food wise, nothing sounds nasty, and I crave more meat.
  • Exercise: the same. 45 min of low impact cardio + 2-3 times of 10 min strength work.
  • Other symptom: exhaustion/tiredness, although getting better. Next time I see the doctor, I’ll ask if I need to take iron supplement. Anemia could cause constant exhaustion.
  • Skin: good. no breakouts.
  • Pain: none.
  • Weight: back to pre-prenancy weight.

Pregnancy: week 12 (9/27)

Can I say I’m over first trimester sickness? This week I’ve been almost normal. YEY~~~

  • Sickness gone! I don’t have morning sickness anymore!!! So happy for that!
  • Sleep: not so good this week, 4 out of 7 I wake up in the middle of the night (2am, 3am, 4am) and can’t sleep for 1-2 hours. Most of the days, I can sleep 1-2 hours before sun came out. I don’t know if it’s pregnancy related or because I think too much of Sofia’s birthday planning logistics. Hopefully next week I can sleep better.
  • Cravings: none. Breakfast continues to be kabocha with eggs. Morning snack is high fiber cereal with kefir.
  • Appetite/hunger. It depends on the day, but overall I get hungry more often and when I get hungry, I really need food right that moment, it can’t wait! I usually snack once in the morning and 1-2 times in the afternoon. Meals are also bigger.
  • Exercise: My strength is also getting back. I even jogged 10-20 min twice this week. Otherwise I’m still doing 30-40 min Elliptical or incline walking.
  • Other: constipation is gone and I’m not taking anything!!! That’s such a big relief!!! I think changing my diet back to before helped, including high fiber cereal with kefir, kabocha and almost no white carbs.
  • Other symptom: light headed, getting tired around 8pm every night is a norm, and the party planning this week exhausted me. By the time the party was over, I finally felt relaxed and was so tired that I couldn’t even finish dinner.
  • Skin: few small breakouts around the mouth.
  • Pain: none.
  • Weight: no change, 2 lbs down from pre-pregnancy.

the bump is definitely noticeable these days… especially after dinner. But looking at the pics, the belly seems smaller, probably because I’m less constipated.

IMG 9090

but the rounding of the belly is there for sure!

IMG 9094

Pregnancy: week 10 & 11 (9/21)

Things are getting better! I can see the light of this challenging first trimester.

  • Sickness almost gone! I don’t have morning sickness anymore, but sometime after a greasy meal, I feel I want to vomit. This is much easier to deal with, just watch out what I eat. Although ex-ante I wouldn’t know what food would trigger it.
  • Sleep: I’m still sleeping quite a lot, 8-10. Many days I’m down by 9pm. I wake 2-3 times at night to pee but it stopped to bother me. I can do that “sleeping”.
  • Cravings: none. Breakfast issue is resolved recently by eating kabocha soup and two fried eggs.
  • Appetite/hunger. My appetite is definitely up now. I need to eat bigger meals and snack in between meals. If one day I don’t eat enough, I’d get I’m-gonna-die kind of hunger. Not fun!
  • Exercise: I am back to working out everyday. I’m alternating 30 min of incline walking at 3.7mile/hr with incline in 6, and 30 min elliptical machine. I’d like arm work 2-3 times a week. I’m still getting tired more often but I feel good afterwards.
  • Other: constipation is finally undercontrol. A couple things helped: reduce white carb intake, eat high fiber cereal with kefir, eat kabocha and regular exercise. I took Miralax for about a week almost every other day, and it definitely made me go almost everyday. But then I stopped and start taking 1-2 a day of metamusil and so far it’s working. However, my digestive system is generally slowly down. I feel bloated after eating but at the same time my stomach asks for food. 😦
  • Other symptom: light headed is getting more serious. Almost everytime I get up, I feel I’m falling. Although I remind myself to get up slowly, it’s harder than I thought.
  • Skin: very good. Thanks for the pregnancy hormones!
  • Pain: none.
  • Weight: 1 lb up, 2 lbs down from pre-pregnancy.

I am definitely forming a bump there, specially at night after a big dinner, I feel like I’m huge! Compared to my first pregnancy, I think I’m a bit bigger this time.

IMG_9012 IMG_9013 IMG_9016

First encounter with our baby 8/24


So we finally met with our baby today. It was our first appointment with the OB, the same one that delivered Sofia. We first went through the routine talk… LMP, expected due date, the dates for the next tests (13 weeks, 16 weeks, and 20 weeks). And then we did the vaginal ultrasound, immediately we saw the sac. And then after few twists, we saw the baby, and then the heart beat!!! Tony was by my side all the time and it was wonderful that we got to meet the baby together!!!

Then we did blood and pee work, a lot of blood, 6 bottles!!! I was about to faint but well… all for the health of the baby.

The “bad” news was that my doctor can’t deliver this baby. He has decided to stop working as OB since he’s almost 70 years old. I understand how much work it involves to delivering a baby, but still sad that he can’t deliver our baby. He’s a great doctor and always gave me comfort and sense of security. Now, we will have to find another doctor, hopefully someone that I can trust too.

Now… let’s start the routine report of weekly progress. For the last two weeks:

  • Totally miserable!!!! I’ve been extremely tired ALL DAY LONG!!! And nausea MOST OF THE DAY!!! Morning sickness, thank you very much but I really don’t like you!!! 😦
  • Sleep: I fall asleep around 9pm most of the days and wake up around 6:30am the next time. Still I’m super tired and feel needing a nap several times a day.
  • Cravings: none. It’s the opposite that happens. Everything that I used to eat (corn, kabocha, coffee, cereal, chocolates, bread, any kind of fruit except water melon, cookies, bar, yogurt, even salads), I find them disgusting, it causes me nauseas only thinking about them. So, I ended up in the situation that I don’t know what to eat. Figuring out that it’s a real challenge. On top of that, if I don’t eat every 2-3 hrs, nausea comes back and I feel worse. So eating small meals through out the day is important. But again… what can I eat? Fortunately, I still like vegetables, only in cooked form. So, I can eat normal meals most of the time at home. However, if I eat something that I can tolerate too many times, I don’t want to see it anymore. So… what to eat everyday is still a challenge I face everyday.
  • Appetite/hunger. I don’t know if my hunger level is higher or lower. I am definitely eating overall less than before, don’t get hungry often, but when I get it, I get it badly, with stomach pain, bad pain! 😦
  • Exercise: I didn’t work out for the 10 days we went in Yellowstone. And when we came back, my energy level was even lower, so I skipped few days. And even when I work out, 30 min of ET or incline walking at 3.7 miles/hr is all I can handle now.
  • Other: constipation and bloating, just like last pregnancy. I’ve taken metamucil, flaxseed + plum juice, and even solace. They work sometimes. But I guess it’s a problem that I’ll face for the next 7 months.
  • Skin: no major change, no acne so far.
  • Pain: none.
  • Weight: I’ve lost 1.5 kg in the last 3 weeks. Normal during first trimester.

Picture taken on 8/26.

IMG 8830

IMG 8835

IMG 8836

Pregnancy: 9 weeks (9/7)

For the last two weeks:

  • Sickness continues! I am counting the days to the end of the first trimester. I am experiencing the typical morning sickness symptom. I usually wake up fine, a bit tired, but not nauseas. And then I have breakfast (I keep changing the combo hoping miracle happens, but it never does!), and then I start feeling sick. Some days are better but most days, I feel so sick that I wish I could vomit. This continues until I finish lunch usually. 😦
  • Sleep: I am sleepy by 8:30pm usually and fall asleep before 10pm and wake up at 6:20am. I wake 2-3 times at night to pee which sometimes disturb my sleeping and wake up tired.
  • Cravings: none. I can eat meals without problem, but breakfast is really hard. No matter what I eat, I feel sick.
  • Appetite/hunger. Some days I get hungry often at work, and I crave soup, salty soup, so I’d have multiple soup during the day.
  • Exercise: If I work out, I’d do 30 min of either ET or walking at incline. I have a bit more energy than the previous two weeks, so I’d work out 4-5 times a week.
  • Other: constipation is really serious! Metamucil, flaxseed are not working anymore. My friend gave me Miralax and I’ve been taking that every other day, alternating with colace. I need to find some other natural ways to deal with it. I think part of the reason is my changed diet. I don’t eat as much as fiber rich food in a daily basis anymore (no kabocha, no corn, no high fiber cereal), I even started to eat white rice. I’ll try to switch back to whole grain to see if that helps.
  • Skin: no acne. someone told me my skin looks great, almost glowing.
  • Pain: none.
  • Weight: no change, still 3 lbs down.

IMG 8885

IMG 8886

IMG 8889