Life: race is on & weekend happening

After 24 hrs of deep thought! I signed up for the September 12, 2016 Park half marathon, the same one that I did 6 years ago!!! 😀 What pushed me to make the decision was great memory I have from that training, the sense of accomplishment I had after each of the long runs, support from Tony and knowing that 4 of my friends are running it too, 2 of them run with me last time. I’m super excited about it.

On Sunday I did 6 miles. My plan was to run it slow so I could increase mileage. When I finished.. I felt great, so great that I could run probably 1-2 miles more. And it turned out, I wasn’t too slow.

IMG 0526

There’s 9 weeks to go until the race day and I’ve written down my plan. Both for the half marathon and continuing with MUTU. Glad that I’m on maternity leave so I can spend 2 hrs per day training.

IMG 0563

Lizzy started to play in the playmat and she seems to like it. She could lie down there by herself for half an hour. Sofia loves to join her.

IMG 0484

Saturday morning we stayed at home and had BBQ for lunch

IMG 0497

because Sofia and I had a girls night planned. We went to see Cirque Italia

IMG 0501

it was our first time going to cirques and it was quite fun

IMG 0504

Sofia was definitely excited to watch the show

IMG 0505

IMG 0507

IMG 0514

IMG 0523

Sunday morning was swimming class for Sofia. Then we went to have lunch at Iron Chef

IMG 0527

We ordered 3 appetizers: a spicy seafood soup (I had it almost all of it!)

IMG 0529

shrimp dumpling (mostly consumed by Sofia)

IMG 0530

grilled squid

IMG 0531

Sushi deluxe

IMG 0532

Sashimi deluxe

IMG 0533

It was a great meal, so refreshing for a warm day. Lizzy behaved real well. The trick is to time it well with her sleeping schedule. She woke up, I nursed her and left the house. When returned home 2 hrs later and she was ready to go for a nap.

IMG 0539

Sofia enjoys eating out and trying new food nowadays. Although she’s not very adventurous but she’s willing to try at least one, like squid, and asked for more.

IMG 0543

Sunday evening we went to a soccer play. Tony loves soccer but haven’t found anywhere to play. So did the magic. We signed up on a Saturday morning and he was playing the next day. Definitely going back for more!

IMG 0548

while he played, Sofia played in the playground, I fed her dinner and I did some reading. Perfect way to end the weekend.

IMG 0550

IMG 0562

Now that Tony started working, weekends are even more precious. Loving it!

Life: happening, eating and more

Playing catch up again. I really hope I can blog more from now on… maybe 3 times a week just as I did when I was on maternity leave last time. I really enjoy reading those. Good memories. Now.. we are living another special time.. and I want to record it too.


First let’s see how we celebrated grandma’s birthday this year. It was a surprise celebration. I didn’t tell her when was her birthday this year but secretly planned it with Sofia and Tony. Sofia came back with a cake and my mom was happily surprised! 🙂

IMG 0146

following tradition, we had noodle for dinner.

IMG 0131

Sofia helped blowing the candle while Lizzy continued staring at her sister

IMG 0151

Everyone enjoyed the cake and the ocassion

IMG 0154

IMG 0161

including Lizzy… she had a “taste” of the cake

IMG 0165

I love my mom so much. She’s the wisest woman I know. She is also caring, generous and always there when I need her. I notice that she’s getting older, not as energetic as few years ago. Her time with us here in the US will be limited. She will probably go back to  China next year. We will all miss her so much.

IMG 0168


As present for grandma, I took her and Sofia to see Riverdance. I saw the show 7 or 8 years ago and at that time I knew she would love it. So when I was thinking about what to give for her birthday, Riverdance happened to be in town that weekend.

IMG 0190

Three generations of women went on a date… it was a lovely day

IMG 0194

it was Sofia’s first show experience and she behaved really well

IMG 0204

IMG 0216

It was the perfect present for grandma. She really liked it. Now that she’s getting older, I think she enjoys experience over material goods. I will definitely share more memorable experiences with her. These are invaluable.

We’ve been exploring farmer’s market on Saturdays. The last time I went with Miss Sofia alone and treated her with a popsicle. She was so happy.

IMG 0185

Sofia started her swimming lessons. Now she’s in Peddle II.

IMG 0222

We went to a pool party at Brian’s, one of Sofia’s classmate

IMG 0234

she had such a blast! I wish we had a pool at home too. She could spend the whole afternoon in the water.

IMG 0237

Lizzy started to smile and “talk” to us. She’s such a happy baby, so easy to be content! 🙂

IMG 0239

On July 4th weekend, Sofia and I prepared a icebox cake to take to a friend’s BBQ party

IMG 0323

she had so much fun putting those fillings.

IMG 0327

We will definitely make it again next year.

IMG 0331

We took Lizzy to the mall one day… one of few outings with her other than to restaurants. As long as I keep moving around with the stroller, she’s content.

IMG 0334

I love seeing Tony interacting with Sofia. I know I say it repeatedly, but I still feel moved when I see them together.

IMG 0353

Four days weekend at home drives me crazy… Sofia has so much energy to release. I was out of ideas… so I took her to ride bike for a while, teaching her how to turn without falling

IMG 0363

I encourage Tony to exercise, Sofia likes to join.

IMG 0366


We invited friends over to play with Sofia, so we make egg tarts

IMG 0372

Sofia loves cooking with me and I love having her as company. I wish she enjoys cooking as much as I do in the future.

IMG 0376

They played for few hours and they got tired too. Some downtime with the iPhone.

IMG 0388

by the end of the long weekend, I was so exhausted. I didn’t want to move out of the couch.

IMG 0365

This Monday the teacher called me. I was in panic. Fortunately it was nothing major but we  still took Sofia to get checked. Apparently little girls can have yeast infection too. Who knew? But it’s nothing to worry about. Just keep her private area clean and dry, apply the cream twice a day for two weeks.

IMG 0412


I’ve been eating really clean lately because I can prepare meals myself. I love it! I enjoy cooking and I feel the greatest when I eat clean with tons of veggies, lean meat, limited fat and fruit, and almost no grains.

For breakfasts I’m addicted to is this protein cake. Made with 1/2 cup of pumpkin puree, 3 egg whites, 2 TB corn flour, 1 TB cocoa powder, 1 tsp baking powder, pinch of salt and stevia. Mix, microwave for 3’50”, top with PB2 sauce. It’s like eating dessert for breakfast. So so good. I think I had it for 3 weeks straight and each day still looking forward to it.

IMG 0125

for savory option, I’d have a grilled wrap filled with 1 egg, 1/2 C egg white, 1 oz. mozzarella cheese and 1 slice of smoked ham.

IMG 0405

or this savory pancake made with 1/4 C of chickpea flour and the same feelings as the wrap.

IMG 0287

For my mom and Tony, I prepared egg muffins

IMG 0357

bread with ham, bacon and hash browns

IMG 0298


waffles with PB2 sauce and homemade berries jam

IMG 0071

I don’t often have morning snacks, if I do, it has been mainly pistachios, my fav nuts!

I usually eat lunch pretty late… around 1:30pm. Some random combos:

a soupy mixture of shrimp head, tofu, napa cabbage and shiitake noodles.

IMG 0129

taco bowl made with grounded turkey, sautéed kale, chipotle salsa and cauliflower rice. Such a filling and tasty meal.

IMG 0408

when it’s hot, I’d have a salad. This one has lettuce, tomato, cucumber, asian blend veggies and grilled shrimp. I made an asian dressing with sesame oil, soy sauce, rice vinegar and honey.

IMG 0253

similar salad with grilled tofu

IMG 0188

Quick stir fry with whatever I had: kale, palm heart, red onion and tempeh.

IMG 0077

Asian blend sautéed with onion, kale and homemade turkey meatballs, with tons of spicy korean sauce.

IMG 0293

asian blend sautéed with shrimp, paired with cauliflower rice

IMG 0259

asian blend sauteed with onion and turkey meatball, paired with cauliflower rice

IMG 0267

sauteed purple cabbage with kale, grounded turkey and shiitake noodles.

IMG 0348

Tony’s (he gained 10 lbs recently, so I’m trying to get him to eat cleaner too).

seaweed tofu soup, homemade chickpea and bean burger, and sweet potato fries

IMG 0100

pasta with carrot and turkey meatball. I added carrots so he doesn’t feel it was too small a portion of pasta.

IMG 0252

milanese with tomato and roasted sweet potato

IMG 0120

We eat a veggie loaded chinese dinner. We typically have 1 or 2 veggie dishes, 1 protein (mainly fish or chicken, occasionally beef or pork or tofu)

IMG 0121

IMG 0256

IMG 0260

We’ve been doing a lot of BBQ too. As simple as salad with sausage

IMG 0301

and grilled vegetables

IMG 0302


I finished Grit. I was very excited when I first hear about it. However, the message is simple and I don’t think it needs such a long book to deliver it.

IMG 0254

I’m running again! I started at 6 weeks postpartum. Now I’m addicted to it. I’m following Nike’s 5k coaching program so I don’t have to decide how long I should run everyday. I just follow the plan and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!

IMG 0178

Well… that’s a long recap. Hopefully I’ll start posting more from now on. Good news coming up.

Life: lately

Life has ups and downs. We all know that but still find it hard when you are in downs. We’ve been experiencing rollercoaster lately. It’s hard but we are trying to be positive and hopeful.

I know this moment (newborn stage) is precious, no matter how hard life hits us, we still need to enjoy it as much as possible. I remind myself of that everyday.

I try to have quality time with Sofia every weekend as she’s in a stage between liking to be accompanied when she does things. As simple as taking her to playground makes her so happy.

IMG 9793

IMG 9787

I am amazed by how happy she can be be playing the toys that she’d played hundreds of time as every time is her first time! I need to learn this skill, it could make me so much happier.

IMG 9810

Summer is here means festivals!!!

IMG 9704

The last time we were at Vienna festival, Sofia was one year and half and she couldn’t play. But this time she wants to do all of them!

IMG 9710

She’s truly fearless and adventurous.

IMG 9717

As I watch her going in and out by herself, I am a bit sad, my little baby has turned into a kid, soon she will walk out of my life. Well… I’m being dramatic, but if you are a mom too, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

IMG 9722

I can see in her face that she has mixed feeling about going into new things… a mix between excitement and fear. But that’s great! Because she’ll have so many more new things to her, and I’d encourage her to try them. Life is about experience, good or bad, we need to experience them by ourselves to truly understand the feeling and treasure them, they are all valuable to form who we are.

IMG 9724

Some people says at age of 3 personality has formed. If that is the case, Sofia is adventurous but cautious, caring, compassionate, sweet, flexible, thinker (quick in making connection between events or things), and has facility with languages. She’s fluent in english, spanish and shanghainese. She’s still learning mandarin although she understands it. She even sings french sometimes. These languages will be assets for her in the future and they came so natural to her, effortless almost.

IMG 9730

She loves dancing. Often time she’d ask me or grandma to play music so she can dance for us.

IMG 9735

More recently, she’s developed the girl nature… wanting to be pretty! she’d sit still if it means she’ll get her hair done. So funny!

IMG 9831

We went to Herdon festival the following week. She didn’t enjoy it as much as the first time.

IMG 9820

she still prefers mommy than anyone else. Although I’m very strict with her and often time yell at her (during meal time), she still feel safe with me, and wants my approval or acknowledge more than anyone else’s.

IMG 9829

We could be “fighting” one minute, and 5 min later, laughing silly to each other. I think it’s important to be able to have fun with her despite having to enforce rules.

IMG 9839

She does powertot at school. Once every semester parents are invited to see their progress. It was my first time going and she was extremely happy.

IMG 9863

so proud of her.

IMG 9869

she has been such a great sister to Lizzy. So caring and protective of her.

IMG 9952

I think she has my look and smile. 🙂

IMG 9957

We’ve been having visitors to meet Lizzy. Since Lizzy is sleeping so much and not interactive yet, Sofia got to play with them.

IMG 9939

IMG 9946

Lizzy, the angel baby, is getting cuter and cuter.

IMG 9919

We’ve had our first harvest of the season.

IMG 9816

the most tender, fresh and delicious lettuce ever!!!

IMG 9812

I’ve had lettuce salad for lunch in a row until I finished all we had for the moment. Because the lettuce is so fresh, simple ingredients as tomato, heart of palm, red onion and tofu, dressed in olive oil and lemon, makes a delicious meal.

IMG 9814

or with a chickpea quinoa burger

IMG 9856

with tahini lemon sauce

IMG 9931

I’ve also had several kale salad. Massaged kale with a spicy tahini dressing (tahini, lemon, S+P, cayenne and nutritional yeast), tomato and seared tofu.

IMG 9748

I’ve been making waffles for the family. Sofia likes it with PB for breakfast.

IMG 9776

Myself, I’m in a pumpkin protein cake kick lately, topped with PB sauce. It’s so satisfying and delicious, it holds me for good 4 hours.

IMG 9857

I’ve been working out every morning, like very early. It’s great to breath fresh air, clear mind, awake my body and hear interesting podcasts. I head out around 6:30am when the sun is still not too strong. I started jogging almost two weeks ago and it feels great! I started with 15 min jog, and now I can do 40 min. To have some structure, I’m following nike 5k training plan. I don’t have a race signed up, but jogging 3 miles everyday could get boring. So far I’m enjoying the plan.

IMG 9923

Eating out is not easy with two kids but we try to do sometimes. When we eat out, we like to try new cuisines, things that I don’t know how to cook. The most recent one was another middle-east cuisine. We started with a mix of greek yogurt, hummus, baba ganoush and olives.

IMG 9962

a spinach tart

IMG 9963

for our entree, it came a bean/vegetable soup with a side of salad

IMG 9964

we shared two dishes: one mixed kebab that has chicken, lamb and grounded beef

IMG 9965

and the other only chicken

IMG 9966

while we enjoyed our food, Lizzy looked around, that’s enough entertainment to her.

IMG 9969

grandma takes so good care of her

IMG 9970

we eat very simple for lunch and often time at different times (mom likes to eat around noon, I like to eat when I’m hungry, usually around 1:30pm, and Tony somewhere in between). But we all sit together for dinner so we prepare a good dinner to enjoy as family. I think family dinners are important part of the family tradition, a moment when we share our days and thoughts. Although we don’t do the talk part yet because otherwise Sofia talks instead of eating, but at least we make sure everyone is around the table at dinner time. As she gets older, we will introduce the talking part. Now it’s mainly just me talking to Tony and mom, and trying to get Sofia to eat meanwhile.

In term of food, we eat heavy in vegetables as you can see, and 1 or 2 dishes or either fish, shrimp, chicken or meat (only 1-2 times a week of red meat).

IMG 9779

6/5 was chinese festival when family get to eat 粽子. A packet filled with glutinous rice and aduki bean wrapped in a big leaf. None of us have ever made it before so it was new to us. It was quite fun to figure out how to wrap it so the rice would not escape while cooking.

IMG 9880

Tony tried and failed. My mom tried and failed.

IMG 9881

but I did well…. not pretty, not equal sized, but it worked.

IMG 9882

Sofia loves it!!!! This girl loves all things made with glutinous rice. It was delicious!!!

IMG 9892

Lizzy has became such an easy-to-laugh baby. When she’s fed, she laughs when we talk to her.

IMG 0094

Last weekend we celebrated Tony’s first father’s day with a surprise gift from three women.

IMG 0073

Sofia even sing a song for him.

IMG 0059

and had a simple BBQ at the backyard.

IMG 0067

Summer has just started. It’s humid and hot, but it’s summery, relaxing and sunny. It puts us in a positive mode by default, we just need to follow. 🙂

Life lately

Since Lizzy is still so little, we can’t do much activities outside the house. We did take her out a couple of times, but I notice that she doesn’t get good rest while on the road. So we try to minimize that. When we go out, either my mom stays with Lizzy, or Tony stays with her.

Sofia has been an incredible sister. Although we’ve given a lot of attention to Lizzy, she never showed jealousy. She’s always been very understandable. Every time that I tell her that mommy can’t play with her at that moment because I had to feed Lizzy, she never complained. She’s also very eager to help. She’d bring the nursing pillow whenever I nurse Lizzy. If we’re downstairs and Lizzy cries while sleeping, Sofia wants to check on her for all of us. She also loves giving a lot of kisses and hugs to Lizzy, and insists every night that Lizzy watches her eat dinner.

IMG 0691

I am aware that I might be diverted some attention away from Sofia, so I’m making extra effort to make quality time with her whenever I can.

I took her to a ballet class with her best friend one day and she enjoyed so much.

2016 05 08 11 11 23

She’s so cute in the tutu. I signed up classes for her already starting in July, I’m sure she will enjoy it. This girl loves dancing. Whenever we put music, she wants to dance.

2016 05 08 11 58 40

We also went to Teri’s birthday party.

2016 05 14 10 17 58

it was in a playground so Sofia had fun climbing up

2016 05 14 10 58 24

and face painting

2016 05 14 11 34 20

the first thing she did when arriving home was to show her face to Lizzy

IMG 2469

We had her friend Laura over for dinner one day. These two girls know how to entertain themselves alone.

IMG 0716

Almost every weekend, my mom will take Sofia to the mall for some window shopping

IMG 0740

I’m so grateful to have my mom here who can devote 100% of her attention to Sofia.

IMG 0748

Sofia started to really like dolls. She’d grab my nursing pillow and her doll and pretend that she’s feeding her baby.

IMG 0754

She loves to imitate everything that mommy does. 🙂

IMG 0774

She started to really like posing for pictures. She has almost a daily photo session with grandma at the backyard.

IMG 0788

IMG 0790

IMG 9586

IMG 0842

We had a dentist appointment. It was the third time and she almost didn’t cry! YAY!!! I love that the place is set up for kids, all kind of distractions for them to cooperate.

IMG 9595

she loves going to playgrounds. She’s tiny but fearless. She’d try any equipment, even not age appropriate.

IMG 0847

Summer is her and we’ve been having weekly BBQs, the quickest and easiest meal ever.

IMG 9610

Sofia love it too.

IMG 9614

To celebrate Lizzy’s one month, we went to Yayla bistro, a mediterranean turkish restaurant.

IMG 9673

I feel blessed to have such beautiful family. Two lovely girls, one loving husband and the best mom in the world, all with me everyday!!!

IMG 9685

The food was delicious! It started with a turkish bread with olive spread.

IMG 9687

we ordered an assorted appetizers. My favorite was dolma.

IMG 9688

as main dish, we also ordered an assorted meat (beef, chicken, lamb and grounded beef). It came with rice and grilled vegetables. The best was the beef but the chicken was really tender and juicy too.

IMG 9692

and the flatbread as side.

We got a free dessert to share: a turkish rice pudding. Really sweet but tasty. Sofia had almost half of it.

IMG 9693

So… that’s what we’ve been doing other than admiring this face

IMG 9753

IMG 9765

IMG 9768

later …

Easter fun & ready to receive Lizzy

Life has been hectic lately… between late pregnancy discomfort, getting ready to receive Lizzy, paranoia with every symptom wondering if I’m going to labor, and preparing for a job interview… I’ve been tired, anxious and not in my peace mind lately. But… everything will be just fine… i know it will. 🙂

For Easter this year.. we took Sofia to two egg hunting events. The first one was hosted by Falls Church and there were hundreds of kids ready to “attack”

IMG 8727

IMG 8730

right after it started… Sofia run.. but this little girl was picky… she only wanted pink or purple eggs…

IMG 8733

so.. less than a minute or so… the fun ended

IMG 8736

but we got to take pics with Bunny

IMG 8738

weather is getting better these days… although still unpredictable… we just had snow this weekend. So we’ve been going to playgrounds more often

IMG 8748

on Sunday we went to another egg hunt organized by the neighbor church

IMG 8749

there were crafting stations before the hunting

IMG 8753

and this time.. Sofia proudly got a basket of eggs… 🙂

IMG 8758

we went to a indian restaurant last Friday, called Zaika

IMG 8782

we got a sampler appetizer

IMG 8784

a lamb curry, tandori chicken and nan. We all enjoyed the meal… I really liked the chicken and the basmati rice. I’m gonna make them at home soon. 🙂

IMG 8785

because I’m so close to my due date, I’ve been seeing friends/colleagues last minutes at work and at home. Laura paid us a visit last Sunday, she’s Sofia’s favorite little sister so far.

IMG 8786

Sofia is so ready to receive Lizzy. She’d “predict” when she’ll come.. but so far no luck.

IMG 8794

her monkey is her favorite friend nowadays.. she takes her to sleep.. to play, to eat… everywhere.

IMG 8801

enjoying her Saturday treat “ice cream”.

IMG 8805

We are so ready!!! I stopped going to work last Thursday because I thought she’d be here by now (today’s my due date), but so far nothing happened. We’d keep waiting for her grand arrival 🙂

Life lately

As we are approaching the end of one-child family… life gets busier. Between me trying to move to another job, preparing the house for the newborn, and me being comfortable most of the days… I don’t get accomplish much. But we’ve been having fun nonetheless

Sofia is getting more and more excited about the baby sister. She’s so ready to “take care” of her.

IMG 8591

my friend Natalia from Buenos Aires came to visit us for few days.

IMG 8601

she bounded immediately with Sofia.

IMG 8602

although the weather was quite chilly, we managed to do some tourist outing

IMG 8607

IMG 8610

IMG 8619

Sofia started to go to swimming class again, this time alone. I was afraid that she wouldn’t go to the pool alone with the instructor as the previous time she went with Tony. But nope, the girl surprised us by being totally fine going alone

IMG 8620

and had a total blast

IMG 8627

she truly enjoys herself in the water.. and going to swimming class every sunday morning excites her

IMG 8637

IMG 8640

we also went to her classmate’s birthday party, where she had fun with her favorite girlfriends Gaby and Sofia S. These girls fight and play everyday together.

IMG 8659

she used to be a shy and serious girl when she was a baby, but now, she’s outgoing and easy to make new friends. So proud of her.

IMG 8665

this pic melts my heart. Tony cleans her ears once a week, and she loves it!!!

IMG 8690

I’ve been cooking but forgot to take pics. Here’s a carrot cake I made

IMG 8629

and our new sunday tradition: homemade pizza. For this one I used Trader Joe’s pizza dough, topped with roasted chicken, pepper and mozzarella cheese. So easy and so yummy~~~

IMG 8687

Grandma is coming next Tuesday. So excited to have her back! She went away for 6 months… although it was great to be a family of 3, now that a new baby is coming, my mom’s help and presence will be so important to hold us all together and sane. 🙂

Playing catch up

I don’t know where my time went these last couple of weeks. Although work is not busy and we don’t do much during weekends, I still can’t find time to sit and write. Probably because I’m tired most of the time and all I want to do is to nap or just lie on the couch and read.

Two weeks ago we went to Laura’s birthday party. Sofia and Laura have became a close friend recently… they play so well together that adults can comfortably chat and “forget” about them for hours.

IMG 8328

Sofia enjoyed her cupcake frosting. She hates the actual cake though.

IMG 8331

They would sit together on the bed and watch cartoons together.

IMG 8333

the funniest thing is that they speak in shanghainese to each other. So cute!

IMG 8335

meanwhile… the pregnant mom sit and watch them play, and snack (obviously! )

IMG 8324

Then we celebrated Valentine’s day together. Roses + Chocolate, a classic.

IMG 8317

IMG 8365

We wanted to go out for brunch but everywhere was booked so we stayed at home and a simple meal

IMG 8364

stopped by the mall for some shopping

IMG 8362

on Sunday we made tofu curd… it came out perfect and it was so easy to make! Definitely making more.

IMG 8352

these two melt my heart when they are together 🙂

IMG 8370

another meal at home: baked salmon, scrambled eggs, sautéed chicken with cauliflower and black fungus, and bok choy. As I get bigger, I only cook proper meals during weekends these days… during the week, we eat very simple, 1-2 dishes top, or even just sweet potato baked with some frozen soup.

IMG 8373

we had another snow storm last week… Sofia demanded for some play time

IMG 8376

IMG 8381

and then, on Monday she got pink eyes. She woke up with swollen eyes but I didn’t pay much attention. After her nap, her eyes were really pink and swollen and excessive discharges. Tony suggests to take her to the ER right away. Glad we did that. She definitely had pink eyes. They gave us antibiotics and asked her to stay home for at least 24 hrs to avoid spreading to other kids.

IMG 8383

so on Tuesday we stayed home.

IMG 8388

Unfortunately I got pink eyes too, on Thursday, when Sofia was already cleared up. It is quite annoying but not painful. I’m still on antibiotic. 😦

Last Friday we went to a Chinese new year celebration organized at work

IMG 8398

enjoyed some Chinese food and performances

IMG 8395

This weekend I prepared another traditional breakfast dish… a gigantic savory pancake filled with churros. YUM YUM~~~

IMG 8502

on Sunday we went to the zoo. The weather was nice at first but ended up raining

IMG 8508

but we did have a lot of fun

IMG 8511

because we saw BeiBei!!! She is soooo cute, although a bit dumb because she was stuck on the tree the whole time… and even managed to take a nap there

IMG 8538

Sofia kept asking me where was Beibei’s mom, why she wasn’t coming to help her

IMG 8539

to her, babies are supposed to be with their moms… and moms take care of their child. 🙂

IMG 8542

we also saw Beibei’s sister

IMG 8545

who was having a feast

IMG 8551

all done and going home! 🙂 WE should revisit sometime soon because we didn’t get a chance to see the monkeys, Sofia’s favorite animal at the moment.

IMG 8553

I enjoy a lot outings with Sofia and Tony… I really want to do more now that the weather is getting warmer. But at the same time, I’m getting more and more uncomfortable these days… so I’m exhausted by the end of the week…. a tricky balance.