Time tracking day 2


3:00 woke up, realized that slept from 9:30pm until now without waking up! YAY! checked Lizzy on the monitor. She was awake looking at camera. So cute. She turned and fell asleep.

3:30 back to zzzz

5:45 got up, went downstairs, started pumping. Checked Lizzy, she started to stir.

5:50 went to nurse Lizzy

6:00 back to pumping while having cereal and coffee

6:30 changed and got ready for the run

6:35 run. Today was 4 miles easy.

7:20 back home. Prepared breakfast for Sofia and Tony. Finished packing lunches for me and Tony.

7:30 shower/change

7:35 nursed Lizzy

7:45 left the house. While Tony was driving, I did makeup.

8:30 dropped Sofia at the daycare and walk to the office.

9:00 breakfast time finally. Banana oatmeal with PB.

9:30 “work”

11:00 pumped 6 oz while looking at video and pics of Lizzy my mom sent me. Snacked brown rice cereal.

11:30 finished expense tracking, wrote yesterday’s post

12:30 went to the cafeteria to get a salad. I brought two eggs, beets and 1 delicate squash to complement. Browsed through pinterest to find the cake I’m gonna make for Sofia’s birthday


2:00 “work”

3:00 pumped 5.5 oz while reading about running

4:00 snack was an apple + 1/2 granola bar

5:00 checked with Tony about his leaving time

5:25 left office to meet with Tony at the metro station

5:35 walked to the daycare while catching up on our day

5:45 picked up Sofia. Way to home.

6:30 Lizzy was waiting us at the door step. So cute as usual. Since she was up since 5, we went to do bath/feeding with her first while Sofia started dinner with grand parents

7:00 dinner. I had bok choy with tofu, green beans and black fungus

7:30 had a steamed corn while checking blogs

7:40 strength workout

8:00 writing this post

8:15 night routine with Sofia. We read two books, sing a song and night night.

8:30 personal care (take off make up, brush teeth, change to Pj)

9:00 transferred Lizzy to bed and nursed her

9:15 chocolate milk, log workout. Tony came to bed and we chat.

9:50 zzzzzz




Time tracking Day 1

I got the idea of doing time tracking for 168 hours from Sarah. I know how my days go but I’m interested to learn how I spend my days in term of time spent at work, with my girls, with my husband, ME time and just life duties.

Day 1. Monday 9/19


5:45 woke up (another night of poor sleep, Lizzy woke up 4 times and I went to her twice).

5:50 go downstairs, drink water, eat high fiber cereal, coffee while pumping and check blogs

6:30 nurse Lizzy and change diaper

6:40 prepare breakfast for Sofia and Tony, pack breakfast for me and lunch for Tony

6:50 drive Tony to metro because he had an early dentist appt

7:00 back home, change/make up while having Lizzy on my bed

IMG 1612

I’ve became super fast doing my makeup, 5 min and I’m done

IMG 1613

7:30 nurse Lizzy one more time and ready to leave with Sofia

IMG 1614

Sofia gave her tons of kisses

IMG 1619

7:45-9:00 commute/drop Sofia to the daycare/walk to office

9:00 eat breakfast while checking emails/blogs

9:30 work

10:30 snack some almond milk with rice cereal

11:00 pump while working


12:30 eat lunch (soup + salad)

1:00 coffee with a friend

2:00 feeling really sleepy so just wonder around the internet

3:00 pump while trying hard to focus on work

5:00 went to buy something for my dad

5:20 leave office to pick up the car and Sofia. Tony was running late so we went without him

6:10 we arrived early so went to Tj’s to pick cereal, bread, cheese

6:20 pick up Tony at the metro station and went home

6:30 dinner

7:00 bath, nurse and put Lizzy to sleep in the swing

7:30 prepare next day breakfast for me (banana oatmeal), lunch for Tony (burrito bowl), lunch for me (beet and egg salad toppings and roasted delicata squash).

7:45 eat a corn checking blog

8:00 chat with Tony about our day while grandma started night routine with Sofia

8:30 sing a song to Sofia, kiss and hug and good night

8:50 made myself a cup of chocolate milk, check everything was ready for next day, kiss Tony and went upstairs

8:55 transfer Lizzy to the crib, put sleep sack and nurse her one more time

9:00 log in weekend running, read two articles from the book

IMG 1622

9:35 turn off the light and zzzz

pretty typical day for me. 🙂

Journal: busy day running around

5:10am woke up and once more surprised that Lizzy didn’t wake up last night. This girl really likes her sleep. It has been 4 days in a row that she doesn’t wake up to eat at night. Are we really into sleep-through-the-night mode? Finger crossed.

I pumped 8 oz., had coffee and some cereal and hit the road for my morning run. I look forward to it everyday. Although the training plan calls for rest today, I still felt like running. So, I did 3 miles at very slow pace.

IMG 0418

7:30 am: when I came back all the family was up. Sofia dressed but haven’t started breakfast, Tony was up feeding Lizzy, mom getting ready for Sofia’s breakfast and me all sweaty mess.

IMG 0425

I took a shower, prepared breakfast for Tony and myself. I had another egg-cheese wrap.

IMG 0405

8:30am Tony, Sofia and I left the house. It was Tony’s second day at work. I was the designated driver for ms. Sofia and mr. Tony.

10am: I arrived home and had a white peach.

IMG 0473

I pumped again and went to Target. They’re running a huge promotion so we’re stalking up some diapers for Lizzy. It was our 3rd trip this week. Maybe we’ll go back again 1-2 times to get more.

IMG 0420


11:45am: Lizzy was just waking up from her morning nap. It is 3.5 hrs nap!!! Grandma fed her while I unpacked things.

IMG 0423

I also went to Teeters to get italian ice for Tony, and ArticZero for me. I’m trying to cut back on my kabocha consumption at night. Let’s see if the ice cream does the trick.

IMG 0421

Then I played with Lizzy for a while

IMG 0436

she’s such a happy baby. She smiles at me when I talk to her. Sometimes she even “speaks ” back.

IMG 0439

12:45pm Lizzy back to her swing for another nap. I pumped while I was preparing for my lunch. So efficient, right?

1:25pm lunch time.

IMG 0443

farmer’s lettuce from Teeters (really tastes like those from farmer’s market but half of the price), tomato, red onion (so sweet after soaking at water for 10 min), cucumber, roasted beet and pan fried tempeh. Dressed with olive oil, fig balsamic, lemon, mustard and salt.

IMG 0444

few squares of chocolate for dessert.

IMG 0446

2pm I was catching up with important pics and writing yesterday’s long catching up post.

IMG 0445

2:45pm Lizzy was up. I think it was because her room was too hot. It was 88F. Otherwise she’d take longer naps. I fed her first.

IMG 0447

then played

IMG 0453

took a lot pics to show Tony later

IMG 0454

put her back to nap at 3:45pm. Then I did the MUTU system intensive workout #1, core workout #2, and Tracy’s arm workout. I like listening youtube videos while I workout because I’ve done those many times and no need to focus on watching them.

IMG 0457

I also did few exercises my physical therapist gave me.

IMG 0460

4:40pm I had some pistachios before heading out the door.

IMG 0461

5:15pm arrived at Sofia’s daycare and she was cooking. This girl loves cooking, as her teacher says, kitchen is her favorite play area. I guess that’s because she just wants to be her mama. 🙂

IMG 0463

5:30pm Tony texted me that he arrived the station which is one block away from the daycare. So we went out to meet with them and drove back home together.

6pm: Dinner was almost ready when we arrived. Mom told me that Lizzy woke up right after I left, so just 45 min nap, again due to the heat. Fortunately she didn’t complain and was happily playing at the playmat when we arrived.

For dinner we had salmon head soup with tofu, scrambled eggs with tomato, sautéed kibosha and sautéed romaine lettuce.

IMG 0467

6:45pm Bath time. Although it was almost 2 hrs since Lizzy woke up from her last nap. She  was still content by then, even laughed at me when I undressed her.

IMG 0468

I fed her and put her to sleep (in the swing).

7:30pm Dessert time! For couple of months, I’ve been having big bowl of kabocha as dessert, but last night I had articzero. It was really good. Perfect for the summer. But to be honest, I missed my bowl of kabocha.

IMG 0469

then I laid on the coach reading my old blog. I read about my experience running my first half marathon. I still vividly remember how much I enjoyed the 2 months training and the final race.

IMG 0470

I had an idea. What about running another one? like… in 8 weeks? is it possible? should I do it? why not? what prevent me from not doing it? I’m already running 4-5 times a week. If I train like I did last time, I can definitely run another in September or October this year.

This idea kept my mind busy the whole evening…. and I’m still not decided, more yes than no. Maybe if I find someone to run with me, then I’ll do it? Let’s see.

9pm: pumped for the last time.

IMG 0471

had a cup of chamomile tea.

IMG 0472

in bed by 9:30pm.

Should I run or shouldn’t I run? that’s the question.

Journal: 24 hrs at 3 weeks (Lizzy)

Re-learning newborn days is easy when you have journal written that went through the same process. I enjoyed reading the ones I wrote when Sofia was born, so let’s do more with Lizzy too.

I didn’t realize how “difficult” were those days with Sofia, but reading the journals I noticed that Sofia wasn’t sleeping well during the day and I was busy entertaining her most of the days until she was about 6 weeks. Well… Lizzy is good sleeper. Maybe because I know what to do, or I got lucky again or she’s just a great sleeper. Most of the days she takes several naps and I have plenty of time for myself. Yesterday not so much but it wasn’t a bad either. Let’s recap

6:10am.. nurse Lizzy for 16 min and she passed out

2016 05 09 06 55 43

I put her in the crib and she slept 1 hr 20 min

2016 05 09 07 10 58

7:15 am: I went to Sofia’s room and she was already awake

2016 05 09 07 11 26

I lied down with her for a couple of minutes and talk about our day

2016 05 09 07 11 45

then I changed her and she brushed her teeth

2016 05 09 07 21 46

grandma did her hair while she had breakfast (homemade WW bread with goat cheese and almond butter)

2016 05 09 07 31 09

I already had decaf capucchino and cereal in the morning. For breakfast I had two eggs in fermented rice soup (took the rice away)

2016 05 09 07 39 13

then Lizzy was up and hungry.

2016 05 09 08 54 28

after nursing her… I pumped for 10 min. (starting to build a stash)

2016 05 09 10 04 36

had water and white fungus soup

2016 05 09 10 04 45

she didn’t want to nap in the crib… so I put her in the swing and she fell asleep within 10 min

2016 05 09 10 05 13

an hour later she was up again and wanted to eat

2016 05 09 10 58 48

fully awake after one breast… I let her rest while I snacked some walnuts

2016 05 09 11 34 23

she went to take another nap and I prepared lunch. A cheesy kale salad with zucchini, apple and roasted chickpea. For the dressing I used:

  • 1/2 cup silken tofu
  • 2 Tb olive oil
  • 2 Tb nutritional yeast
  • 1 tb mustard
  • 1 lemon juice and zest
  • S+P

It was so delicious, love the cheesy flavor of the nutritional yeast.

2016 05 09 12 37 24

and followed by a steamed corn

2016 05 09 13 00 02

I also pumped once more after feeding Lizzy in the afternoon too but this time not much was coming out.

2016 05 09 16 47 42

I continued reading this new book which is super interesting… and I took an hour nap. I woke up with Lizzy’s cry. Milk was needed.

2016 05 07 19 47 02

by 5:30pm Sofia was back home. She gave me a big hug and kiss. Love seeing her happy face!

2016 05 09 17 32 51

We played with Lizzy for a bit

2016 05 09 17 37 27

and we had dinner (6:15pm)

2016 05 09 18 02 37

I had dessert: black rice aduki bean porridge

2016 05 09 18 51 44

Sofia played ping-pong with Tony

2016 05 09 18 55 21

while I had some ME time eating kabocha

2016 05 09 19 03 21

then Sofia and I curled up in the coach for some reading time

2016 05 09 19 35 00

she knows that I only read her in spanish so she brings all her spanish books.

2016 05 09 19 35 11

then at 8pm, grandma helped her with shower and teeth brushing. At 8:20pm it was my turn to finish the night routine. We read two books (Sofia and I read one each), sing one song (3 times), kiss and hug to end the day.

2016 05 09 20 18 39

I stepped out and checked on Lizzy… she was still sleeping (from 7pm).

2016 05 09 20 31 07

Tony and I lied on the bed waiting for Lizzy to wake up. But I was too sleepy by 9:10pm so I took a nap. Tony and Lizzy showed up 20 min later. Tony already changed her diaper. I nurse her and she went to her room and slept until 12:50am. Another sleepy nursing session (both me and Lizzy), Tony took her back and she slept until 4:20am. I nursed her while Tony went to sleep in the basement so he can sleep well for few hours.

I tried to sleep a bit more but half awake in case Lizzy cries. She did… at 5:40am. I suspect she didn’t eat much at the earlier feeding so she was a bit hungry. I nursed her for 10 min, put her back to the crib and she slept for an hour and 20 min, until it was time to start the day at 7:20am.

That was our day:

Total sleep time for Lizzy: 15 hrs.

Total sleep time for me: 6 hrs at night with 4 wake ups, and an hour nap.

Diaper changed: 7

Nursing: 2’47”

I’m grateful that grandma is here to help out taking care of Sofia, Tony to be here to take the night shift so I get to rest well, Sofia for being a good kid and big sister, and Lizzy for being a good baby. 🙂

Journal: expecting

I haven’t blogged about a life in day for quite a while, and since I’m staying at home waiting for Liz’s big arrival… i thought recording one of these last days of a family of 4 (counting my mom).

I wake up at 6:15am. It wasn’t a good night sleep because Tony was snoring since 2am and I was awake until 5 or so, but it was fine. I didn’t anything planned for the day so it didn’t bother me.

IMG 8884

I took a big glass of warm water, and then morning capucchino with a small bowl of Tj’s high fiber cereal.

IMG 8885

7am: I do 45 min ellipticals while watching House. Then followed by 10 min of arm work.

IMG 8886

then I go upstairs. Sofia was up already, giving a hard time to grandma to brush her teeth

IMG 8887

I asked mom to leave and let her to do it by herself, which she’s totally capable of.

IMG 8891

8:15am: I had a homemade waffle with LC  + 1 egg + 1 egg white

IMG 8892

way to the daycare

IMG 8893

then I w went to the doctor because I had infection in my finger… eh… painful and disgusting

IMG 8895

we stopped by Walmart to pick up some mason jars. Once at home, I made a tea and had a gigantic orange. Navel orange is the best!!! The larger, the merrier! 🙂

IMG 8896

12:30pm… time to prepare lunch. We’ve been buying shrimp with heads and I saved the heads to make a yummy porridge.

IMG 8897

final product: shrimp head porridge made with oatmeal and napa cabbage! I love it so much!!!

IMG 8898

dessert was a decaf capucchino and two chocolates

IMG 8900

around 3pm, I had a small snack. Roasted kabocha + protein powder. It was just ok..

IMG 8901

after I was done doing things in the computer. I lie on the coach for some reading and took a cat nap.  I’m re-reading Lots of Candles, plenty of Cake. Really liked the chapter on relationships and girlfriends.

IMG 8902

5pm: I walked on the treadmill for an hour. I’ve started taking long walks (4-5 miles) outdoor to try to trigger labor, so far nothing happened but I think it helped to prepare my body for the labor. Yesterday it was chilly and sunny outside, and the urge to pee all the time made outdoor walking more uncomfortable, so I decided to stay home.

IMG 8904

when I was done, dinner was ready and Sofia was back from daycare. We had winter melon soup and a chinese cucumber salad.

IMG 8905

Tony spent few minutes with his “toy’s”, he’s trying to grow a garden at backyard.

IMG 8925

while I prepared my dessert: kabocha! It’s a must!

IMG 8927

Sofia took a walk with grandma around the neighbor and came to make me company.. such a sweet girl.

IMG 8928

I felt few mild contractions here and there…. so I decided to make oatmeal just in case we need to rush to the hospital later at night.

IMG 8930

8pm: time for bath. Sofia took a shower and was ready to get dressed.

IMG 8931

I read Buenas noches Luna to her, and she read I’m a big sister to me.

IMG 8934

we sing few songs on the bed together, gave each other tons of kisses and hugs and called it a night.

Then Tony gave me a massage, we cuddle a bit to see if contractions continued. Nothing happened. 😦 I was feeling sleepy around 10pm, so I turn the light off. 🙂

It was a laid back day, typical as of life lately. I know it will get busier when Liz arrives, so I’m totally enjoying every minute of it.

Journal: our days lately

I haven’t done a day in life post for a long long time. And yesterday when I was having my morning coffee, I thought why not.

5:13am: morning decaf cappuccino while reading bloglovin. I was still on old time… so It was actually 6:13am for real, still quite early.

IMG 9740

6:00am: working out for an hour with a brief interruption of accompanying Sofia to pee. She’ll play in her room afterwards until I finish working out.
7:00am: shower, get ready and get Sofia ready for the day.

7:30am: breakfast. Sofia had pancake with almond butter and syrup.

IMG 9741

I had oatbran with pumpkin and chia seed, topped with two eggs.

IMG 9745

8:15am: on the way to work.

9:00am: arrived at the daycare. Stay for 5 min while Sofia plays legos and head to the office.

10:20am: morning snack, hot chocolate made with almond milk
IMG 9753

1:00pm: lunch with a friend. I had a salad with mix greens, beets, jicama salad, and turkey. And a side of roasted acorn squash with green chili sauce.

IMG 9754

2:30pm: coffee with cream + homemade oatmeal pumpkin cake

IMG 9755

IMG 9756

4:30pm: a large pomelo to get daily VC.

IMG 9757

5:30pm: time to pick up my baby. I always look forward this moment, to see how happy she is to see me. 6:10pm: arrived home. Cook dinner very quickly because we are always starving by then. Munching on some fruit o’ cereals from Tj’s, Sofia’s food actually.

IMG 9763

Tonight’s dinner is sautéed bok choy with firm tofu, and pan-fried wonton (leftover from the time mom was here!)

IMG 9760

later I had a bowl of kabocha and Sofia had clementine

IMG 9762

7:00pm: book time. We read 1-2 books in the sofa every night. Lately Sofia started to read it for me instead. How nice!

IMG 9764

8:00pm: night routine begins. Tony assists Sofia to pee, brush her teeth, and shower. I am in charge of dressing her, another book and say goodnight.

IMG 9765

8:30pm: I’m back to my room, soak my feet while having some private moment with Tony before he starts his “work”.

8:45pm: I read for 30 min before falling asleep. good night!

IMG 9767

That’s a pretty typical day for us. 🙂