Thoughts: random thoughts

Work got busy lately but exciting too so I didn’t have time to blog over the weekend. But feel the urge to do some random updates:

  • Lizzy is really cute these days but I don’t get to spend much time with her. Only in the morning to nurse her, then she goes back to sleep so we don’t get to see her before leaving the house. Then in the evening, we get to see her during dinner, followed by a short bath, and nurse time again. I am afraid that she’s growing too fast for me to catch it.
  • However, I try to spend one-to-one time with Lizzy during weekends or on Fridays when I stay at home. She’s so lovely, always smiling at me, wanting me to play with her.
  • I have to admit that it was not love at first sight with Lizzy, but 6 months later, she has really grown in me. She makes my heart so happy. And LOVE LOVE her chubby thighs.
  • Sofia is growing so fast developmentally, not physically. She’s still petite among her friends, but mentally she’s so advanced. Although sometimes I get inpatient when she asks whys nonstop, she really learns from it a lot. She connects the dots between things. Make sense of what’s happening. And loves me so much despite how often I yell at her, and how strict I am with her. Often times I feel like a terrible mom. But her love to me is as unconditional as my love toward her.
  • I miss couple time with Tony. With both of us working and he studying at night, it’s hard to get time alone when both of our minds are dedicated to each other. But we are trying. And I get less anxious about it. If we don’t get to have one-to-one time in a day, no big deal. I still know he loves me and I love him.
  • Even when we disagree on things or have bad feelings toward each other, those moments pass by quickly. I guess we’ve transitioning to a married-couple status.
  • With busy work and busy life overall, I feel like less connected with my friends. Friendship needs investment, needs to be nourished, and that requires time. I know it’s excuse, I just need to prioritize it more.
  • Running has and still is my therapy. Every morning I step out for my run, I’m happy. After I finish it, I’m happy. I feel great the day following a run. My run is my addition and I happily have it everyday.
  • Well… not everyday. I do give my body two days of rest per week. But to be honest, except on the day after the long run, it’s hard to not run. Last week I didn’t run one day and felt terrible (dizzy, sleepy) the whole day.
  • There are three upcoming races: 10k, 15k and 5k. Exciting!
  • I watched the NYC marathon and when Molly crossed the finish time, I almost cried.
  • I’m bored with food, my mom’s cooking specifically. I know I should be grateful that she cooks for us every day, but I crave new food, new culinary adventures.
  • Still loving my breakfasts: Tj’s multigrain sourdough toasts with eggs, goat cheese and LC.
  • My appetite level has been unpredictable lately. One day I’m starving all day long, other days I don’t want food. Still loving kabocha and corns. Those are my saviors.
  • Wanting to go on vacation with the family… just don’t know where. oh… we’re going to Boston for the Thanksgiving. Just four of us. super excited!

Enough rambling for now.


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