Life lately October – first anniversary

Someone started solids (just few days before Lizzy turned 6 months)

!!! YEY! Let’s the fun begin. First I prepared her rainbow carrots

IMG 1969

then made cooked lentils

IMG 1973

she was curious to explore

IMG 1971

but milk still tasted better

IMG 1967

Grandma has been taking her for walk once a day and she loves it

IMG 1978

And I love taking the girls to the playground on weekends, even nicer when Tony comes along too

IMG 2004

IMG 2015

Sunday is my long run day and I love it. First because I get to run with Tony for 2-3 miles, then I’ll have solo run for 5-6 more. When I come back home, Tony already gone with Sofia for her swimming class, which means I get to enjoy peaceful breakfast by myself. Still loving the toast + eggs + cheese + avocado combo

IMG 2010

More birthday parties to attend (2 that weekend)

IMG 2011

Sofia still loves her ballet class

IMG 2056

Last Saturday 10/22 Tony and I went on a date to celebrate our first anniversary. The actual date of anniversary is 10/27, but I’ll be in Brazil that day for work, so we celebrate it the day before I left. It was a gorgeous day

IMG 2062

we went to the French restaurant Chez Francois.. one of my favorite place in VA

IMG 2102

IMG 2067

we had the fix menu that started with a fennel soup with a very intense white wine flavor which I really liked

IMG 2072

for appetizer, Tony had mussels










and I had mushroom crepe (I always have this when I come here)

IMG 2075

for main dish, Tony had the lamb

IMG 2076

and I had the seafood stew, love it

IMG 2077

we both enjoyed a lot the food and each others company. Now with two kids is harder to have time alone as couple, but I’m glad that we both think it’s something important for us to keep our intimacy so we make an extra effort for it to happen.

IMG 2081

sometimes I still find myself amazed by this new life. I could never imagined we would be together, so in love, and with two lovely girls.

IMG 2089

cheers for more years in love to come!!!

IMG 2094

IMG 2106


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