Life: catching up & apple picking

After a low-key weekend, our schedule got packed up again last weekend. Well… life of two kids just got interesting.  First few recap of past few weeks

Sofia had a birthday party at her school on her actual birthday (9/26).

IMG 1743

we sing a song, all her classmates gave her either a hug/kiss/good luck, and we had chocolate cake.

IMG 1749

but then the teacher told me she lost the pics of that day so we had another party last week… the teachers brought cupcakes for the kids

IMG 1868

this girl had two chocolate cupcakes with frosting and all.

IMG 1877

IMG 1881

Lizzy is loving mama’s milk. She’s taking 6-7 oz. twice a day while I’m at work and could probably take another one if we let her. To save her appetite for when I’m back home, grandma gives her 4-5 oz. instead.

IMG 1761

she’s so happy these days… smiling at us all the time as long as her tummy is full

IMG 1769

IMG 1773

oh… she loves exploring with her mouth

IMG 1779

I took Sofia to have dinner with a friend one Friday as “girls’ night out”, she loved it!

IMG 1800

had adult-like meal and finished it all

IMG 1803

she had shrimp with grits and I had sea scallop with corn, mushrooms and spinach. Delicious both of them.

IMG 1805

she behaved really well during dinner time while I chat with my friend

IMG 1810

post running fuel lately: toasts + eggs + goat cheese.

IMG 1812

want to eat this face too!

IMG 1847

I took a Friday off to relax after the weekend of Sofia’s birthday party which left me exhausted. So Tony took Sofia to daycare by taking the metro. Sofia really liked the experience and asked for more.

IMG 1851

Last week’s lunch at work: quinoa + cauliflower/eggplant/zucchini/tofu cooked in tahini/miso/ginger sauce. YUM~

IMG 1867

Weekend activities:

Saturday: Tony and I went to IIF to see my advisor giving a talk. It was really interesting. And meeting with my advisor was even better! I missed her and it was really nice to reconnect. We might visit her in Boston this coming Thanksgiving.

Then I took Sofia to ballet class.  After lunch and nap, we were ready to go to a colleague’s birthday party with my girl

IMG 1892

again she got her face painted in butterflies.

IMG 1897

Sunday started with 10 miles run for me and a swimming class for Sofia. After that, we went to do groceries with grandparents. Lunch, nap, and had friends over to make and eat wonton together.

Monday started with a BIG EVENT, starting solid for Lizzy.

IMG 1899

we introduced kabocha mixed with breast milk.

IMG 1907

she DID great! making funny face and finished 1/4 cup worth of food.

IMG 1909

then we went to apple picking

IMG 1913

IMG 1918

first time carrying her and she didn’t complain

IMG 1920

IMG 1924

unfortunately the kind of apple we liked (cameo) was out… so we didn’t buy any but we did have a lot of fun. Sofia had fun eating apples on the spot and feeding animals

IMG 1925

IMG 1926

IMG 1932

IMG 1938

My friend Susan also took her family, so it was a nice family trip.

IMG 1933

Loving the pumpkin season!!!



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