Running: weekly recap 8/22-8/28

Last week training recap:

Monday- Rest. I still woke up early so I did 20 min runner’s yoga and 30 min of strength work (MUTU intensive workout 3 and core 3)

Tuesday- speed work. I find speed work challenging but fun because it switches between 1-2 min of burst and 2 min of recovery. Time flies because I’m constantly getting ready for the burst.

Wednesday- foundation workout. I do my usual loop of 4.25 miles. It feels easy and relax, so I focus listening my podcast. I did strength workout in the afternoon, sweaty 30 min.

Thursday- cross training which was 10.5 miles cycling. It was nice to see my dear husband on my way back.

Friday- tempo run. 10 min + 18 min + 10 min. It was humid so it felt extra challenging. I always find myself running faster recovery time (the last 10 min) just 10-15 secs slower than my tempo run, but my warm up pace could be a min slower. I was running errands that day and didn’t want to do the strength workout, but I  knew how important is strength workout to my running, so I did it after feeding Lizzy in the afternoon.

Saturday- rest. The whole family went for a morning “workout”. It was Tony’s mini long run (3.6 miles). I took Sofia and Lizzy with me to make him company. It was nice to be outside in the morning walking with my girls and waiting to my husband on his way back. I bet he feels specially motivated when he knows we’d be waiting for him. I’m so proud of him to be running 5 days a week already, and so happy to be able to share this passion of mine with the love of my life.

Sunday- simulator run. I first thought 8.1 miles wouldn’t be as hard as 10 miles run I did last weekend. But I was wrong. 8.1 miles plus 1 mile of warming and 5 min cool down equals almost 10 miles. Furthermore, 8.1 miles has to be run at race pace. I started slow, warming at 10:30 min/mile. Then I quickly got into 9 min/mi. Few miles in, I was running at 8:45 min/mi. I knew if I could keep up 8:50 min/mi, I’d finish under 2 hrs on the 1/2 marathon. So I kept pushing but it wasn’t too hard. Then when I turned at half way point, my pace slowed down a bit, to 8:52 min/mi. It was a combination of getting tired and the fact that it was up hill all the way back. I had the 1/2 GU and water with electrolytes. I felt strong and kept pushing to maintain at least 8:50 min/mi. Then by mile 6-8, I could feel that my legs were getting tired but I knew I could push them to finish strong. I finished 8.1 miles averaging 8:49 min/mi. I cool down a bit more than 5 min and ended up doing 10.15 miles in total. It was definitely more challenging than last week’s 10 miles because for quite a long time I kept a relatively fast pace for me. I’m not sure I could maintain the pace for 3 more miles. Hopefully the high of being in the race would push me.

The rest of the Sunday I felt extra tired and sore legs, but life went on so I didn’t have too much time to rest specially because I needed to mentally and physically getting ready to start going to work the next day (making sure I pack everything I need for work and pumping). In the afternoon I took Tony to a running store to buy him a knee support and do a treadmill test to know which running shoe is good for me. I saw the compression socks, I’ve been wanting to try them for a while wondering what’s the hype about. I tried a pair, didn’t feel anything special, then I took it for after just wearing for 5 min. Instantly I noticed my calve felt much much better. I was hooked. I ordered a pair when i got home. 😀

I tried to eat more during the day hoping to tame the hunger beast the next day.

Breakfast: toasts + 2 eggs + LC + PB

AM snack: goat yogurt

Lunch: black bean pasta + roasted eggplant and broccoli + tofu/tahini/nutritional yeast sauce

PM snack: gigantic corn + high fiber cereal + munches of snacks at home

Dinner: pan fried cod with butter + green beans with spinach

Dessert: one pound of kabocha roasted

Before bed: chocolate almond milk.

Let’s see how my hunger level is tomorrow. But just to be safe, I’ll take enough snacks with me to work.