Lizzy: 4 months old

Lizzy turned 4 months old last week. Look how much she grew the last two months. From a tiny little cute girl… to a chubby girl with the cutest thigh and coolest hair style baby!!!

IMG 0705

IMG 1173

IMG 1189

I’m amazed by how happy she is everyday. Whenever she wakes up from a nap and sees up going to pick her up, she’d smile at us nonstop. She also smiles at me when I talk to her… babble to her… play with her. She’s just a happy baby. She brings so much happiness to our family.

IMG 0881

we started to take her out more often and she always behaves really really well.

IMG 0537

IMG 0573

she’s been obsessed with eating her hands

IMG 0598

stare at us with her big eyes and cute face

IMG 3259

yeah~~~~ she’s chubby

IMG 0765

Schedule: We don’t follow any schedule but she’s naturally developed a schedule. Wakes up between 6:30-7:30am, goes down for her nap 8:30-9am, wakes up between 11-12, goes down 12-1pm. Wakes up again around 3-4pm, goes down at 5pm, and wakes up to have dinner with us around 6pm. Then night routine starts with bath by Tony, then eats, then sleeps in the swing until 9pm (when I’m ready to go to bed), I’d transfer her to the crib after I nurse her while she’s mostly asleep.

She eats whenever she wakes up from the nap and plays a bit before going to nap. So, we loosely follow EASY.

IMG 3198

Sleep: she naps in the swing during the day, usually 1.5-2.5 hrs. She doesn’t fuss when she goes to sleep. We don’t help her but let her to fall asleep by herself. She started to sleep through the night around 3months, waking up around 4-5am. But then she started to roll to her tummy but can’t roll back, so she’d wake up crying asking for help. If that happens, I have to nurse her, otherwise she’d keep rolling and doesn’t sleep. When she started to roll, sometimes she wakes up 2-3 times, but it has been better lately because she now can fall asleep in her tummy. When that happens, she still sleep through the night.

I know… I’m so lucky to have such a good sleeper. Even in those nights that she wakes up, I don’t mind just going to nurse her because I know this period is so short and soon she won’t need my comfort.

We still need to transition her to nap in the crib… yeah…. will start soon.

IMG 0860

Eating: she eats well, has became more efficient nursing. Usually she nurses both side in less than 15 min. If she gets a bottle, she has 3.5-4oz.  Since she’s growing well, I don’t worry if one day she eats less.

IMG 0945

Doctor visit: she woke up extra warm one day but acted normal. But after her morning nap, she woke up very fussy and crying. She didn’t want to nurse either. So I knew something was wrong. I took temperature and she definitely had fever (close to 39C). We went to the doctor 2 hours later. She didn’t have any infection so doctor ordered to take tylenol until fever comes down. One tylenol later, she was happy as herself. But then two days later, fever came back. It was not as high as the first time but fever nonetheless. Just to be extra safe, we took her to the doctor again. This time we did strep test, urine test and blood test. All came back good, just indicating presence of virus. So nothing to worry about, just wait until it goes away (usually 5 days). She acted normal, ate well and slept well, so we didn’t worry and fever didn’t come back.

She behaved so well during doctor visit and went through all the test without much fuss. Such a lovely girl.

IMG 0984


  • hands munching
  • roll into tummy
  • grab things and our fingers
  • smiles at us on “demand”
  • babbling funny sounds

IMG 0990

IMG 0994

her head control is getting better although still can’t hold herself

IMG 1109

and lastly she LAUGHS all the time!!! 😀

IMG 1126

IMG 1148

IMG 5188

Stats on 8/19/2016

weight: 13 lb. 15 oz. (45th)

height: 25 in (73rd)

HC: 16.44 in (82nd)