Running: morning routine

I’ve developed a routine for my morning runs, something that I look forward to everyday from the moment I wake up.

5:34am I wake up by myself (rarely need an alarm)

Step 1: check weather, both temperature and humidity (hate when it’s above 70). It was hot already and humid!!!! Well… more will power from me then.

IMG 1092

Step 2: check how I slept, particularly deep sleep. Whenever I get more than an hour of deep sleep, I feel rested. Not that day. More will power then!

IMG 1093

Step 3: check how Lizzy is sleeping to know whether I should nurse her first or pump.

IMG 1094

Step 4: pump and store

IMG 1095

Step 5: drink 1-2 big glass of water. On that day, it was long run so I had a packet of instant oatmeal with maple and brown sugar. I also prepared the water to carry on.

IMG 1096

Step 6: choose the podcast. It is so important to have a good podcast for my runs. I’m obsessed with Run to the Top. I think I’ve listened to 90% of them and there are over 100.

IMG 1097

Step 7: put the shoe and get out!

IMG 1098

Step 8: select the workout of the day and run! (just noticed that my garmin has the wrong date, it should have been a sunday!)

IMG 1099

Sun was just coming out. It was a quiet morning but beautiful.

IMG 1101

After my run.. I came home… drunk more water, stretched and showered. Then it was fueling time. I’ve been doing toasts with goat cheese or LC, with turkey or two sunny eggs.

IMG 1002

I don’t get hungry usually after the run so I don’t need an extra large breakfast. But I make sure I eat within an hour to help with the recovery. But the day after the long run? ITS RUNGER TIME. That needs another post. 🙂