Postpartum: 3 months

Stats: 3 lbs below pre-pregnancy, just like like time with Sofia. Waist still 2 cm off from before pregnancies so most of the weight came from butt, thigh and rest of the body.

Although I gained 9 lbs more this time. I was still 8 lbs. up at 6 weeks, so I lost 11 lbs over 6 weeks. Woo… that’s a lot. I think it’s a combination of exclusive breastfeeding (over supply again this time, about 6-8 oz extra per day) and running. Once I started running around 6-7 weeks postpartum, the weight just melt away. Need to up my food intake to keep my training and not lose more weight.

Regarding Diastasis Recti. I’d say my gap is less than 1 cm now. I did physical therapy for a month or so, twice a week, and followed MUTU system regime exactly as prescribed. Most of the exercises from MUTU system are the same ones that my physical therapy recommended me to do. So I am really happy with MUTU. It requires time commitment though, so I’m lucky to be on maternity leave. I do both the core and intensive exercises 3-5 times a week. It takes about 40 min each day. I get sweaty after it. It makes my core, back, glut and legs stronger, perfect strength training for my running. So happy with it. I think I’ll continue to do those after I finish the program (in 1 week).

IMG 0918

IMG 0921

IMG 0922

I’m one of the luckiest ones to bounce back pretty quickly. I think part is gene, but most importantly the healthy life style. Eating clean and exercising regularly do wonders to our body.

This is probably my last pregnancy, although it was harder than the first one, I still enjoyed it. I still find amazing how I was able to grow a person inside me, feed her and give her birth, and still make her grow until now. I hope I can continue exclusive breastfeeding until she’s ready to wean, but at least for a year. It’s such an amazing experience, both physically and mentally. 🙂


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