Life: weekend routines

I used to think those stay at home moms are so lucky because they have plenty of time for themselves. Well…. not so true because now that I’m temporary taking that role, I find myself busy during the week for no reason. I keep running errands in the mornings. I have a long to-do list everyday to tackle. Groceries shopping takes a lot of time now that we have 5.5 people in the house.

IMG 0588

Fortunately coming home and see this face makes me smile

IMG 0589

oh… she smiles a lot too, specially when I play with her.

IMG 0608

We got our first batch of potatoes!!! Look how cute they are and really tasty too.

IMG 0617

Last weekend: Saturday mornings are dedicated to soccer game.

IMG 0622

Sofia and Tony warming up

IMG 0620

Sofia plays and eats her fruits while I got to relax. Then at noon is Sofia’s ballet class.

IMG 0631

She’s going to Tiny Dancers and the place is really cute. A small studio where parents get to see them the whole time.

IMG 0633

Each week there’s a theme, they read a book and dress afterwards, and a parade with their costume for the parents.

IMG 0636

first week’s theme was bubble bee

IMG 0638

IMG 0642

Sofia had a lot of fun!

IMG 0648

Saturday evening we went to a friend’s new house for BBQ

IMG 0650

what a great feast!

IMG 0655

Sunday I started with 7 miles run. Unfortunately I didn’t feel strong in that run. Maybe because I didn’t carb load the night before? maybe because I didn’t sleep enough? Need to try another meal and sleep more this week.

IMG 0656

when I came home, my lovies were watching soccer game and having breakfast

IMG 0658

Sofia is getting into soccer games with Tony

IMG 0659

then it was her swimming class

IMG 0666

followed by lunch at Iron Chef with friends

IMG 0678

IMG 0672

IMG 0682


On July 18th Lizzy turned 3 months!!!

IMG 0686

she’s such a fun girl to play with

IMG 0713

this weekend we did pretty much the same… soccer saturday morning

IMG 0741

then ballet

IMG 0744

Sunday was my 5k race! 🙂

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