Life: race is on & weekend happening

After 24 hrs of deep thought! I signed up for the September 12, 2016 Park half marathon, the same one that I did 6 years ago!!! 😀 What pushed me to make the decision was great memory I have from that training, the sense of accomplishment I had after each of the long runs, support from Tony and knowing that 4 of my friends are running it too, 2 of them run with me last time. I’m super excited about it.

On Sunday I did 6 miles. My plan was to run it slow so I could increase mileage. When I finished.. I felt great, so great that I could run probably 1-2 miles more. And it turned out, I wasn’t too slow.

IMG 0526

There’s 9 weeks to go until the race day and I’ve written down my plan. Both for the half marathon and continuing with MUTU. Glad that I’m on maternity leave so I can spend 2 hrs per day training.

IMG 0563

Lizzy started to play in the playmat and she seems to like it. She could lie down there by herself for half an hour. Sofia loves to join her.

IMG 0484

Saturday morning we stayed at home and had BBQ for lunch

IMG 0497

because Sofia and I had a girls night planned. We went to see Cirque Italia

IMG 0501

it was our first time going to cirques and it was quite fun

IMG 0504

Sofia was definitely excited to watch the show

IMG 0505

IMG 0507

IMG 0514

IMG 0523

Sunday morning was swimming class for Sofia. Then we went to have lunch at Iron Chef

IMG 0527

We ordered 3 appetizers: a spicy seafood soup (I had it almost all of it!)

IMG 0529

shrimp dumpling (mostly consumed by Sofia)

IMG 0530

grilled squid

IMG 0531

Sushi deluxe

IMG 0532

Sashimi deluxe

IMG 0533

It was a great meal, so refreshing for a warm day. Lizzy behaved real well. The trick is to time it well with her sleeping schedule. She woke up, I nursed her and left the house. When returned home 2 hrs later and she was ready to go for a nap.

IMG 0539

Sofia enjoys eating out and trying new food nowadays. Although she’s not very adventurous but she’s willing to try at least one, like squid, and asked for more.

IMG 0543

Sunday evening we went to a soccer play. Tony loves soccer but haven’t found anywhere to play. So did the magic. We signed up on a Saturday morning and he was playing the next day. Definitely going back for more!

IMG 0548

while he played, Sofia played in the playground, I fed her dinner and I did some reading. Perfect way to end the weekend.

IMG 0550

IMG 0562

Now that Tony started working, weekends are even more precious. Loving it!


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