Journal: busy day running around

5:10am woke up and once more surprised that Lizzy didn’t wake up last night. This girl really likes her sleep. It has been 4 days in a row that she doesn’t wake up to eat at night. Are we really into sleep-through-the-night mode? Finger crossed.

I pumped 8 oz., had coffee and some cereal and hit the road for my morning run. I look forward to it everyday. Although the training plan calls for rest today, I still felt like running. So, I did 3 miles at very slow pace.

IMG 0418

7:30 am: when I came back all the family was up. Sofia dressed but haven’t started breakfast, Tony was up feeding Lizzy, mom getting ready for Sofia’s breakfast and me all sweaty mess.

IMG 0425

I took a shower, prepared breakfast for Tony and myself. I had another egg-cheese wrap.

IMG 0405

8:30am Tony, Sofia and I left the house. It was Tony’s second day at work. I was the designated driver for ms. Sofia and mr. Tony.

10am: I arrived home and had a white peach.

IMG 0473

I pumped again and went to Target. They’re running a huge promotion so we’re stalking up some diapers for Lizzy. It was our 3rd trip this week. Maybe we’ll go back again 1-2 times to get more.

IMG 0420


11:45am: Lizzy was just waking up from her morning nap. It is 3.5 hrs nap!!! Grandma fed her while I unpacked things.

IMG 0423

I also went to Teeters to get italian ice for Tony, and ArticZero for me. I’m trying to cut back on my kabocha consumption at night. Let’s see if the ice cream does the trick.

IMG 0421

Then I played with Lizzy for a while

IMG 0436

she’s such a happy baby. She smiles at me when I talk to her. Sometimes she even “speaks ” back.

IMG 0439

12:45pm Lizzy back to her swing for another nap. I pumped while I was preparing for my lunch. So efficient, right?

1:25pm lunch time.

IMG 0443

farmer’s lettuce from Teeters (really tastes like those from farmer’s market but half of the price), tomato, red onion (so sweet after soaking at water for 10 min), cucumber, roasted beet and pan fried tempeh. Dressed with olive oil, fig balsamic, lemon, mustard and salt.

IMG 0444

few squares of chocolate for dessert.

IMG 0446

2pm I was catching up with important pics and writing yesterday’s long catching up post.

IMG 0445

2:45pm Lizzy was up. I think it was because her room was too hot. It was 88F. Otherwise she’d take longer naps. I fed her first.

IMG 0447

then played

IMG 0453

took a lot pics to show Tony later

IMG 0454

put her back to nap at 3:45pm. Then I did the MUTU system intensive workout #1, core workout #2, and Tracy’s arm workout. I like listening youtube videos while I workout because I’ve done those many times and no need to focus on watching them.

IMG 0457

I also did few exercises my physical therapist gave me.

IMG 0460

4:40pm I had some pistachios before heading out the door.

IMG 0461

5:15pm arrived at Sofia’s daycare and she was cooking. This girl loves cooking, as her teacher says, kitchen is her favorite play area. I guess that’s because she just wants to be her mama. 🙂

IMG 0463

5:30pm Tony texted me that he arrived the station which is one block away from the daycare. So we went out to meet with them and drove back home together.

6pm: Dinner was almost ready when we arrived. Mom told me that Lizzy woke up right after I left, so just 45 min nap, again due to the heat. Fortunately she didn’t complain and was happily playing at the playmat when we arrived.

For dinner we had salmon head soup with tofu, scrambled eggs with tomato, sautéed kibosha and sautéed romaine lettuce.

IMG 0467

6:45pm Bath time. Although it was almost 2 hrs since Lizzy woke up from her last nap. She  was still content by then, even laughed at me when I undressed her.

IMG 0468

I fed her and put her to sleep (in the swing).

7:30pm Dessert time! For couple of months, I’ve been having big bowl of kabocha as dessert, but last night I had articzero. It was really good. Perfect for the summer. But to be honest, I missed my bowl of kabocha.

IMG 0469

then I laid on the coach reading my old blog. I read about my experience running my first half marathon. I still vividly remember how much I enjoyed the 2 months training and the final race.

IMG 0470

I had an idea. What about running another one? like… in 8 weeks? is it possible? should I do it? why not? what prevent me from not doing it? I’m already running 4-5 times a week. If I train like I did last time, I can definitely run another in September or October this year.

This idea kept my mind busy the whole evening…. and I’m still not decided, more yes than no. Maybe if I find someone to run with me, then I’ll do it? Let’s see.

9pm: pumped for the last time.

IMG 0471

had a cup of chamomile tea.

IMG 0472

in bed by 9:30pm.

Should I run or shouldn’t I run? that’s the question.


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