Family: Lizzy 2 months old

Lizzy turned two months old last week and she became such a happy baby. Smiling at us and making funny noises as if she wants to talk to us. Such a joy to our life!!! 😀

IMG 2877

Eating: she’s been eating well, 5-6 times a day, between 3-5 oz. of pumped milk or 15 min of nursing. This month she started to refuse bottle for the night feeding, for no apparent reason. We tried few nights and she just wouldn’t take it even if she hasn’t eaten for +6 hrs. She was definitely hungry, crying but still not wanting the bottle. I’ve read that babies tend to need mommy the most in the evening. It has nothing to do with being hungry or not, but needing the bounding and security from mom. So I nurse her now. Since it’s only once, I don’t mind at all. However, it got me worried that if she doesn’t take bottle, then what are we gonna do when I go back to work. Fortunately she takes bottles during the day.

IMG 9557

IMG 2562

Sleeping: she sleeps really well. She wakes up between 6:30-7am, naps around 8am, 12pm, 4pm for 2.5-3 hrs usually, many times we have to wake her up, otherwise she could continue. Her last nap is a bit shorter, 1.5 to 2 hrs because we want to make her bed time before 7:30pm. She still naps in the swing but sleeps in the crib at night. She goes down before 7:30pm, she’d wake up for a feeding anytime between 2-4am. One time she went all the way through 4:30am. I don’t even change her during evening feeding, I simply feed her, wrap her up and put her back to the crib. She doesn’t always fall asleep right away but she doesn’t demand company either.

IMG 9604

She likes taking bath, looking at us talking to her, or simply checking out her surroundings.

IMG 2642

We are so lucky to have such an angel baby.

IMG 2643

She loves to stretch after eating and we love seeing this face!

IMG 9755

IMG 9763

She’s developing a bound with grandma. For unknown reason, grandma always finds the most comfortable position to hold Lizzy.

IMG 9893

Daddy’s job is to change her diapers and to takes thousands of pics and videos of her. Since we know this age goes so fast! we want to record every bit of her development, or simply face of the day. 🙂

IMG 2761

She makes us company during dinner time. She doesn’t participate yet, she simply quietly observes us and listen to us. So sweet.

IMG 2770

IMG 9907

She started to respond to our attempt to make her laugh.

IMG 9909

IMG 9912

IMG 2864

IMG 2870

She’s even a good company to us at restaurants.

IMG 9968

The only times when she cries is when she is hungry or ready to sleep. Once we feed her or put her to sleep, she’s happy again.

IMG 2589

IMG 9956

Although she’s not as interactive as Sofia, but she’s soooo cute! She’s like the doll of the family. I remember when Sofia was little, I’d want her to grow so she could amaze us with each of the milestones. But with Lizzy, I’m not in a hurry. I am enjoying this stage because I know she is probably my last baby and I want to enjoy the little baby feeling for as long as I can. With Tony we often say if we could, we want to keep her at the current stage forever!!!

Stats. She is a bit heavier and taller than Sofia at this age.

Weight: 10 lbs 15 oz (38th)

Height: 22.5 in (48th)

HC: 15.5 in (80th)



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