Journal: 24 hrs at 3 weeks (Lizzy)

Re-learning newborn days is easy when you have journal written that went through the same process. I enjoyed reading the ones I wrote when Sofia was born, so let’s do more with Lizzy too.

I didn’t realize how “difficult” were those days with Sofia, but reading the journals I noticed that Sofia wasn’t sleeping well during the day and I was busy entertaining her most of the days until she was about 6 weeks. Well… Lizzy is good sleeper. Maybe because I know what to do, or I got lucky again or she’s just a great sleeper. Most of the days she takes several naps and I have plenty of time for myself. Yesterday not so much but it wasn’t a bad either. Let’s recap

6:10am.. nurse Lizzy for 16 min and she passed out

2016 05 09 06 55 43

I put her in the crib and she slept 1 hr 20 min

2016 05 09 07 10 58

7:15 am: I went to Sofia’s room and she was already awake

2016 05 09 07 11 26

I lied down with her for a couple of minutes and talk about our day

2016 05 09 07 11 45

then I changed her and she brushed her teeth

2016 05 09 07 21 46

grandma did her hair while she had breakfast (homemade WW bread with goat cheese and almond butter)

2016 05 09 07 31 09

I already had decaf capucchino and cereal in the morning. For breakfast I had two eggs in fermented rice soup (took the rice away)

2016 05 09 07 39 13

then Lizzy was up and hungry.

2016 05 09 08 54 28

after nursing her… I pumped for 10 min. (starting to build a stash)

2016 05 09 10 04 36

had water and white fungus soup

2016 05 09 10 04 45

she didn’t want to nap in the crib… so I put her in the swing and she fell asleep within 10 min

2016 05 09 10 05 13

an hour later she was up again and wanted to eat

2016 05 09 10 58 48

fully awake after one breast… I let her rest while I snacked some walnuts

2016 05 09 11 34 23

she went to take another nap and I prepared lunch. A cheesy kale salad with zucchini, apple and roasted chickpea. For the dressing I used:

  • 1/2 cup silken tofu
  • 2 Tb olive oil
  • 2 Tb nutritional yeast
  • 1 tb mustard
  • 1 lemon juice and zest
  • S+P

It was so delicious, love the cheesy flavor of the nutritional yeast.

2016 05 09 12 37 24

and followed by a steamed corn

2016 05 09 13 00 02

I also pumped once more after feeding Lizzy in the afternoon too but this time not much was coming out.

2016 05 09 16 47 42

I continued reading this new book which is super interesting… and I took an hour nap. I woke up with Lizzy’s cry. Milk was needed.

2016 05 07 19 47 02

by 5:30pm Sofia was back home. She gave me a big hug and kiss. Love seeing her happy face!

2016 05 09 17 32 51

We played with Lizzy for a bit

2016 05 09 17 37 27

and we had dinner (6:15pm)

2016 05 09 18 02 37

I had dessert: black rice aduki bean porridge

2016 05 09 18 51 44

Sofia played ping-pong with Tony

2016 05 09 18 55 21

while I had some ME time eating kabocha

2016 05 09 19 03 21

then Sofia and I curled up in the coach for some reading time

2016 05 09 19 35 00

she knows that I only read her in spanish so she brings all her spanish books.

2016 05 09 19 35 11

then at 8pm, grandma helped her with shower and teeth brushing. At 8:20pm it was my turn to finish the night routine. We read two books (Sofia and I read one each), sing one song (3 times), kiss and hug to end the day.

2016 05 09 20 18 39

I stepped out and checked on Lizzy… she was still sleeping (from 7pm).

2016 05 09 20 31 07

Tony and I lied on the bed waiting for Lizzy to wake up. But I was too sleepy by 9:10pm so I took a nap. Tony and Lizzy showed up 20 min later. Tony already changed her diaper. I nurse her and she went to her room and slept until 12:50am. Another sleepy nursing session (both me and Lizzy), Tony took her back and she slept until 4:20am. I nursed her while Tony went to sleep in the basement so he can sleep well for few hours.

I tried to sleep a bit more but half awake in case Lizzy cries. She did… at 5:40am. I suspect she didn’t eat much at the earlier feeding so she was a bit hungry. I nursed her for 10 min, put her back to the crib and she slept for an hour and 20 min, until it was time to start the day at 7:20am.

That was our day:

Total sleep time for Lizzy: 15 hrs.

Total sleep time for me: 6 hrs at night with 4 wake ups, and an hour nap.

Diaper changed: 7

Nursing: 2’47”

I’m grateful that grandma is here to help out taking care of Sofia, Tony to be here to take the night shift so I get to rest well, Sofia for being a good kid and big sister, and Lizzy for being a good baby. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Journal: 24 hrs at 3 weeks (Lizzy)

  1. maggie

    so sweet… i will be remembering all this soon!

    do you like that book? (the collapse of parenting) – I’m thinking of getting it, it sounds very good.


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