Family: Lizzy birth story 4/18/2016

Lizzy arrived on April 18, 2016, 3:30pm. Our family of 4 is now complete! 🙂

IMG 8992

In my 40 weeks OB appointment, I was still 4 cm dilated, the same as a week earlier when the OB did the membrane sweep. The OB told us that it’s perfectly normal to go beyond due date, even 42 weeks. So we decided to wait another week and have scheduled for induction on 4/18 when I’d be 41W1D. I continued walking 4-5 miles a day but Lizzy didn’t want to come earlier. I’ve been having contractions for three nights in a row, every night we thought that was it, but then it didn’t progress. So on 4/18 5:30am, we packed everything and went to the hospital for induction.

Last pic of Lizzy inside me

IMG 8981

After the initial blood draw and antibiotic, I was hooked up with pitocin about 9:30am.

IMG 9088

They asked me if I wanted epidural, I said yes, and asked if it was possible to get it before they break the water since from experience I knew contractions would get very bad once water was broken. The doctor happily agreed.

10:30am I got the epidural. It was administrated by a resident doctor. I was hesitant at first but then he seemed experienced and confident enough, and the doctor was by him side all the time. The procedure was not too bad, although it took 30 min or so and afterwards I saw I bleed quite a bit.

12:30pm I was still 4-5 cm. Not much progress. And my contractions were fine but not close enough. So they increased pitocin from 2 to 6. At that time,

1:15pm: the OB broke my water. Tony was excited thinking that we’d meet the baby soon. I told him to be patient because usually it takes 1 hour per cm. If we were lucky, we’d meet her before dinner time. Then contractions got really painful. I was in so much pain that I had to squeeze Tony’s hand or feet when they come, and they were coming like every minute. I couldn’t believe how much pain I was in while I was on epidural. My left lower back was very sore too and it was not related to the contractions. The nurse called the anesthesist to check the epidural. He did some check and said he’d give me more medicine so the drug can reach my belly area, at that time I was getting it up to my legs.

2pm: I was still in a lot of pain, nothing got relieved by the additional epidural. A new nurse called Lisa came (who was not my nurse but someone to take care of me while my nurse went for lunch), she asked me if my last delivery was natural too. I said no, I’m with pitocin and she looked surprised. She touched my belly and said the baby was all on the left side, no wonder I was having so much soreness, so she suggested me to turn left. She also helped me to go through few contractions by pushing my back. She told me that I could get another epidural if I wanted. But she suggested to first check me how far away I’m from 10 before deciding to get another epidural.

2:30 pm: When she checked me, she was surprised that I was a lip away from fully dilated, only a lip on my left was left to be dilated. Obviously there was no point to get another epidural. Lisa called the doctor and they decided to turn off pitocin. Now it made sense that I was in so much pain because I basically I progressed from 4-5 to almost 10 in about an hour. The contractions were so strong that the epidural couldn’t them away completely.

Once they turn off the pitocin, the pain decreased to manageable level. We waited half hour until I was fully dilated and they asked me to tell them when I feel the urge to push.

3pm: A group of OB doctors came in and got prepared for the delivery. I barely felt the urge to push, I guess because the epidural was actually working. The main OB asked me to do a practice push and she was very happy about it.

3:15pm: Push started. The nurse hold one of my feet and Tony hold the other. I pushed 3 times and Tony told me he saw baby’s head already. Another few push, Lizza was out.

IMG 8986

I was aware this time when Lizzy actually came out from my belly unlike with Sofia. It felt that someone pulled something out of me. They rub her while she lied on my chest. Meanwhile the OB massaged my belly while discussing with other doctors like studying my “area”. 10-15 min later my placenta came out. I didn’t tear, only half stick was needed because Lizzy came out slowly and I guess the oil they pull also helped.

IMG 9007

Lizzy was 2.98kg, 19.5 inches. Just 30g more than Sofia.

IMG 9008

She is so tiny and fragile. Although she has been inside me for 9 months, she was a stranger to me too. But I felt the urge to protect her right away. Holding her in my arms and looking at her melt my heart.

IMG 9010

I could see Tony on her. I still can’t believe I have a daughter with the boy that I met at 4th grade 25 years ago. Love is so powerful. 🙂

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