Journal: expecting

I haven’t blogged about a life in day for quite a while, and since I’m staying at home waiting for Liz’s big arrival… i thought recording one of these last days of a family of 4 (counting my mom).

I wake up at 6:15am. It wasn’t a good night sleep because Tony was snoring since 2am and I was awake until 5 or so, but it was fine. I didn’t anything planned for the day so it didn’t bother me.

IMG 8884

I took a big glass of warm water, and then morning capucchino with a small bowl of Tj’s high fiber cereal.

IMG 8885

7am: I do 45 min ellipticals while watching House. Then followed by 10 min of arm work.

IMG 8886

then I go upstairs. Sofia was up already, giving a hard time to grandma to brush her teeth

IMG 8887

I asked mom to leave and let her to do it by herself, which she’s totally capable of.

IMG 8891

8:15am: I had a homemade waffle with LC  + 1 egg + 1 egg white

IMG 8892

way to the daycare

IMG 8893

then I w went to the doctor because I had infection in my finger… eh… painful and disgusting

IMG 8895

we stopped by Walmart to pick up some mason jars. Once at home, I made a tea and had a gigantic orange. Navel orange is the best!!! The larger, the merrier! 🙂

IMG 8896

12:30pm… time to prepare lunch. We’ve been buying shrimp with heads and I saved the heads to make a yummy porridge.

IMG 8897

final product: shrimp head porridge made with oatmeal and napa cabbage! I love it so much!!!

IMG 8898

dessert was a decaf capucchino and two chocolates

IMG 8900

around 3pm, I had a small snack. Roasted kabocha + protein powder. It was just ok..

IMG 8901

after I was done doing things in the computer. I lie on the coach for some reading and took a cat nap.  I’m re-reading Lots of Candles, plenty of Cake. Really liked the chapter on relationships and girlfriends.

IMG 8902

5pm: I walked on the treadmill for an hour. I’ve started taking long walks (4-5 miles) outdoor to try to trigger labor, so far nothing happened but I think it helped to prepare my body for the labor. Yesterday it was chilly and sunny outside, and the urge to pee all the time made outdoor walking more uncomfortable, so I decided to stay home.

IMG 8904

when I was done, dinner was ready and Sofia was back from daycare. We had winter melon soup and a chinese cucumber salad.

IMG 8905

Tony spent few minutes with his “toy’s”, he’s trying to grow a garden at backyard.

IMG 8925

while I prepared my dessert: kabocha! It’s a must!

IMG 8927

Sofia took a walk with grandma around the neighbor and came to make me company.. such a sweet girl.

IMG 8928

I felt few mild contractions here and there…. so I decided to make oatmeal just in case we need to rush to the hospital later at night.

IMG 8930

8pm: time for bath. Sofia took a shower and was ready to get dressed.

IMG 8931

I read Buenas noches Luna to her, and she read I’m a big sister to me.

IMG 8934

we sing few songs on the bed together, gave each other tons of kisses and hugs and called it a night.

Then Tony gave me a massage, we cuddle a bit to see if contractions continued. Nothing happened. 😦 I was feeling sleepy around 10pm, so I turn the light off. 🙂

It was a laid back day, typical as of life lately. I know it will get busier when Liz arrives, so I’m totally enjoying every minute of it.

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