Easter fun & ready to receive Lizzy

Life has been hectic lately… between late pregnancy discomfort, getting ready to receive Lizzy, paranoia with every symptom wondering if I’m going to labor, and preparing for a job interview… I’ve been tired, anxious and not in my peace mind lately. But… everything will be just fine… i know it will. πŸ™‚

For Easter this year.. we took Sofia to two egg hunting events. The first one was hosted by Falls Church and there were hundreds of kids ready to “attack”

IMG 8727

IMG 8730

right after it started… Sofia run.. but this little girl was picky… she only wanted pink or purple eggs…

IMG 8733

so.. less than a minute or so… the fun ended

IMG 8736

but we got to take pics with Bunny

IMG 8738

weather is getting better these days… although still unpredictable… we just had snow this weekend. So we’ve been going to playgrounds more often

IMG 8748

on Sunday we went to another egg hunt organized by the neighbor church

IMG 8749

there were crafting stations before the hunting

IMG 8753

and this time.. Sofia proudly got a basket of eggs… πŸ™‚

IMG 8758

we went to a indian restaurant last Friday, called Zaika

IMG 8782

we got a sampler appetizer

IMG 8784

a lamb curry, tandori chicken and nan. We all enjoyed the meal… I really liked the chicken and the basmati rice. I’m gonna make them at home soon. πŸ™‚

IMG 8785

because I’m so close to my due date, I’ve been seeing friends/colleagues last minutes at work and at home. Laura paid us a visit last Sunday, she’s Sofia’s favorite little sister so far.

IMG 8786

Sofia is so ready to receive Lizzy. She’d “predict” when she’ll come.. but so far no luck.

IMG 8794

her monkey is her favorite friend nowadays.. she takes her to sleep.. to play, to eat… everywhere.

IMG 8801

enjoying her Saturday treat “ice cream”.

IMG 8805

We are so ready!!! I stopped going to work last Thursday because I thought she’d be here by now (today’s my due date), but so far nothing happened. We’d keep waiting for her grand arrival πŸ™‚

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