Playing catch up

I don’t know where my time went these last couple of weeks. Although work is not busy and we don’t do much during weekends, I still can’t find time to sit and write. Probably because I’m tired most of the time and all I want to do is to nap or just lie on the couch and read.

Two weeks ago we went to Laura’s birthday party. Sofia and Laura have became a close friend recently… they play so well together that adults can comfortably chat and “forget” about them for hours.

IMG 8328

Sofia enjoyed her cupcake frosting. She hates the actual cake though.

IMG 8331

They would sit together on the bed and watch cartoons together.

IMG 8333

the funniest thing is that they speak in shanghainese to each other. So cute!

IMG 8335

meanwhile… the pregnant mom sit and watch them play, and snack (obviously! )

IMG 8324

Then we celebrated Valentine’s day together. Roses + Chocolate, a classic.

IMG 8317

IMG 8365

We wanted to go out for brunch but everywhere was booked so we stayed at home and a simple meal

IMG 8364

stopped by the mall for some shopping

IMG 8362

on Sunday we made tofu curd… it came out perfect and it was so easy to make! Definitely making more.

IMG 8352

these two melt my heart when they are together 🙂

IMG 8370

another meal at home: baked salmon, scrambled eggs, sautéed chicken with cauliflower and black fungus, and bok choy. As I get bigger, I only cook proper meals during weekends these days… during the week, we eat very simple, 1-2 dishes top, or even just sweet potato baked with some frozen soup.

IMG 8373

we had another snow storm last week… Sofia demanded for some play time

IMG 8376

IMG 8381

and then, on Monday she got pink eyes. She woke up with swollen eyes but I didn’t pay much attention. After her nap, her eyes were really pink and swollen and excessive discharges. Tony suggests to take her to the ER right away. Glad we did that. She definitely had pink eyes. They gave us antibiotics and asked her to stay home for at least 24 hrs to avoid spreading to other kids.

IMG 8383

so on Tuesday we stayed home.

IMG 8388

Unfortunately I got pink eyes too, on Thursday, when Sofia was already cleared up. It is quite annoying but not painful. I’m still on antibiotic. 😦

Last Friday we went to a Chinese new year celebration organized at work

IMG 8398

enjoyed some Chinese food and performances

IMG 8395

This weekend I prepared another traditional breakfast dish… a gigantic savory pancake filled with churros. YUM YUM~~~

IMG 8502

on Sunday we went to the zoo. The weather was nice at first but ended up raining

IMG 8508

but we did have a lot of fun

IMG 8511

because we saw BeiBei!!! She is soooo cute, although a bit dumb because she was stuck on the tree the whole time… and even managed to take a nap there

IMG 8538

Sofia kept asking me where was Beibei’s mom, why she wasn’t coming to help her

IMG 8539

to her, babies are supposed to be with their moms… and moms take care of their child. 🙂

IMG 8542

we also saw Beibei’s sister

IMG 8545

who was having a feast

IMG 8551

all done and going home! 🙂 WE should revisit sometime soon because we didn’t get a chance to see the monkeys, Sofia’s favorite animal at the moment.

IMG 8553

I enjoy a lot outings with Sofia and Tony… I really want to do more now that the weather is getting warmer. But at the same time, I’m getting more and more uncomfortable these days… so I’m exhausted by the end of the week…. a tricky balance.

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