Recovering: food, reading and snow

The last two weeks have been really low key in this house because the main goal was to recover from the blood loss, so I took a lot of rest at home. With extra time at home, I read +10 books already. Don’t mind my book selection, I simply enjoy the act of reading. It’s such a relaxing, self-discovering experience. I’d have 2 books open at the same time, and read them depending the mood of the moment. It happened to be all chinese because I bought +20 books from china.


I’ve been cooking more too.

Macro plate with tahini sauce

IMG 8064

oat bran with cottage cheese and almond butter

IMG 8077

macro plate with chicken

IMG 8078

teriyaki salmon with frozen veggies

IMG 8080

homemade whole wheat bagel

IMG 8083

it was my first time making them and they turn out great! I’ve been having way too much too often of them though 😉

IMG 8086

I’ve been eating a lot of scrambled eggs too… loving protein packed breakfasts.

IMG 8087

Sofia enjoying her korean rice cakes, one of her favorites

IMG 8088

I’ve started making batches of steel cuts too, both Sofia and I enjoy it for breakfast. It’s so easy to make and so filling. This one has frozen berries, cottage cheese and almond butter.

IMG 8090

last weekend we went to iceskating again. Although her favorite instructor was not there again, this time she agreed to play with the older kids. Really playing, not skating.

IMG 8102

on Sunday (last week) we went to Huihui’s home for dinner, her husband prepared a delicious meal for us.

IMG 8103

when we’re at home, Sofia find things to do by herself most of the time, like cutting papers

IMG 8111

We invited Susan’s family over for some wonton last weekend… it’s such a good activity for the crowd

IMG 8132

while the adults wrapped the wontons, girls played

IMG 8130

IMG 8131

wonton was ready. filling was greens, pork, mushroom and pickles.

IMG 8126

final product…  delicious and warming bowl of yumminess.

IMG 8127

I made aduki porridge for dessert. A perfect sweet ending for the evening.

IMG 8129

IMG 8133

DC area was hit by a snow storm, the biggest one in 40 years, so we got prepared. Went to groceries store twice to stock up on food and stayed in the house for three days. Tony and Sofia played with snow everyday… what a fun activity!

IMG 8148

and I cooked and baked. Made two banana pecan breads

IMG 8136

so filling so good. I’ve been eating 1-2 slices every morning as snack (too big for snack but can’t blame myself for how good it is! :))

IMG 8137

continued to enjoy steel cuts with homemade marinara and egg

IMG 8149

snow reached 2 feet after 24 hrs of continued snow

IMG 8152

chinese meal to reward the hard working snow cleaner Tony: garlic shrimp over vermicelli, sautéed mustard greens, and stir fry lotus root with broccoli and black fungus.

IMG 8155

turnip and lamb stew, sauteed bok choy, always served with brown rice. Lamb is a the meat of the winter, to warm the body and the soul, and good for anemic pregnant lady. 🙂

IMG 8164

belly is so evident these days.

IMG 8173

this afternoon after the snow has stopped, Sofia and I went out for a walk to explore how’s neighborhood….

IMG 8177

IMG 8180

it was filled with snow!!!! but our driveway is clean thanks to Tony after 4+ hours of cleaning.

IMG 8181

Ready to get back work? Not ready, just got a message from work saying that office will be closed tomorrow. Another staycation, YEY!!! 😆

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