Pregnancy: 26-29 weeks

It has been another month that flied by. Although there are days that I feel that I’ve been pregnant forever, most of the time I feel that this pregnancy is passing quicker than the last one. After the scary episode, I didn’t bleed again, thanks God!!!  However, I was feeling weak since then. I took a week off from work to rest at home, doing nothing but lying down and reading, but two weeks later, I still find myself feeling exhausted most of the days and needing nap of 1-2 hrs everyday. It could be that I’m into third trimester, but it also could be that I became anemic after the blood loss. In any case, I’ve been taking it easy when I feel that way, and let Tony do most of the house work, and simply let things pile up without stressing it too much. I guess I need to continue with this attitude until the end.

Let’s see how much the belly grew during this time.

Here’s what I looked like at 27 weeks

IMG 8048

I felt huge by then but not too much from the front

IMG 8055

belly button has been out from few weeks ago… looking round

IMG 8054

Usually people say that belly gets bigger in the second pregnancy because muscles are lose, so I did a comparison with the previous time and indeed the belly looks a bit bigger.. just a bit

IMG 8069

and it seems that I’m carrying a bit higher this time too.

IMG 8070

At 29 weeks… belly continued to grow, as well as other parts of the body… pilling on fat in some hidden places 😉

IMG 8156

IMG 8163

IMG 8160

  • Exhaustion and fatigue are the main thing this month. I’ve been pretty relax at work too. After the episode everyone seems to be “nicer” and less demanding than normal, just tell me to take it easy. No problem 🙂 I can do that. So I’ve been leaving work half hour earlier lately, which I really appreciate.
  • Sleep: good most of the days. There are still days that I wake up early like 3am and have problem going back to sleep, but it occurs 1-2 times a week top. Most of the days I still sleep from 9:30-5:45am, sound sleep.
  • Cravings: carb loading continued, homemade WW bread, banana cakes, cereal, etc. Whenever I start, I can’t stop. But I’m not stressing over it too much, just let it go and enjoy the food. At least I’m indulging in healthy food.
  • Appetite/hunger. Normal but I’ve been eating more. Most of the nights I ended up feeling so full that I can barely move, sometimes it’s food, other times it’s bloating.
  • Exercise: 45 min of incline walking or ET. But I’ve slowed down in pace and intensity. I easily lose breath these days and I’m just listening to my body and slow down when I feel that’s the way to go.
  • Other symptom: major nose bleed which left me anemic. 😦
  • Skin: good.
  • Pain: none.
  • Weight: 11 lbs.
  • Misc: Sofia is taking seriously the sister business. Nowadays, she prefers us to call her sister than her name. She’d ask where’s the sister every morning, and asks me frequently whether she’s moving or not. She’s been caring too, whenever I feel soreness or tiredness, she’d offer massage to me. Such a sweet girl.

One thought on “Pregnancy: 26-29 weeks

  1. andreaswellnessnotes

    Sweet, Sofia!

    I’m glad that you didn’t have anymore episodes! Good that you are trying to take it easier; I’m sure your body had to go through a lot after that big blood loss…

    Wishing you all the best in the coming weeks!


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