10 days with Kaffee: fabulous time

my best friend from China Kaffee came to visit us for 10 days and we had a blast together. Sofia was particularly happy to “adopt a new baby” because she treats Kaffee as if she was her baby, she’d take her to class before she goes to work, then would make dinner for her, bath her, and sing good night song to her, exactly as how I am with her. It was hilarious!!!

IMG 7775

IMG 7790

The weather was crappy most of the days… not cold but rainy. But we still managed to get out many times, to visit University of Maryland, where I spent 5 years

IMG 7804

it was my first time going back since my graduation ceremony may 2011.

IMG 7784

we went to Newseum

IMG 7805

where we both tried being a reporter for 5 min 😉

IMG 7810

IMG 7812

on Christmas day we went to the train exhibit in front of the white house

IMG 7874

Sofia was very excited to see so many mini trains

IMG 7877

it’s always nice to hang out with this guy 😉


IMG 7885

IMG 7886

then we visited the National Botanic Garden for another train exhibit

IMG 7881

Back home we decorated the gingerbread house, our first one ever and so much fun!!!

IMG 7888

it was a team work, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to make it

IMG 7913

went to the outlet on 12/26, a must trip for any visitor

IMG 7917

on Sunday 12/27 we went to National Harbor. Sofia and Kaffee went to the wheel

IMG 7952

then they took the boat to get to Alexandria where we had an amazing lunch at Fontaine, a french crepe place I’ve been wanting to go

IMG 7950

cozzy environment

IMG 7940

IMG 7942

and incredibly tasty 100% buckwheat crepe. I’m definitely going back for more!!!

IMG 7948

Sofia enjoyed the fresh french baguette, the salad and some crepe

IMG 7947

love love love this girl!!!

IMG 7951

in the evening, we went to Mormom church to see Christmas light. It was quite crowded.

IMG 7957

on Monday 12/28, we went to Annapolis and encountered with the Military bowl preparation

IMG 7966

quite an eventful day for the small city

IMG 7983

after lunch, we visited the Navy Academy and then Georgetown for some more shopping

IMG 7985

Food. Before she came, I’ve made a menu for her visit… basically I wanted to cook as much as possible and different variety of food for her to try. For breakfast, we had pumpkin bread, homemade WW bread, eggs
IMG 7764

bagel with avocado, goat cheese, egg and ham.

IMG 7962

we also had hash brown with eggs, yogurt with granola, and panini.

For dinner I made turkey-lamb shephard pie with potato/sweet potato

IMG 7768

panini with squash ginger soup

IMG 7769

roasted salmon with rice and broccoli

IMG 7799

spinash ricotta lasagna

IMG 7963

spaguetti with meatball

IMG 7961

shell pasta filled with spinach, corn and ricotta, with white and red sauces

IMG 7953

shrimp taco

IMG 7988

Other unpictured meals included arroz con pollo and noodles on my birthday.

She decided to come to visit me few months ago, and we weren’t sure if we’d go somewhere. At the end I thought it would be good just to stay in DC area, visit places that she didn’t visit last time, and spend more relax time to just be together. We enjoy each other’s company so much so whatever we do together it’s fine.

For the past few years, we’ve been getting closer emotionally and geographically. She came to visit me twice and I went back to China few times. On a daily basis we chat here and there, and we are always there for each other whenever one of us needs. We are both so grateful for this friendship and cherish it. We hope to see each other at least once a year, in the US, or China or elsewhere, we just make it a priority in our lives to keep this friendship alive, and we are both committed. 🙂

See you  next time Kaffee. :)d

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