Back to normal routine

After dealing with jetlag and trying to sort out things in life, we’re finally back to our routine. This means, Miss S goes to bed around 8pm and sleeps until past 7am most of the days. This leaves me time to rest in the evening, even reading for half hour, or just curl up in Tony’s arm for few minutes before he goes to work in the evening (yes, hate the time difference with China, 11hrs, which means he monitors the stock market from 8:30pm-1:30am). But overall, life is good!

We start Monday fresh and reenergized from the weekend… Sofia happy to go back to “work”, Yes, nowadays we both go to work, me to the office and she works at the daycare. Why? because if we don’t “work” there’s no food in the table. 😉

IMG 7641

she’s still big into stickers.. she teases them with her friends.. and only gives 1 or 2 to her friends… a no no in class 😦

IMG 7655

IMG 7660

They’ve been doing a lot of work decorating the class… here are some of hers

IMG 7664

she draw herself….. quite scary but it makes me such a proud mama to have an artist baby! 🙂

IMG 7684

IMG 7665

I’ve been quite lazy lately with cooking. This week we had whole wheat spaghetti with meat sauce

IMG 7646

a sour-spicy soup with mushrooms, veggies, tofu and egg. Love it! I could have it every night!

IMG 7648

one pot rice with carrot and lamb

IMG 7649

Although most of the nights I sleep pretty well… from 9:30pm to 5:30am, sometimes I still have insomnia… aka.. waking up at 2am and stay awake afterwards. However, it doesn’t stress me out anymore. Instead, I take it as a quiet time to read a book and have a cup of milk.

IMG 7654

12/10 was Tony’s 34th birthday and we had a mini-celebration at home. I made him pig-feet noodles and bought a cake. Sofia was so excited to blow the candle and eat the cake

IMG 7680

IMG 7670

it was the first time we celebrate his birthday together. I hope we do this every year for decades to come! 🙂

IMG 7678

On Friday the daycare hosted a secret santa gift exchange party. Parents brought food, and the kids had a sugar comma

IMG 7706

IMG 7707

IMG 7708

after the party, we went to the mall to have the picture with Santa

IMG 7688

last year we spent over an hour waiting on the line, this year I booked online and it took us literally 5 min to get to meet Santa.
IMG 7691

Sofia was very collaborative… smiling a lot, although with her tongue out most of the time.

IMG 7695

we all had a great time spending few minutes with Santa and to live up the holiday spirit.

IMG 7696

on Saturday we went to National Building Museum because it was FREE 😆

IMG 7697

they have a lego play area with tons of legos. Sofia was excited just to look at them… but didn’t really build anything

IMG 7703

IMG 7711

on Sunday we visited a new friend in the morning, I baked two new loafs of WW bread

IMG 7713

IMG 7716

We played basketball in the afternoon

IMG 7717

went to the playground

IMG 7721

IMG 7727

and made beef celery dumpling

IMG 7730

Sofia loves dumplings. I usually buy them, but started to get concerned that she is not getting the nutrients from packaged food. So I figured I could make them with ingredients that I can trust. Our current food rotation for Sofia involves dumpling, noodles and rice. Although they seem monotonous, if one gets creative, it could be a balanced diet too. 🙂

I enjoy weekends that involves some outing as a family, get together with friends, alone time playing with Sofia, cooking and baking. And this one was just that! 😉

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