Travel: Shanghai November 2015

We are finally over jet lag, so here I am doing a recap of what we did in Shanghai during our two weeks stay. I broke my iPhone so most of the pics are gone 😦 Here’s a glimpse of what’s left.

For almost a week, we’ve been dealing with jet lag in Shanghai. Fortunately Sofia slept relatively well at night, from 10-6. I, instead, slept between 10-2 or 3am. And in the afternoon, we need a 3 or 4 hours nap. Many times my mom had to wake both or all three of us because we had a dinner date and we were all still asleep.

IMG 7579

When we are not sleeping, I spent most of my days meeting with friends and eating out.

IMG 7561

IMG 7563

I enjoy so much dining over a girls’ conversation with my close friends. We are all mothers and we all have complains about work, life, husband, kids…. jajaja… it’s nice to be able to get them out and have someone who understand them. 🙂

IMG 7560

my closest friends in China all together

IMG 7564

I also met with high school classmates

IMG 7565

even though we lived lives apart for over 20 years, we haven’t changed much. It’s interesting how much our personalities kept the way they were.

IMG 7566

I met with Ling several times… I enjoy so much her company. She’s not only a great friend, listener, she’s also a great photographer these days… capturing moments

IMG 7567

I love this girl and so happy that she’ll visit me in 2 weeks! 🙂

IMG 7568

We’ve also have dinner with both sides of my families. It’s the first time I formally introduced Tony to the family and all went well.

IMG 7569

more japanese food with Ling

IMG 7577

I was still so jet lag that day that I walked for 45min at the wrong direction and arrive an hour late to our date! so embarrassing.

IMG 7578

We had good time in shanghai once more. Sofia got to see Star and his parents. Although Tony and I stayed at our respective parents house… we did spent most of the time together. But we decided that next time we come back as a family of four, we’d rent an apartment and stay altogether. I don’t want to be apart of him anymore. 🙂


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