Thanksgiving 2015

After our two weeks in Shanghai, Tony and Sofia came back on Monday 11/23 (one day late than expected because their flight got cancelled after waiting for 6 hours! poor Sofia and Tony!). I stayed in Beijing until Thursday 11/26 (yes Thanksgiving day!) for work. So we had a delayed Thanksgiving dinner.

Although the house was a mess and we were all dealing with jet lag, it was our first Thanksgiving together as a family so I still wanted to have a proper celebrating, including baking a 20-lbs turkey!

It was a 2 days adventure. First 24 hours was to soak the turkey in a solution with salt and herb, then next 12 hours was to dry it, and then 5 hours more baking, checking every 45 min until it was finally done. But the final product was a golden delicious tender turkey! We were so proud of ourselves.

IMG 7581

I invited some friends over to celebrate with us

IMG 7582

other dishes included a kale-sprouts-cranberries salad

IMG 7583

sweet potato casserole

IMG 7584

Turkey deconstructed

IMG 7585

some chinese dishes that my friends brought

IMG 7587

IMG 7588

IMG 7589

IMG 7591

herb onion stuffing

IMG 7592

the feast!

IMG 7594

Sofia was helping out too

IMG 7607

IMG 7611

Yesterday we went to Alexandria’s boats lighting event. It was full of people and beautifully decorated boats.

IMG 7615

IMG 7616

and the streets were all decorated for the Christmas already

IMG 7621

Today we went to the playground to release some energy

IMG 7623

IMG 7625

IMG 7626

and the rest of the day just running errands and resting. It is a nice slow weekend.

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