On Tuesday, 10/27/2015, we are officially married!!!

IMG 9575

IMG 9584

It was a heck of a run. I found a celebrant who could go back to the court after the ceremony so we got the marriage certificate the same day! 🙂 He is a really nice old man, who really enjoys knowing the story of the couples, and share the happiness of new couples. He asked us to tell each other why we are marrying each other, in our own language. I think it’s important to keep that in mind for the years/decades to come. Life will get busier, we will argue, we will get mad at each other, we might even want to give up, but we should always revisit this day, the day we promised to each other to love with all our heart, and remind us the reason we decided to live ever after.

After the ceremony, we went to have lunch at Old Angler’s Inn, one of my favorite restaurant in the area.

IMG 9592

I had asparagus with prosciutto as appetizer

IMG 9598

Tony had lobster cocktail

IMG 9599

Tony had beef as entree

IMG 9600

and I had sea scallop… so yummy~

IMG 9601

this will be a special place for us.. we will revisit at least once a year.

IMG 9602

The rest of the week was spent between playing with little Sofia

IMG 9613

celebrate halloween at school with her

IMG 9670

on the day of Halloween, we carved pumpkins

IMG 9674

not an easy job.. but Tony did great for his first time

IMG 9679

how cute!

IMG 9686

in the afternoon, we went to the mall

IMG 9687

there was trick and treat in most of the stores

IMG 9715

Sofia was so happy collecting candies/chocolates

IMG 9693

IMG 9696

I made pumpkin pie for the occasion

IMG 9690

and then the night came, we lighted up the pumpkins

IMG 9699

IMG 9700

IMG 9702

after dinner, Tony took Sofia to go for trick or treat.. and came back with a full bag of treats

IMG 9705

on Sunday we had Japanese steak meal.. .with show and everything

IMG 9726

Sofia was so focused ….

IMG 9728

and the food was quite nice too.

IMG 9730

lastly, Sofia started to play soccer with Tony overnight…

IMG 9771

that’s my girl! 😉

IMG 9774

later…. need to finish packing for our trip to China… leaving tomorrow!!! So exciting!!!

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