Journal: our days lately

I haven’t done a day in life post for a long long time. And yesterday when I was having my morning coffee, I thought why not.

5:13am: morning decaf cappuccino while reading bloglovin. I was still on old time… so It was actually 6:13am for real, still quite early.

IMG 9740

6:00am: working out for an hour with a brief interruption of accompanying Sofia to pee. She’ll play in her room afterwards until I finish working out.
7:00am: shower, get ready and get Sofia ready for the day.

7:30am: breakfast. Sofia had pancake with almond butter and syrup.

IMG 9741

I had oatbran with pumpkin and chia seed, topped with two eggs.

IMG 9745

8:15am: on the way to work.

9:00am: arrived at the daycare. Stay for 5 min while Sofia plays legos and head to the office.

10:20am: morning snack, hot chocolate made with almond milk
IMG 9753

1:00pm: lunch with a friend. I had a salad with mix greens, beets, jicama salad, and turkey. And a side of roasted acorn squash with green chili sauce.

IMG 9754

2:30pm: coffee with cream + homemade oatmeal pumpkin cake

IMG 9755

IMG 9756

4:30pm: a large pomelo to get daily VC.

IMG 9757

5:30pm: time to pick up my baby. I always look forward this moment, to see how happy she is to see me. 6:10pm: arrived home. Cook dinner very quickly because we are always starving by then. Munching on some fruit o’ cereals from Tj’s, Sofia’s food actually.

IMG 9763

Tonight’s dinner is sautéed bok choy with firm tofu, and pan-fried wonton (leftover from the time mom was here!)

IMG 9760

later I had a bowl of kabocha and Sofia had clementine

IMG 9762

7:00pm: book time. We read 1-2 books in the sofa every night. Lately Sofia started to read it for me instead. How nice!

IMG 9764

8:00pm: night routine begins. Tony assists Sofia to pee, brush her teeth, and shower. I am in charge of dressing her, another book and say goodnight.

IMG 9765

8:30pm: I’m back to my room, soak my feet while having some private moment with Tony before he starts his “work”.

8:45pm: I read for 30 min before falling asleep. good night!

IMG 9767

That’s a pretty typical day for us. 🙂

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