Fall festival

This week went really fast because of Monday holiday and friday off from work. I love short weeks, it makes me so much more productive and I got more time to spend with my favorite people ๐Ÿ™‚

Monday after nap we took Sofia to her favorite playground. While Tony played with her, I got to do errands.

IMG 9298

Saturday morning was swimming lesson for Sofia and Tony, while I organized the house. It is a nice break for me. In the afternoon, we went to our friend Fernando’s house for an authentic argentinian asodo. He prepared a lot of meat for us!

IMG 9312

He has a 11 months old boy, Sofia got to play his toys

IMG 9314

and gave him a lot of kisses. Poor boy… couldn’t say no.

IMG 9321

food was ready at 6pm (yeah~ once you have kids, dinning outside the house means dinning at 6pm!). We had beef skirt, spicy and chicken sausages

IMG 9323

we also had asado and lamb

IMG 9325

It was a lovely meal… chatting with my two grad school friends over meat and wine.

Once home, Sofia decided to give me a private “concert” ๐Ÿ˜‰ so cute with the mic she made for herself

IMG 9327

Sunday we headed out early to the Fall festival at Cox Farm. We were surprised to find a lot of parked car even before the opening time. But as long as we entered the place, it all made senses. There were a lot of activities for kids… Sofia played several times swings

IMG 9342

IMG 9345

posing for pics

IMG 9351

IMG 9355

and high long slides!!! She loved them.

IMG 9365

after few slides, she asked for food and we got fresh made apple cider donuts

IMG 9374

IMG 9377

really tasty

IMG 9384

we already had hayride

IMG 0588

there were a lot of surprises along the way… including superman “rescuing” us.
IMG 0601

more playing with trucks

IMG 9385

IMG 9387

IMG 9392

IMG 9395

mini trains

IMG 9399

IMG 9401

IMG 9404

by 12:30pm we were ready to head home… someone was really tired

IMG 9419

Food this week was random…. I didn’t have plan because it was just 3 days. Monday we had kale salad, kabocha curry soup and mussels

IMG 9297

tuesday we had sautรฉed okra with black fungus and dry shrimp, edamame with preserve greens, tomato salad and oatmeal

IMG 9302

Wednesday: steamed tilapia, sauteed greens and sauteed mung bean sprout with green pepper.

IMG 9306

Sunday lunch: salad + empanadas

IMG 9421

I made a new kind of bread: bagel bread! As the title says, it’s between bread and bagel, quite unique. It’s more than half gone! ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG 9310

It was a lovely weekend, full of activities. Although I get tired easily and often time just want to stay at home on weekends to rest, but I always feel better when we go outdoor. Maybe it’s the sun, the blue sky, the fresh air, or Sofia’s smiles, that make me much more fulfilling. ๐Ÿ™‚ Winter is approaching, we really need to go out as much as we can. When snow arrives, we will be stuck at home by force. ๐Ÿ™‚

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