Family life 10/4

This week we had a visitor, Angus from Canada, friend of Tony. Tony was busy showing him around the city, and I was in charge of dinners and breakfasts. Work has been a bit busier than last weeks but overall is good. Although I am feeling better, no more nauseas and food aversions, I still get exhausted by the end of the day. Maybe it will get better after 4 months? I hope so.

Seeing these two together makes me so happy! 🙂

IMG 9172

Sofia loves playing with legos. We have more than 5 sets at home but she still loves to play it at school everyday

IMG 9187

and I heard her sharing the mat with other kids, good girl!

IMG 9188

I got a new book… so far so good

IMG 9192

Saturday morning is swimming lesson for Sofia (and Tony!). I stayed at home to catch some rest. It’s nice to have some time alone while Tony and Sofia spend time alone too. After nap we all went to Georgetown. It was a gorgeous day at the harbor

IMG 9195

Sofia had macaroon for the first time

IMG 9200

and she loved it!!! Who wouldn’t, right?

IMG 9201

Sunday morning we went to Alexandria

IMG 9206

we took the water taxi to National Harbor. Sofia loves getting on a boat so she loved it

IMG 9212

IMG 9213

the view was very nice too…

IMG 9219

but this little company is the best!

IMG 9220

IMG 9234

At the National Harbor, we got into the Capital Wheel again.

IMG 9243

and took selfies in the “sky”

IMG 9245

IMG 9249

IMG 9250

IMG 9259

then we went to True Food Kitchen for lunch, one of my favorite restaurant in town. We shared two appetizers: edamame dumpling

IMG 9261

roasted vegetables with two kinds of dip: avocado and cashew dips. Delicious.

IMG 9262\

as entree, Sofia and I shared a red chili shrimp. YUM YUM~~~

IMG 9263

Food we had this week:

breakfast #1: 2 ingredients banana pancake with cottage cheese + maple syrup from Canada

IMG 9190

#2: glutinous rice cake with black sesame filling

IMG 9191

#3: millet coconut pancake with cottage cheese + blueberries preserve + maple syrup. This pancake was a random creation. I had leftover cooked millet, so I added 1 cup of WW flour, 1/2 cup of coconut flour, 3 eggs and enough milk to get the desired consistency. We were all pleased by the random creation! 🙂

IMG 9205

I packed lunch to work once only… stir-fry quinoa with cabbage, tofu and mini dry shrimp. Still loving this combo!

IMG 9177

a new lunch spot: Paul. I love french baguette so I really enjoyed this chicken avocado sandwich in poppy seed baguette.

IMG 9181

Dinner #1: coconut curry chicken with rice

IMG 9176

#2: baked salmon + sautéed broccoli with black fungus, sautéed chinese mustard and a vegetable soup with egg

IMG 9179

#3: beef shepherd pie with sweet potato

IMG 9182

#4: beef braised in red wine. A classic dish at home already. Served with millet

IMG 9185

#5: rice cooked with shiitake mushroom and yam. A quick dinner combo that is satisfying and yummy.

IMG 9189

I really enjoy planning and cooking dinners for this little family. I feel that my cooking creativity is coming back! 🙂

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