First week as family of 3

My parents left last Monday at 5am. It was a sad moment for Sofia and me, but an exciting beginning for our little family. It felt more like a family when my parents are not around. We take care of each other more, and Tony feels more like the man of the family. 🙂

Sofia opened her gifts from birthday one by one… I couldn’t hold them for long…. she loved them all!

IMG 9148

this week I’ve had early meetings/training, so I dropped her before 9am most of the day.
IMG 9155

I felt bad to leave her at the daycare for such a long day, fortunately she was easily pleased when I stayed with her few minutes, and always always welcome me with a BIG smile when I pick her up in the evening.
IMG 9156

Now that my mom left, I was in charge of making diners. I planned the menu ahead of time and did groceries accordingly.

Monday we had stir-fry rice vermicelli with shrimp and veggies. I had lefover for lunch the next time. YUM YUM~~~
IMG 9139

Tuesday: sauteed bok choy + korean style spicy squid with carrot and onion.
IMG 9140

Wednesday: baked salmon with onion + stir fry brown rice with broccoli and cucumber
IMG 9147

Thursday: stir-fry chinese mustard + sautéed green beans with potato + veggie and egg chicken soup
IMG 9152

I’ve been having stir-fry rice with tofu, cabbage and dry shrimp for work lunch couple of times. Really easy to make and satisfying.
IMG 9159

Friday: ginger carrot soup + smoked salmon and cheese panini + sautéed broccoli with black fungus
IMG 9161

Saturday: sautéed chinese greens + steamed tofu with egg, shrimp and veggies. Really really good, will definitely make it again.
IMG 9166

Sunday: we have Tony’s friend Angus visiting us so I made few more dishes. Sautéed chinese greens, steamed tilapia, black fungus salad, red sauce pork belly and sautéed mussels.
IMG 9167

Tony prepares the ingredients and I cook it. Usually I arrive home between 6-6:15pm, and dinner is ready in 30 min max. Tony then cleaned up while Sofia and I hang out in the couch. Sometimes we’d FaceTime with mom, other times we read a book together. I love this bounding moment with Sofia every night where I am not rushing her to go anywhere. Then around 8pm, Tony will do the night routine (use the bathroom, brush teeth and shower). By 8:30pm I put her to bed.

This week we got a worrying moment. My mom was at the hospital. She had been having high blood pressure for the last few weeks, without apparent reason although she’d feel bad. Then one day after she arrived shanghai, she felt bad and went to the hospital. They did a CT and found out she had a cerebral lacuna, a minor kind of stroke, but a stroke nonetheless. According to the doctor, 90% of senior people (60+) has it, knowing it or not. So it’s not to be worried. She just need to have her blood pressure under control. She needs to do a full analysis to find out if there’s anything else. We really hope she is fine otherwise.

The moment I knew she was at the hospital, I was at work, I wanted to cry so badly but I couldn’t. It just breaks my heart knowing that my mom might not be with us one day… although that’s inevitable, I am not prepared for it, not now, not anytime soon. And we have so many more milestones to share with my parents. I’d give anything in the world to have them for longer.

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