Sofia: 3 years old

I haven’t done a recap of her development recently but so much has happened during this year. She turned from a babbling girl to a fully articulate person. She can express herself so well in 3 languages (spanish, english and shanghainese) that keeps amazing me.

Sleeping: pretty well. She take one nap between 1-3pm at school, and between 2-4pm at home. Most of the time, she sleeps for 1.5 hours, but sometimes she’d do 2-2.5 hrs. Her bedtime is still 8:30pm and usually she sleeps until around 7pm. Recently, she’d wake up around 6:30am and goes to the bathroom, then she’d sleep a bit more or hangs out with grandparents. There are still days that she’d wake up and cry in the middle of the night because she’s too warm, or she wants to pee, or she just couldn’t sleep. But those are rare occasions. Overall, she’s a good sleeper.

Eating: she is definitely eating more these days. She eats very well at school, normal amount and normal pace. At home, it’s a hit and miss. Sometimes she’d eat by herself, sometimes she wants to play so I feed her. But recently we’ve mandated that she has to be sitting around the table at meal time, she can’t run around the house while she’s eating. We also mandated no TV during meal time, so even if we’re watching something before dinner, she will turn it off before we start.  She is not a picky eater. She stills don’t like a lot of vegetables, but she has been a bit more adventurous on trying new things. She starts to eat regularly fish, tofu, green beans, broccoli, mung bean sprout. She still loves dumplings, chicken nuggets with ketchup and all kind of pasta. I don’t prepare her special food as often as before, she usually just eats whatever we are having. Of course, I’d make sure she’ll have at least one dish she’d like. If one day I know nothing she’d like or we’re having spicy food, I’d prepare something simple for her. She also loves fruit except pineapple. Because grandparents usually take her out to the playground after dinner, when she comes back, she wants to eat something, either fruit or yogurt. My goal for next year would be to expose her to more food varieties so she can develop a versatile palate.

Character: she’s a strong will girl, everyone can tell that. Since a month ago, she’s into the “terrible three”. Her default answer is “no!” and often times she’s not respectful to grandparents and Tony. If she wants something and I don’t give her, she’d start waning. Usually I don’t give it to her because of her bad behavior. If she’s really behaving bad, I’d ask her to go to the small room to reflect and come out when she’s done crying. Sometimes we have to do this 2-3 times in a day. It’s tiring, but I guess it’s part of their natural progression. I’m reading some books to learn how to parent at this age, hopefully I’d getting enlightened. When she’s her normal self, she’s a sweet girl. She loves her mama, and want to hug me, kiss me, or simply be with her all the time. That’s really sweet.


  • she loves water. We started swimming lesson in September, and she loves it. It’s a 25 min class where one parents accompany the kid. Tara is also in the class, so it’s really nice that they get to have one activity together.
  • she’s a girly girl. She likes playing with baby doll, she’d hold one all day one at school. She likes “shopping”, “cooking”, legos, drawing. She also started to sing a lot, and she dances where there is music.
  • she loves going to playground. If she could, she would go to play everyday.
  • she is finally playing with other kids. For a long time, she only plays by herself, but now during birthday parties, I can see that she’s playing with other kids, as silly as just running in circles chasing each other.
  • she’s not that into reading, partly because of my fault. My goal this year is to read her 15-20 min everyday after dinner.
  • she likes to do things by herself, including changing, eating, even put her seatbelt. Usually I let her, but sometimes when in rush, I’d do it for her.


  • she doesn’t like waiting when she asks for something. She would keep asking like a broken radio until she gets what she wants.

Can’t think too much of things she dislikes. Overall, she’s a pretty flexible girl and would just go with the flow of the adults life.


  • She’s 92 cm height, 13 kg.
  • She wears 3T cloth and 7-8 for shoes.
  • She’s now in pre-schooler class, 16 kids with 3 teachers.

Another great year having this little person in our life. Seeing and accompanying her growing is the most fulfilling thing in the world! 🙂

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